easy holiday cooking

I'm in official holiday mode. And for me, besides the day time naps, booking reading and over consumption of food and booze, it means time for some new cooking. Time to pour over some cook books and magazines and get inspiration for some new classics for the year ahead. There is something about not … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Fat mole salad

In my quest to stop shovelling piece after piece of white bread into my mouth I've been embracing the salad with gusto. If I am going to eat a salad DEAR LORD it better be tastier than some tomato and cucumber. I went to Harris Farm on Monday morning and stocked up on tasty salad goods. Some rocket, … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Pikelets

It's the house of sick here at the moment. There's gastro. There's colds. Take your pick! I have two kids at home, a mountain of washing to get through and work to do - all while feeling pretty sick myself. You know what that calls for? Pikelets! For morning tea! In under 7 mins go to whoa you have … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Salmon one pot wonder

You know what's awesome? Sleeping through the night without being woken one time. That first taste of a crisp champagne bubbling on your lips. Hopping into bed on clean sheet day. AND being able to cook dinner in just one pan with just one lot of washing up. Now this is a perfect mid week … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Slow cooked lamb shoulder

I had never cooked a lamb shoulder before Saturday night but it was something I had been wanting to do for ages. The version I had at Chiswick was amazing - that slow cooked flavour that you get from it is something else! I will tinker with this a little I'm sure - maybe less time, maybe add some … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Bill Granger Thai chilli roast chicken

I saw this recipe on one of Bill's (Granger) shows on the Lifestyle channel a month or so ago. Like many of the things that I cook, I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to give it a crack myself - it looked delicious! I made this (for just the second time) over the Easter weekend and it was even … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Chorizo Chicken

Oh dinner! What a repetitive MOFO you can be. You are relentless. You can be exhausting. And when you occur on the days of Monday-Thursday you just plain suck a little soul out of my day. I should meal plan. I should venture off the normal meals we make week in, week out. I should cook organic free … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Quesadillas

Back when I was cool and relevant and lived in Darlinghurst when I was just a girlfriend, maybe even a fiance, Rob and I would trot these out all the time. It was one of those lunches you would eat in the late afternoon, after we had had breakfast at a cafe, then home to have sex, read the papers … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Risoni salad

Each and every time we have a large family or friend gathering that requires salads to be made, this is what I bring. It's dead simple. It's delicious. It works well with BBQ'd food, or as a side even with roast lamb. It's a no brainer. Risoni Salad 1 box risoni 1 lemon (zest & juice) 1 … [Read more...]

BabyMac Chicken noodle soup

I bet there a million diets/health kicks/detox's starting today right? I know I am going to force my 3 kilo heavier body up a mountain, try not to eat bread and stay off the booze for a few days. It actually started yesterday - I find it best to pick a random day, a random month and just go for it. … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Lemon Syrup Cake

One thing we have always got on our bench, is lemons. Perhaps it's Mama's penchant for a G&T with a slice of lemon or the fact that I just like how they look in a bowl - that colour! - there are always lemons around here. When I was reading Jane's blog on the weekend and I spotted an easy recipe … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Cheat sausage rolls

For years now my family has been making sausage rolls to have at family occasions. They go with drinks. They go as a pre lunch or dinner appetiser. They just go. And teamed up with some tomato relish they are taken to another level of yumminess. And the people, the people LOVE them. But the thing … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Asian minced chicken

You know your priorities in life have changed when you get overly excited about a new fruit & veg shop that has opened up in our nearest town. When I saw the signs saying "Opening Soon!" I have to admit that I imagined it to be a small country town shop with a few daggy bits of lettuce, carrots … [Read more...]