Life at 45 and 3(ish) weeks

3 weeks ago I turned 45. How odd, considering I feel much younger. Perhaps that will always be the way now. I'll feel the same inside even though my face and body will tell me differently. The same way the years seem to go so much faster now. The way when I look at my parents now, and I see … [Read more...]

My blog is sweet 16 today!

Today, my blog turns 16. SIXTEEN. Have I ever done anything continually for as long, besides eat custard tarts? It's hard to say. But here we are, 16 years, 3,550 posts and 73,824 comments later. Still. Here. Thanks for still being here. Truly. Amazing really isn't it? I know that I … [Read more...]

Renovators, mount up!

It was a clear black night. A clear white moon...oh hang on. So, I have an update for you guys. Nothing too dramatic, but exciting! Slash exhausting. But mostly exciting! We are renovating our home! It’s been years in the planning and will take 9 months or so (probs a year right I am discovering … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting

We’ve finally had some sunny weather. The kind of days that make you feel grateful just to be alive and in them. Glorious sunrises, late and freezing, with frosts and rising mists on the washing and trees as the sun hits. Sunsets that stretch from 3pm until dusk at 5, clouds rushing through the … [Read more...]

Roasted Vegetable Lasagne

Now I do have an old recipe for Vegetarian lasagne from many MANY moons ago but I have started to make a different version that I thought I better get onto the blog. This one is an easy/almost cheat version that I can whip up on a week night that makes everyone happy. I have a reel on Insta you can … [Read more...]

Lucy turned 40!

It's been a big month of birthdays in our family...we have had Dots, then Mum then Rob and Maggie and ending of course with the big 4 0 for Lucy last week! This was such a special occasion for us...the baby of our (grown up family). We celebrated her birthday on Thursday with lunch with Mum and … [Read more...]

Maggie is now 7!

First she was one: Then two. Then three. Then four. Then five. Then six. And now, well she's seven. SEVEN! Sweet Maggie turned 7 last month and we celebrated our special girl on the day with a simple family gathering and then a few weeks later we had … [Read more...]

Mum turned 70!

May is a big month of celebrations for our family with so many fabulous Taureans to love and honour. We has perhaps the biggest of all with Mum's 70th at the start last month. All of my family (brother and two sisters) and kids (except two that couldn't make it) together for the first time in over 3 … [Read more...]

Our family trip to Uluru-Kata Tjuta

I didn’t even let myself think about planning for this trip until the day that we left for the airport hotel. I was CERTAIN that one of the family would get covid and that all the plans would go into a spin and if I didn’t think it would go ahead, that it actually might. Which may have been the … [Read more...]

Long Lunch 2022

This is the first of these exclusive long lunches I have seen my brother, sister and cousins be a part of each year. I think they started them 4 or 5 years ago now, each year they choose an amazing restaurant, go our for a long lunch and celebrate life just because. It's like everyone's birthday all … [Read more...]

Easter 2022

For the second year in a row we were able to head to the beach for Easter as we are usually at home with village market commitments but thanks to the terrible weather and damage to our local roads, they were cancelled for the 3rd year in a row and so we got to escape to the beach for the long … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting: March

When you look back on the month that was March 2022 you can't help but be relieved that it's over. But looking out my window from my office this afternoon at pouring down rain and an icy wind that makes it feel like 10 degrees it seems about right that it's seeing the month out, just as it began. … [Read more...]

Iso 2.0

Clocking out of day 17 of iso for us this year...tomorrow we will be free again, until the next time when we are not. Poor Daisy went down this time (Harper, Maggie and I still to fall at some stage) and she missed out on a big trip to Sydney she was really looking forward to. Rob thankfully was … [Read more...]

One pot wonder: pasta

Now there's one thing I have cooking a lot of lately and that's these one pot wonder pastas. They are quick and easy, because you are roasting there's a good depth of flavour and the possibilities are endless for what you can make. Meatless, or with a good quality sausage or chorizo they have become … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting: February

It's been a busy month and a bit since my last blog post - I have to apologise for the lack of content on here. It's not for lack of motivation I just cannot seem to make the time to sit down and write and share like I once did. Frustrating for me (and you, maybe?) but today I promised myself that I … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Roast to the rescue

Good morning friends! Hope all is well in your world this morning. We have our full second week of the school term ahead, Rob away for a shoot for a few days and really getting back into the swing of things with's all happening again. Last week I rolled a few roast meats - not the standard … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting: The summer holiday edition

Well hello you. How are you? It's been a little while so thought I better let you know what we have been up to, in between of school holidays, Covid isolations, work and now back to school. I made a little reel about it all earlier in the week when I was feeling nostalgic that they are over for … [Read more...]

A slow start to the year at the farm

No time we look forward to more as a family is when we head to the farm after Christmas to the start of the new year. This was the 17th time we have done it in fact, Rob and I counted them. 2004 the first when the house was being built just before our wedding in 2005. We missed one in 2008/9 when we … [Read more...]

Christmas 2021

We have had a roving week of never ending feasts, drinks and catch ups with everyone in the family (missing our Melbourne family) and seeing Sue at the farm tomorrow...but it's been a LOT. A messy, wonderful, exhausting time of being fortunate enough to see people we love and be together. After the … [Read more...]

Friend’s Christmas Dinner 2021

You guys this is one of my favourite nights of the WHOLE year and didn't we deserve it more than ever this year!  It was late in the season and not everyone was able to be there which was a shame and a last minute wet weather change of location from Mrs Munro's to our place but we pulled it … [Read more...]