Solving the big issues: Paper giant

Last week saw the historical change of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age from broadsheet printing to tabloid format. The times have a changed and in order to keep these publications from disappearing all together, the smaller format and dramatically decreased costs of printing will see them still in print form…for a little while longer. Who knows for how long though…

While this is all good and well for the commuter who now has more room on the train, I had a serious and heated conversation with dinner guests last week about what the demise of the broadsheet really means for you and me.

How are we really going to get a good pass the parcel wrapped at the next Birthday party? I have struggled with the local tabloid versions down here and I’m telling you…it’s not easy! Some poor child is going to miss out on pre big present chocolate or other small gift because it just cannot handle the bulk!

What about when we move? You cannot properly wrap your crystal in a tabloid format. No really, you just can’t. How about wrapping the fine bone china saucers? HUH?

Fish and chips? Scallops? Has anyone thought about THAT? I didn’t think so.

Lighting a fire? Firelighters are just going to have to come into play a little more I think. What about when it’s been raining, and there’s just not enough KINDLING?

What else have I missed? I know there must be more.
Do you miss the broadsheet?
Were you a master folder/reader on the train like my step dad? He did it like NOBODIES business.


  1. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    Funnily enough I went to a market research session on the downsizing of the SMH….they wasted their time on me. I only ever read the weekend pullout sections which aren’t even broadsheet size!

  2. I’m worried about what I will wrap pass-the-parcel in..! But honestly, I actually really love the new AGE compact format! I love how clean and easy on the eye the paper is, and it’s been selling out at my local Woolies x

  3. Being able to lay my oven racks on broadsheet newspaper before spraying them with oven cleaner is the only way to go. Tabloid size just won’t cut it!

  4. I never read the newspaper except online so I am probably the wrong person to comment…but I would like to say that I miss brown paper bags! You can still get your groceries bagged in paper at home and those bags are perfect for so many things!

    • I was just thinking about them last night when I was in my Brady Bunch retrospective. Alice and those bags on the counter top! LOVED them.

  5. You just can’t get ‘good flick’ and that sound – you know the one? – with a tabloid sized paper. And the ink doesn’t rub off half way up your arm. Far too practical!

  6. Our “West Australian” has always been tabloid size. MOH buys the Weekend Australian every Saturday and I must admit I hate trying to fold it to read articles. I am hoping that too will soon shrink in size. Guess I go against the trend and prefer the smaller newspapers. Sorry!!

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