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Saturday Sipper: Aperol Spritz with a twist

I'll never forget the first Aperol Spritz I had when we were in Italy when I FINALLY understood the allure of this orange cocktail. We had been walking about Florence in the STINKING heat when we stopped at a cafe/bar and the icy Spritz cooled me down and quenched my thirst like nothing I had every … [Read a little more...]

Great Australian Bake Off Series 3: Episode 1 CAKE WEEK {recap}

You guys! You know I am a Bake off TRAGIC (GBBO is like my favourite thing ever) and I have long been a fan of the Australian Bake off as well. Baking and TV...what's not to love? And not having the skills to ever pullout a rough puff on demand (even though I once dreamt that Maggie came to me and … [Read a little more...]

A Holiday bucket list: How I went!

With the holidays over and done with I thought I would check in and see how I went with my holiday bucket list that I wrote when we were all literally throwing up in the bucket before Christmas. A few … [Read a little more...]

The comforts of home

We're home. 24 days later. I know! So many days away. And it's just SO good to be home. And cold! Of course I have been acting like a CRAZY woman since the moment we arrived, unpacking washing, … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Holiday entertaining

Boy have I been doing some cooking (and eating) and drinking the past few weeks. I am sure soon enough it will stop (it better!) but for now I will pat my tummy and know I have had some amazing … [Read a little more...]

The unexpected act of (awesome) kindness

Yesterday I was sitting on the beach when a text message came through from my sister that had me squealing with joy and appreciation. It said "Merry Christmas to me to you. Now hopefully that nervous … [Read a little more...]

Beach daze

Oh how good is it to be on holidays? THE BEST. While I have started to do a little work, check emails and chase this and that, it's still very much holiday mode around these parts. Most afternoons … [Read a little more...]

The tale of the wound-up woman

It's safe to say that by the end of last year I was a little tired and stressed out. I'm no different to anyone other Mum at that time of year, working and juggling school kids and end of year … [Read a little more...]

The digital detox: how I went

So as you may know over the Christmas break I decided to have a complete break from all online life where I spend so much of my days, weeks, years. I was feeling literally sick to death from it. … [Read a little more...]

A summer pause

11 days later here I am logging back into my blog for the first longest break from online world EVER. What a wonderful break it's been...from myself, and routine and bad habits...a complete … [Read a little more...]

Over and out 2017

Here we are, almost end of the year, a slightly stressed, more grey haired version of ourselves than we were in January. And for me today, it's the last post you will see from me until 2018 as I am … [Read a little more...]

A Holiday bucket List

It was the week before Christmas, and all through the house, Beth's family were vomiting, and she has about to lose her SHOUSE. Yep, we now have 3 down with 2 of us standing, the vom PHOBE and … [Read a little more...]

The toys of Christmas Past

I have to pretty much do all the girl's Christmas shopping today. I know, I know. Despite best intentions to get organised, I have found myself YET AGAIN leaving things to the actual last minute. One … [Read a little more...]

Full Maggie update: 2 years 7 months

We've turned the corner on two and are heading towards three you guys. Somehow. This should pretty much sum up where she is at: Maggie Roslyn Macdonald Who thinks she is 3 (whilst holding up 2 … [Read a little more...]