Go-To skincare: 3 weeks in

This is not a sponsored post…I ponied up the cold hard cash for all the products myself but wanted to share how things were going with it….3 weeks in.

You’ll remember a few weeks ago now I said that I was going to try out Zoe’s skincare range (Go-To) as I was officially getting old, the supermarket moisturiser I had been using since I was 13 was no longer cutting it, I had a bad case of perioral dermatitis and was generally looking 73 years older than I should be.

So 3 weeks ago I had a delivery of products arrived and I was determined to try and see if I could turn my skin around. I had heard amazing things about these products, namely that they were an Australian skin care company, it’s no fuss good stuff made with natural and cruelty free products. Plus I just kind of wanted to look like Zoe. A bridge too far perhaps?!

Here’s what I got:


Very Useful Face Cream $41
Super Balm Lips $15
Face Hero face oil $45
Properly Clean foaming cleanser $31
Exfoliating Swipeys $46

I got them all bundled together in this pack called THE LOT for $244. Yep, I was going to take this seriously. It’s about bloody time!

So every day morning and every night I have been washing with the foam cleanser, smothering my face in the oil (following instructions of course) and using the useful face cream. I’ve been giving the lips a good balm whenever I remember and using the exfoliating swiper things about twice a week (as recommended) and especially when I have been wearing make up.


There have been some nights when I have fallen asleep on the couch (I blame blankets and winter and wine and having a baby) so they were skipped. But I have been trying REALLY hard to be good. Because I paid cold hard cash and SOMETHING had to give with my rotten skin.

The Verdict?

I am loving myself sick. Well sort of.

You see I have my period. There’s a full moon. I’ve just turned 39. I have 3 kids, one of which is still a baby. It’s the end of winter so I am a bit chubby and it’s so cold here and everything is DRY. My perioral dermatitis has flared up again (I had a facial last week which I probably shouldn’t have and I have to suck it up and see my GP and get antibiotics for it once and for all) so I’m pretty much looking a bit shit.


If it wasn’t for all that stuff I tell you what? I would be GLOWING. My skin (except for the PD around my mouth and nose) is the best it has EVER been. It’s soft and do I believe my sister even used the word SUPPLE. There’s something I haven’t heard for a VERY long time. Like 38 years. It just feels healthy. It looks good and I can happily spend the day without any make up on because it just looks so much better and not dry.

I have heard that it takes a few weeks to adjust to a new skin regime. I threw in a facial into the mix of it, plus this god awful PD. But if I didn’t have those things going for me I would be officially loving myself sick. Fully.

No filter. No nothing. Just old age and tiredness and 3 daughters.


And once I get those antibiotics that helped last time I am hoping that soon enough I will feel even better and more confident. There’s nothing like bad skin to make you feel self conscious and shithouse.


I’ll report back in another 3 weeks and see how it’s going. In any case I feel like a grown up having matching skin products AND a little procedure that I follow every day. PLUS once the skin is clean and I whack on a Snapchat filter I look practically 37. It’s awesome.

Do any of you guys use these products?
How do you find it?
Anyone else suffering from this GOD AWFUL PD? I am SO over it. Make it STOP. No wonder I keep eating baked goods.


  1. carohutchison says

    Oh Beth I think I’ve got PD too – a little patch of redness/bumps on the side of the mouth. Have had it on and off for about three years, tried cortisone cream and anti fungal and they don’t work. Perhaps I should go to the GP too, do the anitbiotics work for you?

    • I would go see a professional and see what they think…I know that Cortisone cream is the worst for PD as it flares it up and I tried the anti fungal and it’s not made any difference either. SO annoying. I’ve had this for about 4 months now and am SO over it. The antibiotics worked last time for me (had to have 2 rounds though)…let’s see how I go 2 years on!

      • They used to make a prescription only cream called Eryacne. It worked wonders for me. Unfortunately it was taken off the market and they have replaced it with another lotion. No where near as good (Eryacne was antibiotic and anti-inflammatory) I’ve been told to go to a compounding pharmacist armed with the Eryacne ingredients list and they will make it up. Just haven’t got there yet.
        Steroid cream do not work and exacerbate it.

