Isn’t life hard enough already Clingwrap?


It’s been a while since I had to buy cling wrap…must have had a big roll but the time came so I grabbed some last week at the supermarket. I had heard some noise about a “redesign” of clingers on social media, but had yet to experience the full joy. But over the past week I have managed to lose my shit unnecessarily every time I have had to “wrap the freshness”.

Isn’t it hard enough already Clingwrap? The cooking, the making of the lunches, the KEEPING THINGS FRESH? IT’S HARD ENOUGH.

I suspect “safety” may have something to do with this. Another example of the world going MAD. Is it OK that we are about to bring another human into this world when this is a THING? Now when I wrap I have to tear upwards which inevitably creates a ribboning effect whereby the freshness wraps ON ITSELF. What the fuck?

This is not OK.

Rob tells me I just need to turn it upside down. I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO ROB.

Are you with me on this?
Has the world officially gone mad when we can’t wrap the freshness in an easy manner?
Why you too Clingers? WHY?

And yes I may be a little hormonal today, what with my official camera person starting school tomorrow and the fact that I don’t think that newborns have any skills in that areas at all. And yes, that’s how I look most of the time. Shut up, I made banana bread.


  1. Bloody cling wrap must have been developed by someone who never uses it. I went to Aldi and got the big 600-metre sucker that has a thing you glide across the top and voila. Sure it’s overkill but NO MORE CLING DISASTERS! Go you for baking and all the best for the first day of school.

  2. Beth never fear, glad got so many complaints so they are going to change it back!!! Happy days πŸ™‚

  3. god i love you and your elvis hair and your hilarious cling wrap rants.
    special thanks to Harps for her deadset awesome camera skills.
    Rob will be so proud.

  4. Yep, go to Costco and get the massive (buy once a year) box… comes with a slidey cutter so you just pull it out over the plate and slide – viola!!! Easy as!

  5. Ahhh I thought I had bought a roll with a random design fault!! So this is an intentional thing… GLAD, you dopey buggers. Why ‘fix’ something that ain’t broke? The corner of mine is rooted from trying to do it upside down and the cutter not being strong enough to support the weight, seeing as IT’S NOT ATTACHED TO THE SOLID BOTTOM BIT ANYMORE. And I still have about 85m of my 100m roll to go. FFS!

    • Lou I tried the upside down and you’re right…the cardboard isn’t tough enough for the job. Don’t worry…I hear they are changing it back!


  7. Think I’m going to have to bring you some of the special cling wrap from Japan that I gave Susie Q and Lucia next time i go!!! xx

  8. Drives me mental and I’m not hormonal… Also drives my husband mad! I try not to use too much of the stuff anyway cause of the environment and all that, but I will definitely be sourcing a new brand once it’s run out. Hoping they hear the masses and change it back stat!

  9. Has to have been designed by a man

  10. The box and glidy thingy of my 600m roll somehow got squashed and broken just by sitting in the drawer. So now I’ve got 500m of boldly cling wrap naked and alone. And useless. Currently using a bread knife to cut it. Needless to say it’s not working

  11. You are not alone, cling wrap makes me want to scream. I have found that it sticks to everything or nothing. It manages to curl up & stick to itself so it is useless or I will actually manage to get it on the thing I want to wrap, rip it off the roll & then it decides it doesn’t like what I want it to stick to so it won’t. I have tried so many different ones but they all do the same thing…….maybe it’s me πŸ™‚

  12. It has been driving me absolutely crazy!! Reading a comment above that they are changing it back has seriously made my day!!

  13. Its is wrong wrong wrong – i hate the new clingwrap upside down thing!!!!

  14. Fuck clingwrap. I avoid it as much as I can, hence eleventy billion containers in my fridge, but I. Don’t. Care! Clingwrap can go to hell along with those fucking fruit + veg plastic bags I can never seem to open without looking like a thumbless wonder in the supermarket.

  15. Deadset, their focus groups could not have got this more WRONG! I bought some while we were camping and the words “what the fuckity fuck?” came out of my mouth whilst trying to use it. I ended up throwing it away and praising the heavens above that I was safe at home with my 600m industrial sized version of Goliath wrapping. πŸ™‚

    I wonder how long it will take for them to re-jig it due to a massive drop in sales?

