I make my gin and tonic a certain way. It’s the way I make it each and every time, and I am very particular about the order and the ingredients. I take my Riedel stemless wine glass (frankly these are only good for gin and have no place for wine. For wine, give me a stem any day). I must have at LEAST 4 cubes of ice – sometimes 5 – ice is a good thing. More gin than the standard nip (I call it creative licence) a dash of lime cordial, Schweppes Indian Tonic Water (no NOT waste your time on that cheap Aldi stuff, it’s shit) a squeeze of fresh lemon and a lemon CHEEK. I give it a mix and I drink it. This is the order. This is the way it is. And, for me, the whole process is very pleasant.

I was in the car the other day listening to someone talk about a study that had been completed studying the notion of ritual. People were given the same say, jelly bean (I can’t remember now what it was) with half the participants asked to do a certain number of steps (say unwrap it, place it on a plate, turn it three times etc) and the others not. The people who went through the ‘ritual’ enjoyed the item up to 50% more.

It got me thinking about the rituals we create for ourselves with our own day-to-day stuff. Preparing a pot of tea. Soup. Dinner for someone who we love. Making a bed. Setting the cushions just so. Drawing the blinds at night, lighting candles. A process of steps that we ALWAYS follow – that bring pleasure and joy to what could be a menial task.

I know I do this with many things I do in any given day: The way I make my bed each day. The sheets this way, the doona that, the throw placed THUSLY. The way I make my tea. The way I will set a table, place some flowers, light a candle. Ritual is something that we automatically do, but means something to us. Intriguing don’t you think?

I’d love to know about your rituals?
An order of things that happen before you log into your computer?
A special way to make something?
A process that just HAS to be followed in that order?
Ritual sounds so much better than OCD don’t you think?


  1. I have way to many ‘rituals’ to list here. The way I make the bed, the order I hang the washing on the clothesline with matching coloured pegs, the things I must do and check before I leave the house etc, etc, etc. I won’t bore you with them all but have to say that I love that you are calling them ‘rituals’ and not OCD. Makes me feel of sound mind or at least happy to know I am not the only one with a process addiction.

  2. I worked in a hotel/golf club bar 18 years ago and a golfer who used to frequent it worked for United Distilleries, who make Gordons. He taught us (the bar staff), to fill a tall glass 2/3 full with ice, rub lime (or lemon) around the rim of the glass, pour a double measure (60ml) of gin in the glass, squeeze the wedge of lime in before chucking the wedge in, add tonic to the top and stir with a mixing stick…then drink. Yumo and I still make mine like that!!

  3. I must have pillows a certain way and the kettle handle a certain way. I also make tea in a ritualistic fashion and my toast in the morning – butter to the edges people. x

  4. Melanie Ann Tarr says

    Ritual is extremely important! It follows the rhythm of the day when the kids are younger. Ritual creates security and bonds. Yes it also attaches meaning to things. With the predominance of the nuclear family in Australia – “ritual” concerns me. It grounds an individual and a family.


  5. MotherDownUnder says

    I love a good G and T. I am not picky and often prefer someone to make one for me and bring it to me…as long as it is giny and icy and lemony I am happy. I do agree though the Schweppes is the only way to go in terms of tonic.
    I need my tea to be filled to the top! I feel robbed of some soothing sips if the cup is not filled all the way.
    And I much prefer the term ritual to OCD…I will be adopting that term for sure.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s funny I NEVER finish a cup of tea. It’s some weird thing I have but there is always some left at the bottom. ALWAYS.

  6. Gail Virgona says

    I was explaining the concept of a ritual to my 6 year old son yesterday. We have a ritual on Friday nights after school. Afternoon tea quick quick. Kids on the couch. Close the blinds, kids movie on at 4.30pm, wine for me, home made pizza on their laps, more wine for mummy. We call it Friday Night Movie Night. Great way to avoid tired Friday melt downs.
    And in winter, I love lighting the fire, closing the blinds and having a wine while the kids eat dinner. Says end of the day to me and helps me feel good about witching hour.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That sounds PUZACTLY like our Friday nights. We call them Family movie nights and they are just about the BEST way to see in the start of the weekend and end the hard working/School week!

      • Gail Virgona says

        Aren’t they great? My wise old owl mumma suggested them when Luca started prep and was dropping his bundle every Friday night. Got us through prep and now it’s just about the best time of the week. Oh and french toast on Sat morning.

    • ahoy.jenni says

      And why had I not thought of this?? Great idea!

  7. Reannon Hope says

    Every night before bed I must check all locks, even if Tim has locked them it puts my mind at ease physically doing it.
    I must shower in the morning, cleanse face in shower & once out go through the routine of face & body moisturizer – rosehip oil, arms, legs & back to face- then deodorant. Always in that order.
    When I eat I always take a bit of everything on the plate on the fork at once.
    Writing that all I’m not sure if its ritual or OCD lol!

  8. Debbie Freitag says

    Awesome and thought provoking post. I never really thought about any rituals I may have and thought I didn’t have any. But when I got home after work today I realized I have an after work ritual. I take off my work clothes, climb on my bed, watch a little news and read some blogs. After a little de-stressing I get dinner started.
    I’m especially grateful for your Gin and Tonic idea. We’re spending the weekend at a friends lakehouse and now I know what my drink for the weekend will be. You made it sound so delicious.

  9. crazyspeedylove says

    My fridge – I have to have everything in it’s right place. My sister in-law loves coming over to move my butter…Ritual OR OCD?

  10. ahoy.jenni says

    Gee after reading the comments there’s a few OCD’s out there huh!
    Being brought up by an OCD/aspergian mum and now raising two kids with Down syndrome (otherwise known as OCD but very happy syndrome) I am so not OCD!!
    Guess my best ritual at the moment is telling hubby I am going to study and reading blogs for an hour before I actually start study….

  11. Mr Smags and I have a wake up ritual. My alarm goes off, I hit snooze for 5 mins, he spoons me, it goes off again, I spoon him for 5 mintues, then I get up. He really freaks out if we ruin this ritual. I like my going to bed ritual too. Clean the house, dishwasher on, face cream, eye drops, eye mask, sleep.

  12. Judi McCowen says

    I’ve always wanted to taste a gin and tonic, it sounds so posh! So when I shopped my groceries today I included a bottle of schweppes Indian tonic water and some lime cordial. I then popped into the local bottleshop and grabbed me a bottle of good quality gin.
    I followed your directions for making the G & T and as I write this I’m sipping on it. It has to be the nicest alcoholic drink I have ever had.
    I lived on a cattle station in north west Queensland for more than 30 years and the drink of flavour out there was definitely rum and coke. I still enjoy it but I think the G & T will now take preference. Thank you Beth for posting your recipe.
    I wonder how many I can have without becoming an alcoholic.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Judi! LOVED your comment and so glad you enjoyed the drink. You’ve a while to go yet, so enjoy a few this summer! 🙂

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