Preggo Files #6

Yeah no. She hasn’t. And she’s getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal sick of people asking her. And so naturally that means that Rob has been sending her text messages every 30 minutes or so, and I’ve been sending her this video. It’s all fun and games until it’s me that’s overdue a week isn’t it?


It’s been a busy week filled with festive catch up’s and the like. Exhausting business isn’t it? We have just 3 days of school to go and then? HOLIDAYS! I plan on doing a great deal of nothing much, reading, sleeping, eating, swimming, being. Absolutely hanging out for a break…it’s been quite the year.

And week in fact! Did you see Kate in New York? Did you see her superior coat action? Hair action? EMERALD action?

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That dress. Wasn’t it SOMETHING? Navy at a black tie function gets my pulse racing. Clearly it doesn’t take all that much. That or a good custard tart will do the trick these days.


My friend Caitlin from Mum Down Under had her baby a few days ago…10 POUNDS! Look at those new born ropy poly arms of deliciousness! You can read all about it on her blog here.

Craving: Cold apricot pie. Got some and it was terrible. Still on a pie hunt.

Drinking: Cranberry and fresh lime. It’s good. And festive. And not soda water!

Dreaming: Of our Christmas break!

Worrying: About that baby and it’s safe arrival. Come on little one, it’s time.

Cheers to you this Saturday afternoon with one of my favourite teas. This one is a simple lemongrass and ginger that hits the spot every time. Time for a cup and a lay down and a very lazy Saturday night.


What movie should I watch tonight?
Eaten some good pie lately?


  1. I am in love with that Jenny Packham Duchess Kate was wearing. I also love that she has worn it before. Rewearing for the win. The colour is just fantastic.
    Hoping the little bubba arrives soon! The waiting must be driving everyone insane!!

  2. Gibbergunyah says

    I told most people that my due date was 42 weeks. Saved a lot of angst. I don’t think it contributed to them both being born on the dot at 40 weeks but it could be worth a try. The average first baby arrived 8 days after the 40 week mark.

  3. nerve wracking for your poor sister beth!
    sending love through the ether! … good luck to her!
    what was kate drinking? … maybe apple cider;0
    yes a gorgeous navy dress!
    enjoy … love m:)X

  4. We’ve had one from three babes due about this week arrive so far within my fam and friends little circle so it looks like most are keeping mum awaiting. I was just saying to my sister in law(who is overdue) that due dates are cruel. Should just give mums a ’10 day window’ save some sanity, especially this time of year! Wishing all expecting mums a safe and speedy delivery xxx

  5. I feel for your sister. I was due on the 16th December and she was over a week overdue. Was booked in for an induction on the 23rd – dutifully rocked up to the hospital at sparrow’s on the 23rd only to be sent home ’cause all the labour suites were full! I felt like Mary and the whole no room at the inn thing! Ended up going back the next day to be induced on Xmas Eve – spent the best Christmas Day ever in hospital with my husband and brand new baby – it all works out in the end!

  6. 3 x babies here, 3 x seriously overdue. I do recall my answering message saying ‘F off, I am still going’ at one point. So. Over. It. Hot curry, hot baths, hot sex. 41 weeks preggers at 41 degrees wasn’t my finest moment, I must admit. Nothing works. They come when they are ready, they don’t have calendars these wee babes. Mine were well-cooked and 10 pounds a piece. Chubby baby arms come at me! LOVE rubber-band wrists! Oh a new baby. A new baby!

  7. I feel for your sister…that last week was long!
    You know people mean well but you just want them to stop asking!
    And I felt like I had to start every phone conversation and every text message with, “Still pregnant.”
    Hopefully that baby will arrive soon!

    And look at my girl’s gorgeous guns…thank you for sharing…she is all cheeks and rolls and hair!

  8. Love your work Beth and I just don’t comment often enough. Could Kate possibly nail it any more than she already does…love her work too.

    Sending you good Saturday evening vibes, I hope your sister can welcome her precious baby soon x

  9. Both of my babies were induced. Both more than 10 days overdue. Babies no more. One 20 and the youngest 18. They were way too comfortable on the inside. The 1st was cesarean and the 2nd natural birth. They have now both moved on to live there lives and they come home often. Too much stress sometimes however they are why I am…

    Experts everywhere! With my 1st, the chemist ( the Catholic) told me to go home and have sex. WTF!! I was fat ( 20 kg over my normal weight), was over it and suffering sciatica. Remember Ghost Busters? I was Marshmallow man’s other half.

    When you are induced for the 2nd time, you know better and can ask for more time to get used to the contractions. I love crosswords and I remember being at a point where I couldn’t concentrate anymore and my Husband and the Midwife asking me for answers to the clues. Lovely Janine the midwife, worth her weight in gold!!!

    The time will come and if it doesn’t that is why we pay for an obstetrician to make the hard decisions. We went public, despite being private health, however paid for a private obstetrician.

    Babies. They grow up to be beautiful challenging adults.

  10. Has she had it now how bout now how bout now?

    When I was in labour with my first child, my husband David was HUNGRY on the way to the hospital so he parked the Valiant in Katoomba Street and went in to a cafe to buy a bacon and egg roll AND TOLD ALL OF THE STAFF WHO CAME OUT TO LOOK AT ME HAVING CONTRACTIONS IN THE BACK SEAT.

    Yeah. Went down reeeeaaaaalll well. Lucy I am sending you all my love. xxxx

  11. Oh, poor sister! I had such rough pregnancies, I feel sorry for ANYONE who is pregnant, but to do it for longer than expected?!?! I can’t even imagine! My first was born at 38.5 weeks (went into labour 6 hours before I was due at the hospital for a c-sec!), and my second was an emergency c-sec delivered at 35 weeks, so I’ve never done that awful last couple of weeks – though I’m usually over it at about…22 weeks? My first was born on 27the December and being preggo in Summer is just unpleasant…I really hope that wee babe is on the outside VERY soon, preferably today!

  12. Hunter had to be evicted at 42 weeks but before then I was just ignoring everyone so I didn’t have to keep telling them I had not had the baby yet!!

  13. I woke up at midnight two nights ago craving banoffee pie. Even woke up Justin to tell him I NEEDED to eat banoffee pie. Then the next day Eden posts banoffee pie on instagram. I tell you I am in pain. I effing need a banoffee pie!

  14. Lisa mckenzie says

    Poor Lucy I hope that bun comes soon and Caitlyns baby and post was gorgeous,mine were both early thank goodness Xx

  15. The apricot Danish that you get in the supermarket freezer (nannas? Sara Lee?) is a winner for me. So bad, it’s good.

    Three overdue/induced babies here – feeling her pain. I felt jibbed by number three, I thought at least that one would come on time


  16. Here in France a pregnancy is considered to be 41 weeks not 40 weeks and your baby (or babies in my case!), will be born by the end of week X ie the latest possible date. That is it, no specific dates and I am sure a lot less waiting time as in your sister’s case. My first two were both born at 41 weeks so the French way seems a lot smarter to me.

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