The Throne Rangers: A Podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {Ep 9}

Phew! Veggie Mama and I FINALLY got our shit together and recorded a brand new episode of The Throne Rangers and it's jam packed with post summer Royal Goodness! There's been a little break over the summer for the Royals but they are slowly and surely coming back into the spotlight from their … [Read more...]

Vanilla pep talks

It's the start of the week! And it's Spring! And my productivity levels are relatively high for a change from the months of hibernation and I am 100% going with it while it lasts because I know it won't last (at least I am realistic). And I am pretty much sure that next shop I will be adding chia … [Read more...]

Monday Meal ideas: Delicious, light, Spring food!

Good morning friends! We've woken to a frosty here this morning, and below zero temps, but it's looking like it's going to be a beautiful, sunny day out there. This time of the year is certainly a rollercoaster isn't it? One thing that I want to try to get consistent about (even though the weather … [Read more...]

Spring entertaining: Ottolenghi’s one pot roast chook with dates & capers

The sun is SHINING here today and promises to do so again tomorrow and it just feels like we've turned the corner on winter. That's a big call around these parts, especially when we have the fire on sometimes into November and even around Christmas some times, but the warm days are here. And they … [Read more...]

Cheeky mid week escape to Mt Hay Luxury Retreat

It took me all of 3 seconds to answer the lovely Louise's email asking me if I would like to come and stay at the gorgeous luxury retreat Mt Hay in Berry, but about 4 months to finally get around to booking in a date that would work for Rob and I, lining up someone to look after the kids, you know … [Read more...]

This Spring why don’t you…

Spring is here my friends (in the southern hemisphere at least) and it feels SO good doesn't it? We are being treated this week with a touch of warmer weather too and my GOODNESS does it feel SO good to be outside with the sunshine on your back, ankles exposed and the afternoon starting to stretch … [Read more...]

Maintenance Monday: The quick clean

You guys would see me using this phrase for the last few years (ok, more like 6 or so) to sum up the stuff that goes down around these parts most Mondays. I don't know what it is about a Monday that makes me so productive, maybe it's the laziness (yeah right) of the weekend but when that Monday … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Some great cakes

Good morning friends! The sun is shining and we have just put Daisy on the bus for camp until Friday so I'm feeling a little lost really. You know what that means right? CAKE. I will bake a cake today for sure. Here are some of my faves to get you going... Orange cake with candied fennel … [Read more...]

Holidays and kids and expectations

I have long admitted my problem with expectations and the frustrations I have when they are not met. I think I first wrote about back in 2014 when the kids were a little smaller, and I was a little younger I suppose. I definitely think that they have dropped somewhat since then. Maybe it's … [Read more...]

Full Maggie Update: 3 years, 3 months

Do you remember the last update I gave you about Mags? It was a tale of tantrums and toddler meltdowns, of despair and frustration and so many tears (from both of us). Well here we are 6 weeks later and I cannot begin to tell you what a different kid we have on our hands. I always think that … [Read more...]

Solving the Big issues: Retro comfort classic

I blame the weather (thankfully it's WET as well as cold here so far this week), but I cannot stop eating. ALL of the things. Actually, maybe it's the fact that I have been a bit off my game this year (my confidence has been lower than normal) that I have just been a bit meh all bloody year. I … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting

How was your Father's Day yesterday? We had a very quiet one here at home, nothing fancy but a nice family lunch, some playing out in the sunshine and some fried chicken. Not a bad combo I say! The chicken I made was this recipe but I used boneless thigh fillets. It wasn't as crispy as I … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Easy, delicious & quick pasta

Good morning friends. Here we are AGAIN. How does it happen? I had the Sunday night blues baaaaaad last night - it's just that all of a sudden it's Friday night and then you blink and it's Sunday night. How?! HOW I ASK YOU. Anyway, here we are, time to buck up and get on with it. Here's some ideas … [Read more...]

Ever closer: Chewy sultana biscuit perfection

Now you know I have been on the search for the M&S Sultana biscuit look alike since my mate brought me back a packet from London recently. I tried with these a week or so ago, but I wasn't entirely happy with the texture. I got a comment from a reader saying that I should check out Ottolenghi's … [Read more...]

Mr & Mrs Munro have a new studio!

If you've been around here for some time you would know all about one of my best friends down here, the talented Mrs Munro. Brooke is such a talented artist and maker, for those of you who may be new around here this video should help you catch up. Burrawang DnA Festival Exhibitor - Brooke … [Read more...]

Every little thing

I don't know all that much about being married. I know that we spend a lot of time talking about bills, and scheduling diaries and not all that much laying in bed together, holding hands, talking of dreams and goals and generally being besotted with each other. It's not that we aren't besotted … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Country Classics

Good morning friends and a very happy Monday morning to you! Hope you all had a great weekend. On Friday morning I was lucky enough to have Sophie from Local is Lovely come and record a podcast at my kitchen bench - what a treat! This series of podcasts from My Open Kitchen are sponsored by the CWA … [Read more...]

Some ways I beat the mid winter blues

I just had a trawl through my blog and it seems that EVERY year at around this time, I seem to get the mid winter blues. Huh. Well, it's mid for us down here because we really don't seem to see a change in the weather and temperatures until at least mid to late October. The endless fires and ash and … [Read more...]

Reader recipe: A versatile & delicious Yoghurt Cake

You know what I love? Getting emails from you guys! I get all kinds of ones: requests for recipes or help with cooking or menu planning for a party you might be holding. Asking about taking the plunge for another kid, making a tree change, following up something I posted a while back or just a … [Read more...]

Maggie, her dummies and Maybelle the fairy

If there's one thing Maggie loves, its her dummies. It's been a passionate love affair from the first night in the hospital when I was SO out of practice with a crying, unsettled, just born baby that a dummy was given to her when I was delirious and she finally settled and slept with it. Sweet … [Read more...]