  2. So I still use a foaming facial cleanser from the supermarket, I do get a good moisturiser but haven’t got a good face washing routine. I have sensitive skin and everything I try just GIVES me spots and bad skin. But one day I too shall have to grow up and be kinder to my epidermis! I’ve seen a bit of stuff on IG from other bloggers who rate this, looks like you’re leading the charge!

  3. Beth i also suffer from perioral dermatitis and i was wondering what antibotics you are prescribed??
    I would love some relief from it… damn winter..!!!

    • I have NO idea Sarah – sorry! It’s been over 2 years since I last had it and I have tried everything this time to avoid them but I’m desperate now…so over looking terrible. I am so self conscious with it! Always helps when people comment on it too!

  4. I ordered recently too and lost almost the whole bottle of face oil in my toiletry bag When away for a night. Devastation! Waiting for bottle two to arrive. Hear such positive e things about this stuff – looking forward to giving it a good go.

  5. I didn’t quite have the coin for ‘the lot’, but I forked out recently for the wash, moisturiser and lips…for pretty much the same reasons you did (aside from PD). Since having my 3rd Bub at Xmas, I haven’t really worn makeup (who has time for that?!) and I must say, actually properly cleaning (pun!) my face in the morning I can still really feel the difference! As the day progresses I can literally feel my skin getting clogged with the environment, oils, food being smashed in my face by the baby etc etc, so I figure the stuff must be working. Will slowly buy my way in to the whole range, but figure, at least I’m making a start right!

  6. Love my Go-To Swipeys and Face Hero oil.

  7. Treena Nelson says

    You look fabulous. In the last 4 weeks I’ve had a breakout, ok acne, like a 14 year old boy. Im 41. It’s horrendous and I don’t understand what I did to deserve it apart from coming off birth control. It has definitely made me depressed and my self confidence has taken a big hit. I can not leave the house without make up or I get people staring. Or I’m paranoid. Anyway. I’m using proactive but it’s not really doing what it says in the ads. And I’m a good three weeks in. I may give go-to a go!

  8. Started using the cleanser and face cream just over a week ago. I love it, it’s the best my skin has been in years. I suffer from subcutaneous dermatitis which flares up with stress and is always worse in winter. It was the worst it’s been when a started using go-to. I looked like Rudolph with my bright red sore looking nose. But, no more flakey skin and the redness is all but gone. Definitely more supple and I am hoping in a few weeks I will look 39 rather than my recently turned 40! A few days ago I ordered the face hero and lip balm. I feel like an actual grown up now because I also just used to buy face stuff from the supermarket!

  9. Ok I think you’ve sold me! I’ve been weighing up whether or not to cough up! Can I ask what antibiotics cleared things up last time? Mine is out of CONTROL – Jesus-take-the-wheel-style – and I’m so done. High fives, you’re looking awesome!

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your skin looks great Beth ,glad you’re loving the range I haven’t tried it…. Yet!

  11. I did a Go-To order for the first time today, literally an hour before I read your post!!! I get Eczema on my face at the ripe old age of 30, usually when I am super stressed and run down (totally helps with your confidence!) so fingers crossed it will work for me too, your skin is looking fab Beth!

  12. Well I’ve been on the bandwagon for quite a while now – I do admit to a serious Zoe crush *ahem ? Her newsletters are gold themselves! I adore her products and have even handed some over to my teen cause her poor face is a bit of a hormonal mess 🙁 Can’t wait for your next update and hope you get the other issue sorted ASAP x

  13. So good to read I’m not the only one fed up with crappy skin as a grown up. I turn 40 next month and have recently had a bad breakout along the jawline which I put down to stress. I use the properly clean mousse which I love and the lips but didn’t have the funds to fork out for the lot. I’m getting an Aesop facial tomorrow which I hope might offer me some guidance. You are looking fabulous.

  14. Definitely get the antibiotics. Apparently very common in middle aged women. I suffered for a few years and went from one doctor to another trying to find some answers. I ended up on a very low dose antibiotic (I can’t remember the name of it) which I had to take for around 6 months but it ended up doing the trick. Apparently long and slow is what you need.

