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Dinner hack: Oven baked risotto

Hot, wet rice, as risotto is known at our house is not hugely popular. I ADORE chicken and mushroom with lots of parmesan but if I made it and served it up to the family there would be 4 noses turning their noses up at it. As a consequence, risotto very rarely gets a run in our house. But … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Simple, delicious food packed with flavour

If I had too explain my style of cooking, I think this would be it: something simple, filled with flavour and herbs and the end result is just plain yum. In fact, most times I cook I find myself saying: this is TASTY, even if I have made it. Here are some of my faves, I have realised that lots of … [Read a little more...]

The Throne Rangers: A Podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {ep 13}

Just when you think there can't POSSIBLY be more in the Royal family...the last two weeks happen. SO many outings. SO many things to discuss. Pop on your headphones and sneakers or make a cuppa or gin … [Read a little more...]

What I’m reading, watching & listening to

Hello my friends, how ARE you? Feel like I haven't had a proper catch up with you in ages. What's been happening? I must say that today I have been struggling with all the news happening out there in … [Read a little more...]

Brazil on the Hill

I think it was a few months ago when Lucy and Chris (my sister and her husband) decided that they would have a "just because" party. They both are the hardest working people I know...with their own … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Getting soup back on the menu

We have had some RAIN. Not just drizzle you guys, but glorious, drenching fact a whole day of it yesterday that filled up our rain gauge until it was overflowing. What a gift! You can hear … [Read a little more...]

Our Town: Yabbie Day

It's been many a year since we have seen a Yabbie Day around these parts I think the last might have been in 2013. People got busy, no one wanted to organise it, and like many things do, it fell to … [Read a little more...]

Full reporting: 2019 Robertson Show

Full and THOROUGH reporting required for the show that was on last weekend. This is the 8th show we have been to since we have lived here and of course I entered as many things as I could manage given … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Winning mid week Chicken dinners

You guys! Rob is home! That means that the pressure is off me for a little bit as I can share the load of work and! Last week was FULL ON with so much new stuff in the shop, lots of … [Read a little more...]

The Throne Rangers: A Podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {ep 12}

We know, we get it, it's been waaaaaay too long since Veggie and I got together to discuss ALL things British Royal Family. Since November in fact! And there has been just a few things going on since … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: It’s Show week!

SOMEHOW it's March and SOMEHOW it's show weekend THIS WEEKEND! Sheesh, if the start of this week is anything to go by it's safe to say that it's going to be November before we know it so buckle in … [Read a little more...]

The summer that was

Summer is hydrangeas and thick green grass that you cannot tame or keep up with. It's big leaves, growth and colour all around the garden. It's end of year exhaustion with school events and … [Read a little more...]

When our mothers were where we are now

Yesterday I was up in Sydney to farewell one of our oldest family friends who had lost her battle with cancer. At 70 she seems too young to have to leave her 4 children behind, her 11 grandchildren … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Bread baking (for lunchbox or not)

The fact that I started to write this list about 4 hours ago and still haven't written anything shows where I am at this Monday morning. Chasing my TAIL! We are into week 5 of the school term and the … [Read a little more...]