Family First Aid for busy parents: Click First Aid

As a Mum I know that I worry way too much about all the bad things that could happen to my kids. My overactive imagination would have any given disaster happen to any of my kids at any time across all of their age groups of 11 to 2. I have done first aid courses before, taken the time and expense … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Cooked lunch without a sambo in sight

One thing I loved last week was taking the time to make some lunches for Rob and I that weren't sandwiches. Sure they take a little more time to prepare, but they do nourish and fill you so much more than the scraps of your kids lunch which is usually what happens. Here are some of my favourites … [Read more...]

6 little lessons learned this week

Is it just me, or has this week been the l  o  n  g  e  s  t? And of course now that it's Friday, we will blink and it will be Monday morning again. Sigh. But still! FRIDAY. I am feeling very virtuous as I have been exercising, eating well and haven't ONE drink since Sunday. I know, it's not much, … [Read more...]

Solving The Big Issues: Clean Sheet Day

As you guys would know, I take photos and sometimes videos of washing hanging on the line. It's true! I do! Call me crazy, but I find it therapeutic to watch fresh washing blowing in the breeze, knowing that Mother Nature is doing her part in the never bloody ENDING washing that goes on round … [Read more...]

Remember me? Trying to reconnect with your partner with a house full of kids

How's things with you and your significant other at the mo? Like if you were rating where would you sit? -5? 3? 9? Somewhere in between? It's hard isn't it? Sometimes when I am drinking milk out of the carton looking at the fridge and hiding from my family I see pictures of us and think "was that … [Read more...]

Introducing The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal Family enthusiasts {ep 1}

It's been a very long time between podcasts for me but I am THRILLED to share with you guys my very latest project with Stacey from The Veggie Mama who is even more of a Royal fan than I am...our podcast THE THRONE RANGERS. In this first episode we cover off the recent Royal Foundation Forum, … [Read more...]

Lawn gazing & food grazing

How was your weekend? If you were lucky like us, you may have had some of the most beautiful summery early Autumn days that even though it feels hot, the lights is different and it's cooler at night so (to me) they just seem all the more beautiful. We had slow days at home on both days with lots … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Super Salads

Two months today until I fly out to London for the exciting #babymacsroyaladventure which has put just the rocket under my ample arse...time to get focused and get healthy and exercising and feeling a bit better generally. I do love a holiday goal to help with the focus and this one is certainly … [Read more...]

Never Stop the Journey: A BabyMac Royal Adventure

Sponsored Post for Olympus When exactly did my love for the Royals come about? Well, it could have started in July 1981 when Mum cooked us Steak Diane for dinner and we were allowed to eat it in front of the TELLY as Prince Charles married the beautiful Diana Spencer. 4-year-old Beth watched on in … [Read more...]

How to make a simple Bearnaise Sauce

There's nothing more special at home than creating something restaurant quality that will make everyone think you have gone to trouble. When really, there's been no trouble taken at all. That happens to me every time I make a simple cheat version of a Bearnaise Sauce to go with steak or rare roast … [Read more...]

I’m bringing Nanna back….yeeeeaaah

There's been many a sign along my journey to Nannahood since I turned 40. Actually, strike that. I have been a Nanna waaaay before then. But recently I have really felt closer to Nanna and further away from cool young thing more than ever before. I mean there's these on my table this morning that … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Family Chicken Classics

Whilst I am WISHING that the foggy start to the day was another weekend day we missed somehow, it is well and truly Monday and we are staring down the barrel of week. Of school and after school activities, of playdates and work and meetings and volunteer commitments. Why can't we all just hide on … [Read more...]

Full Reporting: 2018 Robertson Show

Friends, gather round and take in the wonder of the 2018 local show, The Robertson Show. This year was the 135th show, and the 7th for us since we moved here. I LOVE the show so much - I love that the kids get so excited about it. I love the old school nature of the whole thing, taking part in it … [Read more...]

Local Spotlight: Bendooley Estate Luxury Cottages + GIVEAWAY!

This giveaway has now closed and the winner announced: Kristianne won with this comment: "Hi Beth, I would LOVE to be able to take my daughter Annabelle for a night at Bendooley. As I sit here at Westmead Childrens watching her sleep, after having a biopsy on a spot on her brain this morning, … [Read more...]

To a mundane last Tuesday in Summer!

Man have I been in a bad mood for the last week. Dead SET, I am even annoying myself don't worry about it. SO many complaints and eyerolls and WOE IS ME, it's been very exhausting for everyone involved, namely myself. It takes quite a lot of energy to be all cranky and teary and generally over … [Read more...]

Our move to the country

Today we are in the Sydney Morning Herald talking about our move from city to country life which we did almost 8 years ago now. You can read the article online here. Such a small part of the questions were published, so I thought I would share my long form answers in case anyone wanted to read some … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Show Time!

We had a very productive afternoon around here yesterday: it's show time next weekend so there was LOTS of studying of the guide, cooking, creating going on as entries have to be in by Thursday. Harper was busy making Lego, Daisy crocheting for the first time, Rob with various sauces and pickles … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough reporting

Is it raining where you are today? It's gloriously wet here, properly sodden, wet, soaking rain that has all the trunks of the trees dark with rain, the grass greening before our eyes and the cheers from farmers heard in the distance. It's been a long, hot summer and we have some Autumn rain! Even … [Read more...]

Saturday & Sunday Sipper: MARGARITA

You know what I have been feeling like for the past week? A wilting flower that has all my sparkle and FUN sucked out of me by having to be an adult. All. The. Time. Do you ever get in that funk? Everywhere I look there's responsibility and jobs, bills to pay and doing grown up stuff being a GROWN … [Read more...]

Self Kindness and Baked cheesecake

How's the start of your new year and all your resolutions, hopes/dreams and goals going?  I have been trying to not eat with such gay abandon but also be kind to myself as much as possible (sounds like the perfect excuse right?). I'm up and down with it all and have found it much harder on the self … [Read more...]