Moments to remember: July

One of the things that I loved the most about the last book club book (I will be choosing another one later this week I promise!) was the way that Hilary, who was dying of cancer was taking in the small moments in time before she knew she was going to die. Those simple moments: whether it was … [Read more...]

Netflix: What are you watching? {+ a subscription giveaway!}

These wintery months call for one thing: TELLY. And lots of it. What? It's dark in the morning and night and long walks or exercise are just not cutting it. Plus I never said I was smart. I love telly. But sometimes, even though we have a gazillion options to choose from I still think THERE'S … [Read more...]

Full & thorough reporting

Come on in guys, I've got the kettle on and we can sit and have a natter about what I've been up's been a busy week! It's also why my pants don't fit, I had a very large hangover yesterday but why I am happy...lots of good times with great people. Come and have a sit at my kitchen … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week family cooking

Monday morning again? HOW?! After a busy weekend of socialising I am happy to be here with a regular Monday ahead of me, piles of washing and a busy week to get stuck into. It's our first full week of the term so I will be looking for simple family meals that we usually eat. I'm talking standard … [Read more...]

In my mind: Mental Health & Motherhood

A few months ago I had a camera crew from New Zealand come and spend a morning with us and have a chat about motherhood, sleep deprivation, post natal depression etc...and this morning it aired in NZ. Thought you might like to have a look: This series might get a run on SBS too - it's a great … [Read more...]

Christmas in July soiree

Last night we all braved the freezing weather to head to my sister's place for a girls catch up. We love to do these dinners every so often you can have a look at some of the ones we have had in the past here: A birthday dinner for Miss Rabbit Christmas dinner 2016 Dinner at Cottonwood Interiors … [Read more...]

Winter warmer: slow cooked lamb shoulder

I've woken up this morning in sunny Brisbane after a warm winter's night - I arrived yesterday afternoon in 24 degree perfection. Queensland you certainly do winter right! Unlike the Highlands that has been in a permanent state of below zero to tops of about 10-12 every day. That said, I … [Read more...]

BabyMac Book Club: Between a Wolf and a dog {The discussion}

Did you breathe a big sigh when you finished this book? I know I did, filled with sadness and hope and just plain life, I closed the book and said a little thank you to Georgia Blain for her book Between a Wolf and a Dog. The title is taken from the french term for dusk - when the light is so … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: the humble roast

I slow roasted a delicious lamb on the weekend and was reminded of just how good the humble roast can be. Whether it's over coals, slow and low or hot and fast there is something magical that happens with an oven and a piece of meat. Simple perfection! Here's some of my favourite recipes for … [Read more...]

A stitch in time…

Today I had such a lovely day at one of Mrs Munro's workshop here in the village on a gorgeous winter's day. It was my first time attempting her hidden core work and being not very crafty I was unsure I would be able to have a crack...but have a crack I did and what do you know? I did it! … [Read more...]

Begin Again

A sponsored post for TAFE NSW I’ve never been good at plans. Short term, long term, they always seem to elude me and whatever I tend to come up usually gets pushed to the side as life gets in the way. I was never one at school to know what I wanted to be when I grew up (man I AM grown up and I … [Read more...]

Winter holidaze

We are enjoying a very s   l   o   w  pace here this second week of the holidays. The washing line is 80% pyjamas as that's all we have been wearing. There have been hour long baths, baking, TV show bingeing, sitting in the sunshine, snipping daphne, waiting for bulbs, reading, so much eating, … [Read more...]

Who gives a crap? You should! {+ a giveaway}

I think I first discovered Who Gives a Crap by my mate Ruth and I instantly loved the ethos behind the brand as well as the cool style and sense of humour. Plus! Who doesn't love supporting an Australian business? For those who may not know anything about these guys let me give you a little … [Read more...]

At the Kitchen Bench with BabyMac: A SPRING FLING!

Well, well what do we have 'ere? You know what? It's another one of these fabulous events! And while it is indeed again down here in the Highlands, and not on the road, or in your capital city, it's time for me to get behind that bench again and what better time than in the glorious Southern … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Soup {with pasta or noodles}

Brrrrr it's chilly in the Highlands this morning. It has a distinct Monday morning feeling about it but I am determined to hold onto a little of that holiday relaxation that I managed to enjoy so much all last week. We've still got another week of school holidays here so it looks like it will be a … [Read more...]

Postcard: the last little bit

One of my mates on Instagram yesterday commented that she can't remember seeing me as chilled out as I have been on this trip and I think she may be right. I've been so happy all the family together (while trips OS to NY certainly are special to me so long as we are all together I am happiest). … [Read more...]

Frank is now 3!

Our little black ball of loveliness Frank turns 3 today! Happy Birthday mate! Of course because we are away the girls Facetimed him this morning to say hello and you know, watch him scratch himself etc...but here he is 3 years later and well and truly part of the family. I never really … [Read more...]

Postcard: Cousin catch up time!

We arrived to my sister's place where I have some happy girls on my hands. There are cousins! And toys! And room to just chill out and hang after a few days on the road. And for me there's my sister! And Prosecco! And home cooked meals (last night she trotted out a chicken parma and apple crumble … [Read more...]

Postcard: {more} Ballarat Winter Festival

We are guests of Visit Ballarat and have had all our accommodation, meals and entry covered generously by all these businesses…thank you! I love being able to share travel tales from different parts of this country – especially in regional centres like Ballarat. We've arrived safe … [Read more...]

Postcard: Ballarat Winter Festival

We are guests of Visit Ballarat and have had all our accommodation, meals and entry covered generously by all these businesses...thank you! I love being able to share travel tales from different parts of this country - especially in regional centres like Ballarat. Yesterday we hit the road … [Read more...]