  16. This is quite hilarious. I feel like the cling wrap is getting less “clingy” too or is just me ? Do you want to know what else is equally annoying? The little freshness seals they put on every bloody thing these days. Unscrew the freshness sealed lid and peel off the freshness seal! What’s next, retina scan to drink my milk???

    • Yes. A million times yes.

      It’s like they are torturing me. It’s only 6am, I’m unfortunately awake (thanks kids), and I need coffee, STAT. What I don’t need to engage in an epic battle with the milk freshness seal. So close to just buying a cow and being done with it.

    • Oh I HATE those freshness lid things. How about the pressure that builds up behind them that POPS when you open it?

  17. You nailed it! The good news is they are apparently reverting to the old box after getting totally slammed! I also shared my frustrations with the design that, at the time, I assumed was a manufacturing fault!

  18. I’m SO right there with you Beth! The new Glad Wrap SUCKS. I also heard they copped so much flack that they’re going back…fingers crossed!

    I just had my first ever trip to Costco and bought the mother of all Glad Wrap rolls with a slidey cutter thingy so hopefully by the time that runs out Glad will have got their shit together and changed the smaller boxes back!

  19. Exactly Beth like parents of little ones don’t have enough tiny annoyances in the day to day routines without Clingwrap adding to the mix. I got the one from Costco – where they value a mothers sanity.

  20. Regardless of where the cutter thing is I’ve never been able to master it without it getting all stuck on itself. Thought it would be one of those things I would be able to do when I grew up. Nope. Then thought perhaps when I was a mother. Nope. So I bought the one that you slam the lid down on it to cut it (in a plastic box). Sure they’re probably charging me a zillion more dollars for every replacement roll but at least I don’t feel like a numpty every time any more.

  21. Do they have Press ‘n Seal in Australia? Does the same thing as cling wrap but without all the sticking to itself. Sticks much better to the plates & bowls, too.

  22. Bahahahaha … “you can press stop”. I love how you address the big questions! x

  23. 2 things I took from this.

    1. OMG I look like that most of the time too!

    2. Cling wrap president must be Tony Abbott

  24. Goliath cling wrap for me too! However like others I am trying to reduce how often I use it. Every imaginable size of plastic container now in the cupboard.

  25. They also made the box longer so it no longer fits on my cling wrap drawer!
    Tell me why Glad!
    And I very rarely use it so I will be stuck with this too long roll until about 2020!
    Although hopefully by then I will have a new kitchen with a new (longer) cling wrap drawer!

  26. Haha. Love it. My husband was having a tantrum over the exact same thing just yesterday.

  27. I’m loving and slightly terrified of preggers Beth.

  28. I KNOW! IT IS THE DUMBEST THING. We usually never by the brand wrap,just generic cling, but it was ON SPECIAL, SO WE BOUGHT 2 !! We opened it on Christmas eve in the midst of much drinking and cooking and it was the constant bugbear of every woman in the house over Christmas New Year. I WILL NEVER BUY HAPPY WRAP BRAND AGAIN!! Shheeshh..!

  29. Just to clarify, not that the women were chained to the kitchen, it was just that all the blokes bar one, said ‘it’s ok, just turn it upside down to use it’…that is soo not the point and has been well alluded to earlier…

  30. safety scmafty….the design is shit house……seriously who hurts themselves on it anyway…it’s not like its a bloody toy?

  31. The past 24 hrs have been totally shit for me, and not about cling wrap. So this and all the comments made me laugh again, thanks!

  32. Many giggles were shed during that video. Glad I’m not the only one that delivers great rants over things like cling wrap.

  33. Ohhh I thought I was the ONLY person that could not work this out. Just showed the husband this post to prove to him it is not just me. Cling wrap is SO hard!!!

  34. Oh dear and here I was thinking it was just me or that being in the northern hemisphere (like how the water in the toilet flushes the other way) and driving on the other side of the road, the glad wrap too was on the other side. Hmmm
    I wonder if they’ll change it here too.

