A few Saturday’s ago I was home with the baby as I had both big kids at hockey (thank you Maggie for being born and thank you Rob for taking them) and Maggie was down for her morning sleep. I was flicking around the TV as I had managed to get all my jobs done when I stumbled across a gold mine. THE HILLS RERUNS. Season 1. Old Gold. Of course I immediately text the three other people in the world who would have understood my job: Monty from Show & Tell, my little sister and Rob just so I could share the joy, nay, elation I was experiencing. I watched a few eps before the bigs got home but managed to tape two entire seasons that were on and literally squealed with joy later that night when the kids were in bed, and my wine was poured so I could transport myself back 10 years to the joy of a favourite bad TV show.

Of course since then I have purchased a few more series on iTunes and any chance I get, I will be found travelling back through time to a place where there was no real social media, no smart phones, no internet, where people had to just text each other for communication. Good times, good times indeed.


Of course this show is terrible (but in a really, really good way) and I loved it back in the day. Re-watching it has reminded me of days of yore when Rob and I would watch this every week and gorge on bad reality TV. Sure, there are approximately 12 million other new shows that I should be watching, and let’s not get started on you know, using my brain with reading or writing, but here I am on my couch, in my trackies, watching meaningless dramas with LC & Heidi.

What’s the pure comfort with travelling back and re-watching a favourite TV show or movie? Is that it takes you back to that time in your life when you first watched it? You can forget about life now for a while?

Do you have a favourite TV show or movie that you can watch over and over and over again?
I think a movie it might be Vacation.
I never said I was smart.

And if there are any Hills fans out there I just this week discovered that Heidi is on SNAPCHAT. And she has been in Vegas at a Britney Spears concert, and the footage is pure gold. Her user name is HeidiPratt. And just this week I saw Whit on a show…still as pretty as ever. Audrina had a baby and Kristen has had a gazillion. Their user names on Insta are: @heidipratt @spencerpratt @laurenconrad @audrinapatridge @brodyjenner @whitneyeveport

As I said, not smart.

Illustration above from Mark Conlan


  1. Mrs_woodette says

    I loved The Hills as well!! And was so excited when I saw an ad on telllie for their 10 year anniversary! Ah took me back! Newlyweds was another. I was devastated to hear when Jess & Nick divorced. Because you know, they were meant to be together…I still have their seasons….somewhere. Pretty sure my sadness was just pure sad!

  2. They have the every series of The Hills on Stan and I recently watched them all for the first time. addictive!! Also, watched three series of Geordie Shore *oh the shame!

  3. Never ever have heard of The Hills. Why have I not? The last show Dean and I actually enjoyed watching together was Water Rats. Ha! We’re talking 1995! How sad. Maybe we should look into whether there are any reruns. Now days we have very different ideas about what makes good viewing. My brother did just give us the box set of Homeland and whilst it is a bit confronting for me I get to sit with my feet up on Dean’s lap and spend kid free time with him. It’s nice. And must say I’m enjoying the show. It’s addictive. I’m off now to google The Hills. Just need to crawl out from under my rock first hehe.

  4. Yes!!! I frantically search the daggy to channels for Charlie’s Angel reruns, McGiever or my very very best favourite …. Wait for it…, magnum PI. Just live that show!

  5. The Hills was my crack. I too sucked up all the goodness that was that marathon on MTV a few weeks back! Did you watch the special Lauren did? That was then, this is now? Oh my god. Amazing. My obsession started with Laguna Beach back in the day. If you loved the Hills, Laguna is its obnoxious little sister that gave LC and Kristen their ‘big break’. GOLDEN. Kristen was a bigger brat in Laguna than she was in the Hills and LC was just my total girl crush (she still kind of is). Cannot get enough of it!

  6. Haha. I never got into the Hills but I like giving my brain a holiday by watching old gold. My husband doesn’t understand and questions why I don’t watch smarter things. I tell him (tongue in cheek) that he must not exercise his brain enough and that’s why he needs to watch smarter TV!! Old re-runs and fave chick flicks get me in a zen state every time!

  7. The Hills was great trashy fun. But that’s a bit of a creepy painting there Beth with that big head watching the couple from outside the window. “The Hills” became “The Hills Have Eyes”. Lol 😀

  8. Lauren @fairview_farmhouse says

    Takes me back to our double fronted terrace in Port Melbourne when it was just my husband and I. We used to belt out that theme song! Hahahaha The only really trashy show we ever watched together. Apart from Whitney’s spin off “The City”. We named our first born some Spencer who is nearly 7 years old. ‘Nuff said! My husband loved Spencer, prior to him being a turd to Heidi and all those weird crystals. He was a cool cat back in the day my husband thought and we loved the name.
    Our second child is Addison. My other trashy tv show came into its own there, Grey’s Anatomy.

    Please be assured that our other kids are not named after tv show characters and D grade reality tv stars! ??

  9. Oh The Hills. I loved it, and still love a catch up now and then 🙂

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