    • Yes I had success with it a few years ago…stopping breastfeeding seems to have started this last round (hormones. Bloody hormones!)

  15. Oh I feel for you with PD, I had a ridiculously bad episode with it last summer (your winter) & was misdiagnosed 3 times & prescribed steroid creams. It spread so much & was all down my neck at one point too. It was so painful & unsightly.
    I eventually saw a brilliant doctor who knew what it really was & I got an antibiotic solution to put on. It cleared it up so quickly & thankfully (touch wood, cross fingers etc) it has not returned. At least if it does I will know how to treat it.
    In the meantime I ought to up my skincare game!

  16. Love those products, have converted my daughter (20) but on her apprentice wage I am paying :). There is now the foam cleanser for men too! Great products!

  17. I’ve been loving on Go-Too HARD for a while now. Even bought the hubby some Bro-To and Face Cream for Fathers Day. I have SUCH sensitive skin but this stuff does nothing but amazing things for it.

  18. I bought the GO-To cream and lip pack a few weeks ago and loved it so much I bought the face wash and face hero oil last week and my 45 year old skin feels the best it’s been in years!!
    I completed the Sydney City to Surf last weekend and my pasty white face got a little ‘sun kissed’, even with sunscreen! I used the Face hero oil that night and the next day the redness had gone! Love it x

  19. I love the Face Hero oil!
    I was a rose-hip oil user before Go-To but this takes it to the next level.
    The packaging kills me – it’s so pretty! I love getting an order.

  20. I’m glad you like the range Beth. I too have sensitive skin and started using the Go To range about 8 months ago. Initially it took a while for my skin to adjust but now I am absolutely IN LOVE with this range. My skin feels fresh and full of moisture.
    I thought pimples were supposed to stop after your teens (Clearly not! Argh!) but I mostly only get hormonal ones now. I’m so scared of the time I need to go off the pill, I think my face will be one big pimple, but hopefully the Go-To will help with that at the time! I think you’ll notice even more improvement as the weeks go by! x

  21. Argh, I’ve been wanting to try this, I LOVE hearing a good review! I’ve recently picked up the Aldi version of the Clarisonic and it’s been life (skin!) changing, so I’m hoping to get some nice products to go along with it and see if I can improve my skin further. And eventually get a real Clarisonic and feel like a total grown up!

  22. Suzie Richetti says

    Perfect timing baby. I got mine in the mail today and am taking the face oil to Bali with me for 2 weeks of serious facial hydration since I won’t be wearing any makeup except for mascara and lip gloss. Thanks for your feedback!

  23. I hear you Beth. I am 45 with 3 boys(the 2 teenagers have better skin then me!) and I have a bout of PD at the moment. Like you I put up with it for so long but am now on antibiotics and it has cleared up. I should of started them earlier as there is nothing worse than feeling self conscious about your skin. I only splurge on one beauty product and it is a foundation by By Terry. Ridiculously expensive but god it’s good. Thanks for the great review, I will give the cleanser and oil a whirl. Have a great weekend.

  24. Beth I love these products, I’m 53 and so low maintenance it’s scary I have been using this for over twelve months and supple is a good word, it smells great, the oil reminds me of my granny’s smell(that sounds bad) but I think of her every morning when I put it on. It’s all natural doesn’t make me itch and people do comment on my skin. Keep going both with the skin care and the busy life you lead it is all over to quickly. My baby boy (24) is off in India somewhere having the time of his life while his mother waits for a small ping of information on her iPad.

  25. Dear Beth,
    The news is not good. I don’t think you should be doing as much with your skin if you want to get on top of The POD. I had it over two years ago really badly i.e. wanted to rip my face off. Luckily my GP got me on the antibiotics. They cleared it up but and its was a big BUT i had to stop wearing makeup for a while and only using oil on my face to clean and moisturise. No sunscreens except the herbal one I got from the Health Food store. I event stopped using toothpaste except herbal ones. All the reading I did said sulphates, parabans, the chemicals in sunscreen and even fluoride can all trigger POD. After six months I finally got rid of the last patches I started using makeup without any sunscreen in them and normal toothpaste. I also found that the Avene skin care products are the best ones to use. They are for very sensitive skin. I can happily say I don’t have any signs now. Every now and then I will try a new foundation at the shops and I can tell by the end of the day if my skin starts to just get mildly itchy on my chin.
    So chin up love it will get better but the best way to make it go away is to stop doing to much.