  35. HA! you make me laugh , I buy the big gigantic roll the Homebrand one which is just fine and ‘clings’ to my satisfaction. You will be pleased to know its blade? thingy is still where it has always been. Go homebrand I say some things are just never meant to be altered

  36. Why is it that such a little change can turn us upside down? But honestly, who the fritz decided to put the serrated edge on the lid? Idiot! (in a Napoleon Dynamite voice)…
    First world problems, I tell ya but sheesh!!!

  37. Geez, I thought it was just me going slightly mad. Maybe, I thought it had always been this way. Sliced myself sooo many times. Thanks for making me feel sane again.

  38. Ohhhhhhhh! Yes Beth, everything you mentioned in that post makes me completely loose my xxxx especially the partner that is the expert on using the stuff when your the one doing the work!


  39. In Doha, our version of cling wrap is to pull up…bloody annoying!

  40. i believe it’s a conspiracy so you buy more zip lock bags.
    On a side note, excellent camera work Harper! Maybe she takes after her daddy πŸ˜‰

  41. Thank you for bringing this issue out into the open. I thought I was just stuffing it, which is a logical assumption because I’m generally reaching for the CW after dinner when I’m battling a dirty kitchen and kids who don’t want to go to bed.

  42. Yes!!! I was so frustrated I chucked the roll out and bought generic … With the cutter on the correct side. I’m generally hard core and persevere until the end but this shit me to tears. Have to say, the genetic brand has improved so I might switch.. Bad move cling wrap!

  43. the cling wrap is exactly like this in Germany. Must have been invented by a man who never cooks

  44. Lisa Aherne says

    I totally agree that this cling wrap ‘improvement’ is a total fiasco. Hate it. Did you know that there is a new kid on the Glad Wrap block in the shape of a white elongated box which is refillable and which cuts inside the box very neatly and nicely. The only trouble with it is that it is a bit too long to fit properly in my bottom drawer!

  45. Is it wrong that this post just made my day? πŸ™‚

  46. Fortunately, because I am a tight arse and buy Multix instead of Glad I have been able to avoid the current dramas relating to the unsatisfactory redesign of the Glad Cling Wrap box. I just want to say that I am not a brand ambassador (although if an offer was made it would not be sniffed at!) for Multix but I would like to sing their praises. In my humble opinion their cling film is very bit as good as Glad and also comes with “Dual Cutting Options”, the usual spiky strip (attached to the bottom and made of plastic so that it doesn’t bend up at the end and then snap off when you try to bend it back) AND inside the roll there is one of those slider cutter thingies. You just stick it on and away you go!

    Just felt the world needed my two cents worth!!

    Food for thought Beth, Food for thought!

  47. Glad has bloody lost me on this. And that was the one thing I never skimped on. Cheap cling wrap up there with cheap toilet paper. But I am done with this. And by the way the problem with turning it upside down is the flimsy lid that bends on itself when you do that!

  48. SOoooo glad it’s not just me!

    Life with a New baby- way hard enough, I don’t need cling wrap that’s any harder than the usual kind!! So glad to hear its going back from reading the comments:)

  49. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Go to Aldi and get the cheaper version it’s good ,never gets tangled and works every single time and no upside down cutting,it’s the best I’ve ever used Xx

  50. Oh my god! That’s why I couldn’t get the cling wrap to work the other night. I didn’t even try to do it the other way. C’mon that’s way to hard, thank god for your video clip Beth I was making a right balls up of it xx

  51. Flamin Glad. Wot toss did this. Saw my usually cool calm and collected financΓ©e lose it in the kitchen and throw the thing on the floor. My man fingers had a go, and the stupid flimsy flap that the teeth are attached to twisted as I ripped causing the bugger to catch and me to toss the food on the floor. If a surgeon can’t operate the thing, then I can’t imagine how this change was ever tested. I think they should do a recall. The thing is properly hazardous to our floor amongst other things. I would make the CEO pay for it out of his own pocket.

  52. PS Not happy, Glad.


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