About Me

I am Beth. Just Beth. Although since we have moved to the country a few years ago I am considering changing my name to Bev. Because I’ve won a ribbon at the local show and EVERYTHING! But I guess that’s fast forwarding a little. As Coldplay said, let’s go back to the start.

Almost 10 years ago now I found myself back at my Mum’s doorstep asking if I could move back in. I had just called off a wedding only weeks away, broken up with my long term partner and had taken one hell of a risk that there might be something out there better for me. That real, heart thumping love was possible for me and that I might even deserve it. Boy am I glad I did. I never expected any one of those dreams to come true for me. But they did, and sooner than I ever expected.

MacDonald Family

I met Rob only months later and we fell instantly and passionately in love. He was everything I had ever hoped for in a partner. He was creative. He was funny. He was kind, so kind. He was patient. He was sexay. He was a hunk o’ spunk and did I mention funny? I (yes I have never been the shy one) proposed to him after being together after just 4 short months. We married a year later (well I had to give my family some time to calm down from the initial shock) and started our married life together in a rickety old terrace in Darlinghurst. We both worked hard, Rob especially in his own business, we partied hard, travelled parts of the world and then moved to Newtown to “settle down” and be proper grown ups and get on with it.

On Valentines Day in 2007 our first daughter Daisy was born. She is fiery. She is beautiful. She is stubborn and she is smarter than I ever could be. Which is saying something seeing as she is almost 9.


In October 2009 our beautiful second daughter Harper was born. Her breath smelt of peaches the first week she was alive and she has stayed as sweet ever since.

I started this blog all the way back then, because Facebook didn’t even exist and I wanted to share the experience with my two sisters who were OS & interstate. Being a mother has been the hardest and most rewarding gig I have ever had. It challenges me in ways I could never have imagined, fills me with more love and joy that catches your breath unexpectedly. It is hard. It is relentless. It is the best thing I have ever done and each and every day I count my blessings that I have been given the opportunity and the honour to do so.

Not long after I went back to work from Harper’s maternity leave things started to get complicated. I was only working 2 days per week but was having to take those days off work because Harper was sick. All. The. Time. While Daisy was in long daycare from 5 months old and coped, Harper did not. She kept getting sick, she had food allergies and eczema and we found ourselves in hospital a few times with infections and mystery viruses. It was stressful. At the same time we started to look around for our next house to buy in Sydney. That was just plain depressing. We tried to make do with our tiny terrace in the city but each and every time I couldn’t get a spot to park the car (sometimes for up to 40 minutes) with 2 kids screaming I found myself desperately stressed. And angry.

In July 2010 we went away with friends down to the South Coast. It was fabulous and awful. I cried a lot. I think I was pretty unhappy. And when we had to leave early to take Harper to Emergency (again) we were driving through that beautiful scenery around Gerringong when Rob turned to me and said “this can’t be worth it. Maybe we should just move to the country.” And even though that seemed like the craziest and furthest thing from our reality, that’s just what we did. 3 months later we arrived with our two girls, our two fish and a whole weight of stress and drama off our shoulders to our beautiful new home in the most beautiful village to start our real life. The one where we actually belong. And where we are truly happy.


Last year we decided to take one more leap of faith and try for another baby. We gave ourselves a ridiculously small window to conceive and what do you know? I got knocked up straight away! You could almost hear this baby saying “FINALLY you guys! I’ve been waiting.” Maggie Macdonald was born in May 2015 and could just be the very best thing that has happened to our family. Thank goodness for Maggie is what we all keep saying.

So here we are. That’s my story. So far. But it’s only really just begun.

I’m Beth, just Beth. I believe in family. Good friends. Pork. Champagne. Long lunches. Sleeping without being woken by small children. Clean sheet day. Fresh flowers in my home. Open fires and sitting by them with drink in hand. Using my passport. Love, real proper, heart thumping love with my husband. Bad reality TV. The internet. Cooking. Eating. Changing my hairstyle. Often. I believe in reading, writing, watching and sharing. And putting it ALL out there.

 Call me old fashioned but I’d like people to try and keep their manners in mind when commenting and joining in on discussions on the blog. Any abusive comments or comments intentionally stirring shit for the sake of it from anonymous email addresses using false names won’t be published.