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Harper turned 11!

Did you know Harper has every single one of her birthdays here in Burrawang? All 11 of them! That's something isn't it? This sweet little peach head who brings us all SO much joy and love turned 11 this week. ELEVEN. It was much like all her other birthdays here, we woke in the … [Read a little more...]

She works hard for the money

A few weeks ago Lucy and I were asked by her hubby if we would get on the tools literally for a day and help him out with a "all hands on deck" situation he had on a large property he manages. The owners were flying in for the weekend with a big group of mates and so everything needed to look … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Get your Bake ON this week

It's a dreary wet and cold spring Monday morning here today with LOTS more rain on the way throughout the week ahead. The fire AND central heating are pumping, it's hard to believe that it will be … [Read a little more...]

Add to Cart is now 2 years old!

We are two! Hooray!! I am so happy and proud that today our little shop that could ADD TO CART is two years old! I remember all the hard work that came into getting things online and … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: Roast to the rescue

Good morning friends! That alarm hurt this morning I must say - even after the most laziest home weekend where all we did was pack down on the couch and eat and drink and watch TV - heavenly! Here we … [Read a little more...]

Mum’s BEST cafe blueberry muffins

Friends, this recipe has been years in the making. You see, when my Mum had her cafe (you can read about that in this post here) they used to make these blueberry muffins that were SO good that people … [Read a little more...]

Full & thorough reporting: the school holiday edition

Gosh I love school holidays. I LOVE THEM. The change in routine, the not getting up for an alarm and running around all day every day until the point of exhaustion. The slowing down, time spent with … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Family faves

Here we are, term 4. Holidays have been and gone way too fast and now we jump into the busiest time of the year. Somehow?! This week as we settle back into routine I'll be looking for dinners that are … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: School holiday food

Good morning friends! First 'proper' day of our school holidays (started with a 6am sleep in for me rather than my normal 5am alarm so I'll take that) which means one thing: FOOD PREP. I will be … [Read a little more...]

Good Things

A new day and morning is certainly a good thing isn't it? Light from about 5.40 around here, spring birds singing and the most glorious spring days. We have had a little blast of cold weather so it's … [Read a little more...]

Forage to Feast: a Wild Feast for a New Age

I was excited on Sunday to attend an amazing event right here in our village being held with our local friends from Trolleyd. The event was to help us get back in touch with nature around us: using … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: New season lamb

We had some delicious lamb shanks over the weekend (cooked by Rob) and I was reminded of all the new season produce that is available and so good right now. Thought I would share some ways you might … [Read a little more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting

Thank goodness it's Friday is what I have to say. And thank goodness we only have one more week of school before we can finally take a breather. This term has been FULL ON to say the least: sickness … [Read a little more...]

Green goddess butter

Is it just me or just it get to September, the weather gets over 17 degrees and your trolley looks like this: A week or so back I made a delicious butter that was used with roasted veggies that … [Read a little more...]