Preggo files #9

It’s been a big week. Emotionally mostly. Harps has gone off to school, Daise into the ‘big class’ at school (3-6) and Frank this morning to go get his nuts seen to. How much can one pregnant woman cope with I ask you? We’ve had sickness (colds and coughs and SO MUCH SNOT) and colder weather and let’s not forget about the bloody cling wrap. But you know what? I’ve been SO good. Eating well and generally not being a lazy, fat mole! I KNOW!


Kate just totally high fived me! Doesn’t she look smart? Must be a 200 denier in those there thick tights. Apparently her baby bump is pronounced now! Look at it! It’s somewhere between the two arms in that photo I think.

You know who else is sporting a baby bump don’t you? And I can’t even believe that I haven’t mentioned it on this series as yet….LARA BINGLE. Because these shots on Instagram are proof don’t you know?


It’s OK Lara, I’m known as Tits McGee round these parts at the moment. It happens to the best of us. Other mags have come out with further shots too…THANK GOD no one is taking snaps of me pulling my maternity jeans up that have fallen down for the 35th time in 20 minutes.

1422512372927-1 1422512372927

Those photos are from Woman’s Day if you missed that. So Kate and Lara are both due in April! Obviously we are planning a conference call to discuss names and ensure that there is no cross over between the three of us. Might even do a google hang out just so we can compare bumps.


OH COME ON KATE! It will be fun!

I tell you one thing NOT to do when you are pregnant and STARVING at 8.30pm at night? Watch the Great British bake Off or GBBO as Rob and I like to call it. Last night the showstopper was the famous Bombe Alaska and it was riveting watching I tell you! There were cakes thrown in the bin, melting ice cream, meringue that wouldn’t set and was breaking…this pregnant wanna be baker was in heaven.


Except that I had no cake, because WHAT WOULD KATE DO? She wouldn’t eat anything at all. And that’s what I did! I sucked it up, licked the TV screen and went to bed to read my book. I know! So proud!


So tell me did you see these hilarious videos of babies going through tunnels? It was on the Huffington Post or somewhere. Here you go:

Oh you can bet that I will be filming our baby going through a tunnel and posting it for my amusement just as soon as I can. What? Isn’t that what they are for?

Did you see that Sonia had her baby girl earlier in the week? Congrats lady! Comforting to know that no matter how glamorous you are that a week after you have your baby EVERYONE is feeling the same: teary, hormonal, delirious, bleeding and HAPPY, no matter where we come from. Comforting I think. And Sonia, I found a hairdryer up the clacker post shower kept the stitches dry and the healing faster.


It’s true Kate!

Got a delivery of new maternity bras yesterday morning by courier (gotta love online shopping). I got a few from Hot Milk Lingerie. Far superior to the ones that I spent a fortune on that had side wire (not in the cups but the side bits?) that kept digging in. The girls are high and dry and looking a bit stylish while they are at it!

Craving: Bombe Alaska. A tricky thing to try to re-create and given my propensity towards thinking I want something, then getting it and realising that it’s not quite right, I think I might give it a skip and have a banana instead.

Drinking: Tea! It’s been COLD. Herbal at night under a blanket in front of the fire. What’s doing January? Bloody 3 degrees out there this morning. THREE.

Dreaming: About cake of course!

Worrying: About poor Frank and his op this morning…

Cheers to you friends with a stylish hot cuppa. Because it’s all I’ve got.


Someone have a baby and a tunnel to go through? Can you film it for us?
Do you love GBBO too? How good is it?
Anyone made a Bombe Alaska?
Is it cold at your place too? Or at least slightly chillier than normal?


  1. Oh I love it when you call yourself a lazy mole Tit’s (not so sure about the fat bit though…well I suppose you ARE pregnant so it might be ok to call you fat just this once, ha ha ha). Now just be careful you don’t burn your clacker with that hairdryer Tits. But I do like the idea, can’t remember if i ever tried that one, probably too sore to try. Thanks for the laugh you fat mole. ha ha ha ha ha, cracking myself up as I type that….xx

  2. I loved Hot Milk maternity bras when I had the Little Sister. I did wonder about the names of their models. I remember one was called “Awakened by her desire”.
    Obviously the alternative names “Awakened four times last night by her hungry newborn” and “Desires more sleep” didn’t poll as well with the focus group!

