This & that with a side of exhaustion & sickness

This was me around Tuesday, 10.30am. This week, on top of this past month, maybe term, who-eeeeee will I be glad to see the end of it! I did my normal post event collapse into a mess of tiredness and exhaustion and of course any of the sickness that I was too busy to deal with last week … [Read more...]

Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 4 months

This month could be renamed: the month of the floral dress. Or the month of poo. At 2 years and 4 months, Maggie likes to wear this dress: Every day. Except on the days where it is washed and she loses her mind. It's twirl you see, and she adores it. It used to belong to Harper, it's … [Read more...]

BabyMac Spring Fling Lunch 2017

I held my first "Spring Fling" lunch on Saturday at the gorgeous Wombat Hollow in Kangaloon which was such a success! I am thrilled with how it all went and just had to share it with you guys - especially when the photos are as wonderful as these ones are. I cannot thank Nicki from Cottonwood & … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Meatless Monday

Good morning friends from a very quiet and slow Beth. Wowsers has it been a big week, month....etc etc. I survived the end of last week (just) with the Spring Fling lunch on Saturday. What a day it was...more details to come on that later. There was LOTS of cooking prep from me (feeding 30 people … [Read more...]

BabyMac Book Club: Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

In the hope of striking while the iron is HOT on this reading malarky I thought I would choose the next book again so we can get started on another round of the BabyMac Book Club. This will make it the third one for the year, we are picking up the pace and hopefully I'll be back with my reading mojo … [Read more...]

Doing it for the kids

I am the third child in a family of four kids. Growing up I had a standard line that I used to tell people just where I fit in: there's my oldest sister, then the baby sister, then there's the only boy, and then there's me. When my Grandmother was suffering from alzheimer's and forgot so much, she … [Read more...]

BabyMac Book Club: The Dry {The Discussion}

This book club reading just may well be starting to rub off on me...whilst I'm not getting through lots of books, I do know that I devoured this book in about 3 sittings on my recent was the perfect page turner filled with great characters, setting and plot that had me guessing till the … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting

What a whirlwind of a week it's been here - two in fact! Apparently I travelled half way across the world and then back again? How?! And how good was it?! Somehow I was bobbing away in the Indian Ocean? And apparently wearing a two piece whilst doing so? Who even am I? That spray tan did the … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Spring salads

We've another bloody freezing morning here - frosts again - the only upside is that these mornings make way for the most gorgeous sunshiny days here. I think that the weather is set to warm up a little in this week which will make us all believe that Springtime might actually be here. As soon as … [Read more...]

The unexpected expense

Anyone else sighing with relief that the Mercury retrograde is over? Me too. I always seem to break stuff, or things seem to break on me during that time so it came as no surprise when I arrived home at 9pm on Tuesday night that the first thing that happened to me appeared to be something broken. … [Read more...]

Outlander. AYE.

Before I headed away last week I loaded up my iPhone with some beauties from Netflix. Did you know you could do this? Download to a phone or tablet and then when you are offline you can access them. I was amazed at how little space they took up on the phone too. Technology huh? Pure gold for a long … [Read more...]

Singapore Stopover: A quick 24 hours

I was there as a (very lucky) guest of Club Med Kani and was flown here by Scoot Airways. This trip was organised by Sam & David from the Good Funny Smart Collective. We had a quick stopover in Singapore on our way back through the Maldives which gave us a quick chance to soak up all … [Read more...]

Adventure to the Maldives: Trip to Finolhu Villas

I am here as a (very lucky) guest of Club Med Kani and was flown here by Scoot Airways. This trip was organised by Sam & David from the Good Funny Smart Collective. Yesterday we got to take a 5 minute transfer across to the exclusive Finolhu Villas also part of the Club Med resort where we … [Read more...]

An adventure to the beautiful Maldives

I am here as a (very lucky) guest of Club Med Kani and was flown here by Scoot Airways. This trip was organised by Sam & David from the Good Funny Smart Collective. When you get asked if you would like to take a trip to the Maldives to check out one of their resorts and an affordable way … [Read more...]

Dirty bird for Dad: Crispy southern fried chicken

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day early for Rob as I will be away this coming Sunday. He didn't want the fuss, but I wanted to make the day a little bit special for him with a few little pressies and cards and of course something special to eat. Obvs Maggie was especially pleased with the fart in … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: a chilli kick

Whilst the calendar is telling me that Spring will be here later in the week (how?!) it most definitely feels like winter here this morning (felt like -4.5 when I was first up this morning) and yesterday afternoon we even got a small snow shower! What better way to warm up then to add a decent hit … [Read more...]

Scoffs: Donna Hay’s Apple & Caramel hand pies

Do you have a subscription to a food magazine? I used to get Delicious and would look through them and think, meh, and there they would pile up month after month. I am useless! So then I stopped getting them and now just have recipe books that I never seem to's truly such a bad habit where … [Read more...]

Mercury Retrograde: Is it all bullshit? Or is IT bullshit?

So Mercury is in retrograde right now until the 5th September. Say what now? I'm not sure if this is something that you are into or not, but it's definitely something I have become way more aware of over the past few years. Maybe it's now trendy like hygge? Or charging your crystals under the … [Read more...]

Corners of my mind: Childhood Homes

Whenever I am having trouble sleeping and all else has failed in resetting my brain to stop thinking and start sleeping, I try and walk through the childhood homes of my best friends and the homes that we have lived in. I am always amazed at how I can recall each room, down the hallway, the things … [Read more...]

Heaven on earth found at Ocean Farm

I think I stumbled across Ocean Farm for the first time on Instagram maybe? You come across a photo that literally takes your breath away and you dream one day we will get there. And bonus! It's just 45 mins from home. I wanted to head away somewhere after my birthday with the family, … [Read more...]