Great Australian Bake Off Series 3: Episode 1 CAKE WEEK {recap}

You guys! You know I am a Bake off TRAGIC (GBBO is like my favourite thing ever) and I have long been a fan of the Australian Bake off as well. Baking and TV...what's not to love? And not having the skills to ever pullout a rough puff on demand (even though I once dreamt that Maggie came to me and … [Read more...]

A Holiday bucket list: How I went!

With the holidays over and done with I thought I would check in and see how I went with my holiday bucket list that I wrote when we were all literally throwing up in the bucket before Christmas. A few weeks later I must say I am feeling much more relaxed, a little more tanned and certainly … [Read more...]

The comforts of home

We're home. 24 days later. I know! So many days away. And it's just SO good to be home. And cold! Of course I have been acting like a CRAZY woman since the moment we arrived, unpacking washing, cleaning practically wanting to set fire to the joint and start all over again - despite my sister … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Holiday entertaining

Boy have I been doing some cooking (and eating) and drinking the past few weeks. I am sure soon enough it will stop (it better!) but for now I will pat my tummy and know I have had some amazing memories created with friends and family over food. Thought that I would share some of the recipes I … [Read more...]

The unexpected act of (awesome) kindness

Yesterday I was sitting on the beach when a text message came through from my sister that had me squealing with joy and appreciation. It said "Merry Christmas to me to you. Now hopefully that nervous twitch you've got in your eye due to the fact your Christmas decos are still up can go away and you … [Read more...]

Beach daze

Oh how good is it to be on holidays? THE BEST. While I have started to do a little work, check emails and chase this and that, it's still very much holiday mode around these parts. Most afternoons look like this: See? Rinse. Repeat. La Dolce Vita. It's been HOT with lots of swimming … [Read more...]

The tale of the wound-up woman

It's safe to say that by the end of last year I was a little tired and stressed out. I'm no different to anyone other Mum at that time of year, working and juggling school kids and end of year commitments and a toddler thrown in for good measure, you get the picture. I had been travelling a lot (so … [Read more...]

The digital detox: how I went

So as you may know over the Christmas break I decided to have a complete break from all online life where I spend so much of my days, weeks, years. I was feeling literally sick to death from it. Before Christmas when we were so busy Rob and I would collapse onto the couch and scroll, endlessly … [Read more...]

A summer pause

11 days later here I am logging back into my blog for the first longest break from online world EVER. What a wonderful break it's been...from myself, and routine and bad habits...a complete recharge in every sense. We have been busy doing not much, and isn't that the perfect remedy for … [Read more...]

Over and out 2017

Here we are, almost end of the year, a slightly stressed, more grey haired version of ourselves than we were in January. And for me today, it's the last post you will see from me until 2018 as I am well and truly signing OUT and OFF for a little while. And boy isn't it needed....phew what a … [Read more...]

A Holiday bucket List

It was the week before Christmas, and all through the house, Beth's family were vomiting, and she has about to lose her SHOUSE. Yep, we now have 3 down with 2 of us standing, the vom PHOBE and myself. It's been real. Actually, it's been OK, it's pretty quick so my calculations are if we go down … [Read more...]

The toys of Christmas Past

I have to pretty much do all the girl's Christmas shopping today. I know, I know. Despite best intentions to get organised, I have found myself YET AGAIN leaving things to the actual last minute. One day I will learn. I have vague recollections of my own Mum completely losing her shit this time of … [Read more...]

Full Maggie update: 2 years 7 months

We've turned the corner on two and are heading towards three you guys. Somehow. This should pretty much sum up where she is at: Maggie Roslyn Macdonald Who thinks she is 3 (whilst holding up 2 fingers) Favourites past times: pooing and weeing and farting and weeing She is hilarious. … [Read more...]

Weekends filled with ALL of the things

The weekend started out a little like this. Not ideal. Kids had finished the end of term/year and were extra delirious from the sleepover the night before. I didn't want to cook dinner, but ended up having to, and it was just a general shit fight of bad moods, tiredness, no talkies and CRANK. … [Read more...]


Today it's the last Monday before Christmas. Can you believe that this time next week we will all be sitting around in a mess of paper and presents? How?! And I wonder what those presents will be...not even I know! Yes, I still have quite a bit of shopping to get done. Shit. When will I ever learn … [Read more...]

We made it! And A Christmas Cocktail

Today is the last school day for the year...we made it. Year 2 and year 5 done and dusted. So many hours of Mathletics, meltdowns over twisted winter tights, nerves over spots carnivals, hours of recorder practice and many presentations and so many, many notes. We did it. We all did. A school … [Read more...]

Two Festive Sides

Man it already feels like we have had Christmas with all the celebrations we have had this week. So nice to get a taste of it all before the big day plus it means that our quiet Christmas at the farm will be just that....quiet! I've made a few tasty sides at the two celebrations we have had … [Read more...]

Friends Christmas Dinner 2017

Somehow it's that time of the year where we catch up with our girlfriends for annual Christmas dinner. This year we were missing a couple who have already flown the coop over to snowy London for the holidays (lucky buggers) but we all caught up again for a delicious dinner. This year we went to … [Read more...]

How you talk to yourself matters

I put up this quote on my Instagram last week and every day the words have been swirling about my head. Like a mantra over and over again, it's been popping into my head and it has had me thinking. Which is never a good thing really. Sometimes it is though... On Sunday we had our family do and I … [Read more...]

Weekends filled with family Christmas Catch ups

Anyone else exhausted from a weekend of Christmas socialising? Me too! Too many bubbles, not enough water but SO much fun to catch up with people all weekend. We had a Shed party on Friday night, then on Saturday night I caught up with BOTH sisters (we flew my big sister up from Melbourne as a … [Read more...]