Moments to remember: July

One of the things that I loved the most about the last book club book (I will be choosing another one later this week I promise!) was the way that Hilary, who was dying of cancer was taking in the small moments in time before she knew she was going to die. Those simple moments: whether it was … [Read more...]

Winter holidaze

We are enjoying a very s   l   o   w  pace here this second week of the holidays. The washing line is 80% pyjamas as that's all we have been wearing. There have been hour long baths, baking, TV show bingeing, sitting in the sunshine, snipping daphne, waiting for bulbs, reading, so much eating, … [Read more...]

Postcard: the last little bit

One of my mates on Instagram yesterday commented that she can't remember seeing me as chilled out as I have been on this trip and I think she may be right. I've been so happy all the family together (while trips OS to NY certainly are special to me so long as we are all together I am happiest). … [Read more...]

Frank is now 3!

Our little black ball of loveliness Frank turns 3 today! Happy Birthday mate! Of course because we are away the girls Facetimed him this morning to say hello and you know, watch him scratch himself etc...but here he is 3 years later and well and truly part of the family. I never really … [Read more...]

Postcard: Cousin catch up time!

We arrived to my sister's place where I have some happy girls on my hands. There are cousins! And toys! And room to just chill out and hang after a few days on the road. And for me there's my sister! And Prosecco! And home cooked meals (last night she trotted out a chicken parma and apple crumble … [Read more...]

Postcard: Highlands to Beechworth then Daylesford

Here we are settled into our second motel for the beautiful but CHILLY Daylesford. My word the chill has set in the past few days...everywhere it seems but definitely here in Victoria where it was -6.9 degrees. We left home later than we had planned (of course when you get overexcited … [Read more...]

Road tripp’n: Victoria July 2017

We recently did an exercise in a group of having to remember our best childhood memories. There was a big group of adults from their 30's to 50's and each and every one had simple things: home cooked meals, movie nights at home or for me, road trips with my family most school holidays. These have to … [Read more...]

Things I like {The Colour edition}

The icy wind blowing a gale outside isn't much to get excited about, but you know what? There's only 1 day of school left, then it's holidays! Besides that, there is plenty to like around these parts as we soak up the peace before the storm of 2 extra kids back home! Here's what I am liking this … [Read more...]

The lost treasure

Do you remember when you got your engagement ring? Always a big occasion isn't it? And how about the incidental use of the left hand for EVERYTHING once you've got it on your paw? The brushing of the hair away with your left hand. The touching of your face, the putting your hand awkwardly in a photo … [Read more...]

Cold weekends filled with flannelette and fires

Here we are flip side of another weekend, wondering how they go by so quickly. Or is that just me? I am so glad that we have just this week to go before there is a bit of a break for the girls. Everyone is a little sick and very tired, and just want to lay around in pj's. I SO get it. This … [Read more...]

The take back

Last week I had a meeting up in the Big Smoke for some great upcoming work I have with Bupa. You might remember some of the stuff we did with them last year about the first 1000 days of being a parent, I'm excited about developing this further in the next few months and talking about just how … [Read more...]

I am

I recently did one of those Ancestry DNA tests where you spit into a container, send it off and a few months later it comes back with where your ancestry comes from. Have you done one? It's quite interesting I think, it came back with no surprises from me, backing up where I thought my family had … [Read more...]

Sunny Sunday celebrations

Yesterday we celebrated my dear Step father's 70th birthday. Saturday night I was sitting on the couch and shared a few words about how important he is to me, and to all of us and I was amazed at the response it had. Here's what I shared with a simple snap on Instagram... "My Mum met my Step dad … [Read more...]

Get some Hygge in your home

Do you guys know about Hygge? It might look a little like this: Well to me at least. It's a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Pronounced “hoo-guh,” the word is said to have no direct … [Read more...]

The best of the June long weekends

Here we are at the start of the June long weekend. One of my favourites in the whole year and always a big one in the village. For years now the ball always falls on the Saturday night of the long weekend, with the fireworks on the Sunday night and it always means that we have had a house full of … [Read more...]

Everyone’s a winner with BRINNER!

Last week I had one of "those" afternoons. Or maybe it was a stretch of days. Who knows when you have a 2 year old around. All I do know is that by 4.55pm it was dinner time, the kids were circling and I had NO idea what we were cooking for dinner, or how in fact I had created 3 extra humans that … [Read more...]

Winter is no longer coming, it’s here

Just like that. It's June! I know, I keep thinking it's mid March some time. But apparently May has come and gone and I can prove that it did, indeed, happen. There were some cute kids that turned 2. One slightly more feral than the other. So many great royal moments in fact. So … [Read more...]

Weekends filled with good things

I'll tell you something for nothing, weekends go waaaay too quickly. Especially busy ones, like the one that we just had, as it was jam packed with good things. So many good things! Like this gorgeous bunch of flowers I picked up Friday morning for a mate...nothing this frustrated florist likes … [Read more...]


It's Friday afternoon and the day looks like this. Goes alright by me. I have my gold kicks on from NYC. And a bear ring on my finger. There's prolific pansy flowering happening on my side verandah. And the cyclamens out the front look happy and graceful. The … [Read more...]

Sunshiny Autumn mornings & date scones

How's this autumn weather at the moment? At home it has been SO good (despite a little extra wind yesterday blowing some cooler temps our way) but for the next week it's all sunshine, blue skies, warm days of 15 degrees and cooler at night. Ideal conditions for growing gardens, washing clothes and … [Read more...]