Preggo files #14

What's that you said Beth? You went to your Ob appointment this week and got a gold star because you only put on ONE KILO IN THE PAST 3 WEEKS did you say? Why yes, yes I did Kate. I knew you would be proud. High fives all round! And in some Scottish tartan nonetheless. Thank you … [Read more...]

The first supper

Bear with me, if you will, for I am starting to focus the attention on the business end of pregnancy (not that we are getting all that close...don't get too excited) but I can't help but get concerned by the increasing girth of my stomach, and the remaining stagnant size of exit point. I've started … [Read more...]

Preggo files #13

The view from here (as inside my head looking out of my eyeballs): It's a little fuzzy. Things are getting fuzzier by the day...taking longer to do...everything it seems in one ear and out the other. With still quite some time to go I fear I will just have to resort to sitting and sign … [Read more...]

How I am losing my spark, day by day

Friends, it has come to my attention that I am not the woman I once was. And that's OK, for I am the woman I am now, who is growing a whole human in her guts that apparently takes a LOT of brain power. You see, my brain, it's getting worse. What started as a foggy feeling of silly forgetfulness has … [Read more...]

Shut UP! A baby shower!

So last week my sister sent out a quick email to a few family members about catching up for a quick ladies lunch in the big smoke...we managed to secure a Monday that everyone could come to...given we all have kids it was 2.5 hours to be back in time for school pick up. So I dropped the girls off … [Read more...]

Preggo files #12

It's been a shit house week here friends. Rob has been sick, really sick with a cold/flu that has seen him literally wiped out and in bed since Sunday night. It's now Thursday. I am paranoid that I will get this and given I would be able to take NO medication, he has been in hiding from all of us. … [Read more...]

Preggo files #11

Friends, it has officially begun. THE NESTING. But instead of sitting around like this in between pinning nursery ideas... I am going through all the shit I have been wanting to do around the house since we moved in and wondering if this will be the incentive to get it done? You see cupboard … [Read more...]

Preggo files #10

Yikes, it's been a reasonably tough few weeks here. I've been feeling emotional, tired, vulnerable, name it and I have probably felt it. And did I mention hungry? That too. The kicking has gone from "oh isn't thats sweet! The baby!" to "um, no, that's OK, I didn't need that organ". … [Read more...]

A dingo stole my baby name

We are getting to the stage of the pregnancy where we HAVE to start thinking about names for this baby. A NAME. Such a big and important job, giving a human a name which will become this whole PERSON who has it for their whole lives. And you think, that we would have some kind of an idea, but alas … [Read more...]

Preggo files #9

It's been a big week. Emotionally mostly. Harps has gone off to school, Daise into the 'big class' at school (3-6) and Frank this morning to go get his nuts seen to. How much can one pregnant woman cope with I ask you? We've had sickness (colds and coughs and SO MUCH SNOT) and colder weather and … [Read more...]

Preggo files #8

You guys, Kate wouldn't be happy with me. "Beth darling" she'd say, "I told you those potato scallops, iced coffees and milkshakes were only going to end one way. In tears. Buck up old girl, and get back on the bandwagon, we can do this together. Here, have a nutri bullet juice and go for a jog with … [Read more...]

Preggo files #7

Coming into week 3 of 'proper' holidays and I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed them! Spending time with Rob and the girls, reading, sleeping, not cleaning, going to the beach and spending time with friends it has just been the BEST. HOWEVER, there have been some difficult preggo moments. … [Read more...]

Preggo Files #6

Yeah no. She hasn't. And she's getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal sick of people asking her. And so naturally that means that Rob has been sending her text messages every 30 minutes or so, and I've been sending her this video. It's all fun and games until it's me that's overdue a week isn't it? It's … [Read more...]

Preggo files #5

  Rob was away last weekend back for a few days and then again from Thursday (getting back tomorrow night) so you can imagine how well we have been getting along.  I am the very first person to tell you that I am no good at solo parenting, although I have gotten better over the last few … [Read more...]

On being a Mum

It's funny, being pregnant again after so long there's been all this STUFF that I had forgotten about. Sure, there's the constant wind, the need to wee every 45 minutes or so. That un-relentless sickness that I had for so many months. And then there's the other stuff that I forgot about. Stuff that … [Read more...]

Preggo files #4

Kate has been out and about again this week looking resplendent in red. And an up-do! So rare. I've been sporting an up-do too! Well I got my hair done so that means that it's been up..ish. As you can see I am sporting a Kate's full term bump at this early stage...gee that extra pregnancy … [Read more...]


I woke up yesterday morning like this: Except instead of the penis add in a pregnant stomach. And instead of the no clothes thing, add a be-draggled mismatch of old clothes I wear to bed with bed head hair instead. Got it? OK, good. You see two things occurred to me on Friday: 1. Drunk … [Read more...]

The Preggo files #3

NO ONE PANIC. Kate is sporting a bump. PHEW. I wonder how she gets her hair so shiny? Meanwhile back in Titsville Tennesee I can report that there has been another growth spurt in that general vicinity. At this rate it's going to be a race to the finish line between tits and guts with my pin … [Read more...]

The Preggo files #2

You guys SAVED me last week with these: Thank GOODNESS for people passing on useful tips. While I might have read religiously with my first pregnancy about what was happening with the baby and me, this time I'm too busy, or forgetful or it just doesn't even occur to me so I have been going … [Read more...]

The Preggo files #1

Well you can rest easy that I am NOT going to just leave it at the announcement and then not tell you ALL OF THE THINGS right? Heaven help me, keeping quiet about something is NOT my forte, and not talking about this REALLY big thing that was happening to me was REALLY hard. When I was pregnant with … [Read more...]