  3. I watched Great British Bakeoff too. Woah, what controversy. A quick google led me to discover that when this aired in the UK there was a huge uproar by the public accusing the older lady of sabotaging the bearded fellow intentionally. I don’t think so though. Looking at his icecream mix going into the freezer, you could clearly see that it was a lot runnier than other people’s.

    In the mean time I have extreme cravings for Bombe Alaska and I’m not even pregnant. Especially the one that had jam swirled into the egg white. So pretty! And especially the Key Lime Bombe Alaska made by the 17 year old girl. How clever is she?

    • Oh Kristy that jam meringue looked the BUSINESS. My word! And that 17 year old? Her name is Martha! She is adorable. She should be working for Mrs Patmore at Downton Abbey.

  4. Hi TG, thanks for the early morning chuckle! That baby in tunnels thing is almost as good as your Glad Wrap demo (which by the way I recall being somewhat perturbed by as I too was trying to tear off some plastic while talking to someone and balancing a few plates on my head and hosting 40 people mid-week. I knew something was wrong!!!). I had my babies before the world wide inter-webs and I almost want to have another so that I can compete with Kate and Lara and buy ALL THE THINGS. You lucky girl, you. Frank – not so lucky.

  5. Oh my LORD you make me laugh!!!! Frank getting his nuts seen to; hairdryer up the clacker – LOLLING HARD!!

    Which is good because you just made me CRY with the one about Harps!

    Loving your work as always mole xo

  6. It’s definitely not cold here like you, but it is cold for our summers going to be 29 instead of around the 40s (which is what normally happens in summer here).

  7. I bloody needed the laugh… and everywhere I turn there is nice food, posts, TV, other people’s cupboards but I’m on rations at the moment so it’s nuts and green tea for me, with a coffee chaser! BORING. Mole is one of THE best words in the world. Have a great weekend. Off to watch baby in tunnel!

  8. When you said babies and tunnels I had another thing in mind altogether… so glad I got it wrong! That video is gold though, so funny! Don’t recall my three doing the whole WTF? face while going through tunnels and now they’re too big. I’ll have to hijack my sister’s baby when she pops 🙂

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    The hairdryer up the clacker works a treat Beth ,I know I did it twice.Poor frank he will be fine though and I did see some horrible comments about poor Sonia on Fb very nasty ones about how she looked ,why can’t people just say good on you woman for giving birth to a healthy baby girl at 49 FFS.
    Have a lovely weekend Beth xx

  10. That’s it! I’m having a 4th just so I can film it going through a tunnel. That is hilarious it’s like a baby disco.

  11. Oh the babies in tunnels!! Sweet. Strange Muzak though.

  12. My third bump and I are craving anything savoury – dips and ritz are winning and I’m eating it regardless of the desperate heartburn it induces. I just allow every second mouthful to include a Rennie and power on through like the champion I am 😉
    Very happy for al the famous mummas – and I totally want to mug Kate for that dress in the first pic. But I would totally mug you for your stripey dresses. I know I could buy them if I googled hard enough, but where’s the adventure in that!?

  13. I am not longer preggers but I still want to eat all of the things. Especially sweet things. It is causing me to look like I am still preggers.
    Oh well.
    I am breastfeeding. Pass the cake!

    I am off to find a tunnel to drive through!

  14. Funny as that video! Thanks for the cack!
    Hot Milk bras really are the best! They’re the only way to go if you want to be supported and feel slightly womanly and not all grandma-ish. Must get a truck load of them delivered in prep for this third baby. So far I’ve been in denial about all those practicalities.

  15. I love Great British Bake Off! Even more so this season as my mate from art college is on it! He used to russel me up some fantastic meals when I was a poor student living on baked beans!! Whoa betide the person who becomes between me and my GBBO!!

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