Shit your husband will never have to think about

Today I had the JOY of doing life maintenance stuff. You know, the annoying stuff that takes you into a gazillion different shops, chasing your tail, spending money on shit you wish you weren't and generally getting annoyed because IS THIS THE SHIT I SIGNED UP FOR? Let me run through it with … [Read more...]

Vanilla pep talks

It's the start of the week! And it's Spring! And my productivity levels are relatively high for a change from the months of hibernation and I am 100% going with it while it lasts because I know it won't last (at least I am realistic). And I am pretty much sure that next shop I will be adding chia … [Read more...]

Solving the Big issues: Retro comfort classic

I blame the weather (thankfully it's WET as well as cold here so far this week), but I cannot stop eating. ALL of the things. Actually, maybe it's the fact that I have been a bit off my game this year (my confidence has been lower than normal) that I have just been a bit meh all bloody year. I … [Read more...]

Solving the Big Issues: Do you make your bed every day?

There's lots of things I do every single day. Get up earlier than I would like for sure. Drink coffee. Use my Dyson. Cook for my family. And there's lots of things that I should do every day, but don't. Like exercise. Or read. But there is one thing that I MUST do every single day. No matter how … [Read more...]

Easy oven clean: using a bath!

You guys I am in some kind of nesting fever at home. I think it's because of the impending trip and leaving the family for 10 days, I am nesting like I would be if I was heading to hospital for a baby. Last night at 7.30pm, for no reason at all, I found it completely and entirely necessary to clean … [Read more...]

We haven’t had a dishwasher for 8 weeks…

And you know what? It's been fine. Ish. My Dad & Step mum did a renovation on their house many moons ago and when they got to the kitchen, they made the decision that they weren't going to put in a dishy. Dad reckons that washing & wiping up is all part of the social part of entertaining, … [Read more...]

Solving The Big Issues: Clean Sheet Day

As you guys would know, I take photos and sometimes videos of washing hanging on the line. It's true! I do! Call me crazy, but I find it therapeutic to watch fresh washing blowing in the breeze, knowing that Mother Nature is doing her part in the never bloody ENDING washing that goes on round … [Read more...]

Toot that horn!

I've started to notice something about me in the last say, 12 months or so which I spent some time pondering over the new year period and have been re-visiting over the last few days. I am a hard worker. Always have been, and I suppose always will be. As Maggie said to me yesterday "So many jobs … [Read more...]

The January deep cleanse

As sure as there are chia seeds in my trolley, and yelling at my children to stop fighting because we are deep in school holidays, in January of each & every year there will be ALL of the nesting. Non pregnant nesting that is! It's an epidemic that I KNOW I am not alone with. In fact, when we … [Read more...]

Solving the big issues: how to get rid of hiccups

In the past week I have helped about 3 separate people with a simple problem that every single person will get at some stage. As I said in the title, this post will not inspire or challenge you BUT it just may save the day! Lately my kids have been getting the hiccups A LOT. You know what works … [Read more...]

The Dead Wombat

I've been going for the odd morning or evening walk lately, and have been reminded what a thoughtful time it can be when you clear your mind and focus on the immediate one foot in front of the other thing. It's a wonderful time for self reflection, for creativity and ideas, for looking at the simple … [Read more...]

Help! My organisation moon is rising & I’m exhausted

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a FLURRY of activity at Casa BabyMac over the weekend the likes not seen since I was knocked up with Mags back in late 2014. I'm not entirely sure what's going on (is there an eclipse rising in my virgo moon or something?) but I haven't even been … [Read more...]

For the things that no one else sees

A sponsored post for Dyson V8 Absolute cord free vacuum There are a few things I love with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. My kids, of course, but at this late stage of the year Maggie might be slightly ahead in the favourite stakes with an ability to smile and be genuinely thrilled to … [Read more...]

Ways in which I am weird #678

My (younger sister) text me the other day asking as question re: laundry and weird ways which is obviously my speciality and one area I am ALWAYS pleased to discuss. You see, she was checking with me about something she does, wondering if she was the only crazy one top do such a thing. Note … [Read more...]

Solving the big issues: the washing hang out

Thank you for your help in solving the issue of the pillow up/down thing. There's not much more I like discussing than the mindless, menial tasks that make up my day, dissecting the way we all go about out business in various ways. I've said it before and I will say it again, I never claimed to be … [Read more...]

The joy of a hotel stay

Recently I have had the pleasure of a few stays in hotels. Honestly, it's one of my absolute pleasures in life. Is there anything better than crisp, white hotel bedlinen? Towels freshly stacked ready for use that someone else will pick up off the ground? Blinds that will shut until pitch … [Read more...]

Solving the big issues: made bed pillow, up or down?

You guys, I've had an epiphany (rae) recently and I thought I best confess it amongst you guys, because I know you'll get it. I think I've been making my bed wrong. I know. You see, when I make my bed, I have the pillows sitting flat against the mattress. You know, how you sleep on it. … [Read more...]

Me and my paper towel, a love story if you will

This giveaway has now ended and a winner chosen: ANDREW with this fabulously funny comment: "I can’t help but feel you’ve neglected to speak about a ply rating; whilst this may have been alluded to in addressing integrity and structure, I do feel it requires a special reference.  I wouldn’t … [Read more...]


A few Saturday's ago I was home with the baby as I had both big kids at hockey (thank you Maggie for being born and thank you Rob for taking them) and Maggie was down for her morning sleep. I was flicking around the TV as I had managed to get all my jobs done when I stumbled across a gold mine. THE … [Read more...]

Go-To skincare: 3 weeks in

This is not a sponsored post...I ponied up the cold hard cash for all the products myself but wanted to share how things were going with it....3 weeks in. You'll remember a few weeks ago now I said that I was going to try out Zoe's skincare range (Go-To) as I was officially getting old, the … [Read more...]