Mattress toppers

I was having one of my lengthy phone conversations in the car with my Mum the other day – dissecting the important matters in our lives when we stumbled across a goldmine of a conversation…regarding the mattress topper! It went a little like this:

(Mum to me) “Darl, have you got a mattress topper?”
“No, what’s a mattress topper? Topper is a funny word don’t you think? TOPPER!”
“Well,  I would have thought you would be across such matters given your linen expertise. Lucy was telling me about it and I’ve been reading about toppers so on the weekend we decided to go into Target and see if they had any toppers, and they did, so we got a topper!”
“Topper! What’s it like?”
“Darl, two words: GAME CHANGER.”

And so on and so forth, with me interjecting with the word topper! Like that dog in Up who says “Squirrel!” And then of course straight to Target and Bed Bath & Table to see if I could grab an elusive topper. No luck so as soon as I got home I got online and here I am a week later with a topper in my hands!


Now a topper, you might be asking, is like a fluffy, cloud like mattress protector. From what I can see a kind of doona between the mattress and the fitted sheet which provides extra comfort and I suppose warmth. Looks like it protects the mattress even more as well. They can be foam, or micro fibre. They can be washed and they can range in prices from cheap as chips to FANCY PANTS hotel quality – you can find them almost anywhere you buy donnas and sheets from (Target, BIG W, Bed, Bath & Table, Pillow Talk, I love Linen etc).

I am yet to sleep on mine as it’s just been picked from the post office, but you can bet your arse I have ordered another one for the guest bedroom. Mum is a fan, my little sister has DOUBLE topper on their king size bed. From memory I think my Dad and Step Mum embraced an IKEA topper years ago now.

IMG_6021 IMG_6022 IMG_6026 IMG_6027 IMG_6029

Mattress toppers…have you embraced them and are they the best things that’s happened to your sleeping arrangement since, I don’t know, the invention of the fitted sheet? Are we onto the next big game changer?

Full reporting to follow from me of course…

And because I know someone may ask:
Bottom Green sheets are from Anthropologie.
Yellow Pillow cases are from Fictional Objects.
Red polka dot pillow cases are from Pop by Sheridan.
Doona cover is from Bed, Bath & Table.


  1. Sally Boyle says

    Haven’t tried a “topper”, but my linen sheets arrived yesterday; clean sheet day tomorrow…

  2. I am going to sleep better tonight just knowing that you are going to sleep better tonight and am looking forward to tomorrow’s “HOW HAVE I LIVED FOR xx YEARS AND NOT KNOWN!” post. Enjoy!

  3. How has the topper passed you by? We have the most divine wool topper that we turn seasonally and it is fantastic. We purchased ours after a topper experience (cloud bed!) on our honeymoon – spent some of the wedding dosh and we haven’t looked back!

  4. Carla Moulds says

    Where did you get your topper online? It looks so fluffy.

  5. Love my mattress topper! Hate when it has to be washed and takes more than the day to get it back on. My body misses it dearly at night.
    On the topic of bedding do you think at some stage you could do a post on “preparing for guests”?

  6. Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo says

    If you are a thermonuclear power station like I am you will save that topper until winter.

    And even then I need the window open.

    I ADORE our topper (and I am sure it will be even more luxurious on my new mattress) but they are a nightmare during the hot weather if you are as hot as me.


    (not really. MPS can’t go anywhere near me in summer or he drowns in sweat. So NOT sexy)

  7. We have a memory foam topper, which I think is a little more heavy duty than the one you have. I resorted to getting one as the mattresses here are so freaking hard. I bought the softest one I could find and I was still waking up with pins and needles in my arms and legs. The topper helps, it’s still very firm but not as rock hard. Occasionally when I end up in one of the girls’ beds I remember how hard my mattress is and think I should really buy them one too, but they don’t seem to mind.

  8. ok that just bored me senseless. I just can’t read you anymore!

  9. VickiShoppeGirlsBlog says

    Oh how I would love one of those mattress toppers.

  10. I’m imagining a wool one for a Melbourne winter, must see if they exist…
    As for your ‘topper!’ tourettes, you remind me of Miranda, not sure if you’ve seen her British series of the same name? Anyway, she suffers from the same word affliction & says random words she finds amusing at the camera every now & then, she’s bloody hilarious, Cheers Liz X

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I have one on my mattress but I wonder if you can put one over the top of that!I like sleeping on clouds I do!

  12. These are the best! Australian owned and made. Based in Naracoorte, South Australia.

    My mum made them for years and I have them on every single bed in the house. We live in the Riverland of SA where it is scorching hot and we use them all year around. Because they are woollen they are cool in summer and warm in winter. The link is for the premium product but they do have cheaper ones in the range.

  13. I LOVE mattress toppers. Have even purchased an extra one to take with me to a holiday unit that we stay in a couple of times a year as the bed is not as soft as I would like. There is no turning back once you’ve had a topper.

  14. Do you know when the topper really steals the show? When you have your guests sleeping on the IKEA fold out sofa and you throw that topper down, hide it under the sheets and hey presto “this the best sofa bed I’ve ever slept on”. THAT’S WHEN YOU LOVE THE TOPPER.

  15. Your mum is right – absolute game changer! Like a hotel bed every night!

  16. Aldi has one in the newest catalogue for kids beds 😉

  17. Ok I need to stop reading your blog, or I need to get back to working and not full time mummying. After reading your latest posts I NEED a food processor, gin, and now a topper. The topper might actually be a life saver. Our mattress is hideous, we both wake up like we are old crotchety fogies, hunched over and hobbling after sleeping on the mattress from hell. I actually put off going to bed at night because I hate the mattress so much. Get another mattress, I hear you yell, but we will wait until we have built our house and move, and then hopefully get a decent mattress. In the mean time, this topper of which you type about might just be the game changer I need. Now that would really TOP my night off!

  18. Yvonne Duke says

    Love our King Size mattress topper from Lorraine Lea……but it doesn’t fit in my washing machine !!!!

  19. We have a topper on the spare room bed. Its a foam and bumpy and it is super comfy. I actually dont mind when I have to leave my bed and sleep in the spare room.

  20. Oh my god my mattress topper changed EVERYTHING. Of course, that could be because I’m currently using an ancient mattress stooged from an ex-boyfriend that is ALL SPRINGS BABY. Apparently the next bed I have lined up is super-comfy but I’m still gonna rock that topper. If for no other reason than so I can roll around making all sort of topper puns.

  21. Wow. I need to get on this bandwagon. Pronto.

  22. Sally Boyle says

    about those linen sheets, I love them, and they’re on sale at temple and webster…


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