  26. I don’t use this stuff but recently went to an event and got kitted out with a whole heap of products. Like you I am now on the whole regime. It does make a huge difference to the Priceline stuff!

  27. I really love the go-to cleanser and day cream but the oil made me break out in pimples, a lot! I am pregnant though and choc-o-block with hormones which may be the real reason, but either way I stopped using the oil. X

    • I think that initially you can get break outs with it – but worth sticking with. My skin is so dry now it’s been drinking it up!

  28. Feeling a little old, worn out and curious, I started googling images of perioral dermatitis. I spotted a familiar face. Baby Mac! On a website for a skin clinic in Algarve, Portugal! Did you know??


  29. “I want what she’s having!”… I can see the glow!
    It’s on my shopping list.

    You look gorge! xx

  30. I am soooooo in love with Go-to (and Zoe of course, that’s a given ?)
    It’s the best and I’m always trying to get everyone else to try it as I KNOW they’ll love it!
    And the new pinky-nudey lips is ??

  31. I love this post! My skin went into complete meltdown at the end of last year – I was pregnant with our 3rd babe, my husband had relocated to Melbourne (ahead of the rest of us) for work, I had to pack up our house to move, and organise/clean/maintain it for sale…solo, with a 4 year old and 18 month old. When we finally got to Vic in mid-Feb I had myself a facial and the gorgeous therapist recommended OCosmedics. My skin has developed an expensive addiction, but I feel better about myself than I have in 10 years. AMAZING! (I’ve also had PD. Doxycycline is what the Dr prescribed me.)

  32. Hi Beth, I also have had peri oral dermatitis on and off during the years. I had been prescribed tablets and creams that sometimes worked and not other times. Around the age of 39 I had terrible skin issues and was sure it was a symptom of some other thing going on. After lots of googling and trialling of different diets etc I finally saw an integrated GP. She suggested I go dairy free and gave me a strict list of exclusions. I have to report that it had made a huge difference. To my skin and waistline. I’m now 41. This will not be a solution for everyone but it may be worth investigating.

  33. How’s it going for you Beth? Was using my supermarket brand moisturiser this morning, realised I really need to get my act together and remembered this post. How do you find the face cream and oil? Use cream for day, oil for night? Love your stuff 🙂

    • Still really loving it but struggling with my perioral dermatitis…waiting on the antibiotics to really kick in. I use both the oil (first) and then the cream on top twice a day…my skin (other than the affected areas) have never looked better! Drinking it in!

      • Suzie Richetti says

        I used the face hero whilst on holiday and loved it but the one that was the biggest surprise for me was the very useful face cream that I received as a sample with my order. Beautifully hydrating for my old pelle!!

  34. Zoe Foster Blake says

    BETH! I realise I am about 729 years late to this post, but WHAT A POST IT IS.

    Thank you so much for your kind words on Go-To, I am thrilled to my frills that it has made your skin look and feel happier. It’s feedback like yours, and your very lovely commenters, that makes us want to keep being better and better, because when you are lucky enough to get this kind of (very public!) support and loyalty, well, you don’t mess with that. I wish you the very best with your PD battle. Be gone, foul PD!

    • Shut your pretty face! I am so excited to see this comment in here, it could be a gazillion years late and I wouldn’t have cared. Thank YOU x

  35. Are you still using this Beth? I was just thinking of ordering when I seen this on your blog… I’m 38 this year and feeling very 58…

    • I am – just got may latest order this week. Check out the comments on one of my Instagram posts this week – lots of people love it!

  36. I suffer from PD and use Amperna skincare. It’s a new and natural Australian skincare brand that is specifically made for PD and works amazing on my PD! Super happy with the results.


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