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For me, personally, there’s just not enough butter in this world. Salted butter. And specifically Lurpak butter, spread nice and thick on some bread. I’m a happy girl. Simple really. Because of this passion I think that it came as a surprise to my husband when he first saw me make him a peanut butter sandwich or toast and saw the base application of butter prior to the peanut butter. Because DER. Of course! Right? Some melted butter on hot toast kind of created a super PB texture that can only be explained as superior to just plain PB. I think I have turned a few visitors over the years to the dark (and extra fatty) side but I’m keen to see your thoughts on this important matter.

As for my weirdy Macweirdo husband, well, the first time he ever made me a sandwich I noticed that he only spread ONE SIDE OF THE BREAD with the butter. Does this phenomenon even make sense to you? It surely did not to me. And worse still, it continues today. Except for when making me a sandwich. He better not start that crazy shit with me. He knows better than that.

So. Thoughts on the superior butter/PB combo application? How about the one sided butter/bread application? And, have you tried that new whipped PB? Is it as good as I hope it will be? And why does unsalted butter even need to exist? It makes no sense to me.


  1. Both sides – definitely. One side of the bread is a tactic that my frugal parents (who had five kids) used to resort to. Lurpak is the best better, president is also OK (my brand of choice when i was liking in Ukraine). Lurpak is CHEAP AS CHIPS in the UK – not fair! But I guess the cost of shipping from Denmark to the UK is nothing compared to shipping to Oz in a fridge.

    You know what I love though? Nuttelex (that olive oil spread with no additives) with vegemite on hot hot toast. YUMMY.

  2. The butter/peanut butter combo is the only way to roll. Hang on….OMG! Is that…. smooth… peanut butter?? NOOOOOO!!! Its an abomination!!

    Buttering one side sounds like Women’s Weekly weight loss advice “Trying to shed some weight? Try buttering just one side of your bread. You won’t even notice”. Until your sandwich won’t stick together of course and falls on the ground.

  3. Oh no… Beth… I’m afraid I can’t agree with you on the butter & PB combo. I agree with you on so many of these big issues, but this one I stand firm. PB is like a butter in itself so to add butter as a base just feels all wrong to me. Definitely no butter on salad sandwiches or jam toast either. That’s just all kinds of wrong! But smother that toast with butter before adding vegemite and you had me at hello. Oh, and I’m with your hubby on buttering one piece of bread too but I also put a little smidgeon of butter on the other side of the bread. My parents always did that so I guess its just carried through to me. Isn’t it funny how butter application can divide the masses?

  4. Oh no… Beth… I’m afraid I can’t agree with you on the butter & PB combo. I agree with you on so many of these big issues, but this one I stand firm. PB is like a butter in itself so to add butter as a base just feels all wrong to me. Definitely no butter on salad sandwiches or jam toast either. That’s just all kinds of wrong! But smother that toast with butter before adding vegemite and you had me at hello. Oh, and I’m with your hubby on buttering one piece of bread too but I also put a little smidgeon of butter on the other side of the bread. My parents always did that so I guess its just carried through to me. Isn’t it funny how butter application can divide the masses?

  5. I’m more confused by your photograph of SMOOTH peanut butter? I would ask, who would eat SMOOTH when you could eat CRUNCHY?!

  6. Yep gotta have the butter and pb. I just makes it better!

    The next issue you need to tackle is that of cutting sandwiches. My husband just slaps two bits of bread together and eats it. This seems a bit barbaric to me. I like my sandwiches cut at least once – your thoughts? πŸ˜€

    • Fascinating. I find myself NEVER cutting a sandwich if it’s for me, anyone else and they will get a cut (kids two cuts). I HAVE to cut it with a big knife in one motion so that it kind of brings the two pieces together at the edge you know? I am barbaric!

    • Ha, I’m with you with the big knife, I have even taken to using the cleaver on my children’s sandwiches for school each morning! Gives me a certain satisfaction to cut them in one fell swoop! Plus I get to use the cleaver on a daily basis, which takes me straight back to China!

    • Michelle says

      But then this brings up a further big issue – the diagonal or horizontal sandwich cut? I’m diagonal all the way but hubby goes with horizontal. I ask you – where on earth do you take the first bite if you can’t bite the corner from a triangular piece of sandwich? From the middle??? Travesty

  7. hate PB so can’t help there but for me, there is NO point to toast unless you spread salty butter thickly on it!

    both sides of the bread need to buttered!

    as for why does unsalted butter even exist? quite a few baking recipes call for it πŸ˜‰ aside from that, i see no reason for it’s existence either!

  8. Omfg my husband also does that ridiculous butter 1 side of the sandwich only. Or worse, skip the butter and go straight to the spread *shudder*. I mick his poor sandwich making skills regularly.

    Butter, never margarine, on both sides, except under peanut butter, it’s just too much for me but I salute your bravery.

  9. Lurpak is king at our house. Nothing else will do.

    PB with butter first? I’m afraid not. It makes my stomach churn I must admit. I may be convinced to have a little melted on toast, but definitely not on a cold sandwich.

    I’m with Rob on one side buttered too. It’s a big bone of contention in this house. Clint likes two, I’ve been brought up with one. If you were having a vegemite sandwich, would you put vegemite on both pieces of bread too? I find it very confusing…

  10. Oh no!! a post about my favourite food group… it has been 5 weeks and 3 days since I last indulged (apart from the odd knife lick when making the kids toast) in an effort to shed some kilos (and have almost lost the will to live). Whoops I think I drooled on the keyboard. PB toast HAS to have butter there is no other way to eat it.

  11. I totally agree that butter always goes beneath peanut butter. It doesn’t taste right otherwise. Just because it has the word butter in the title doesn’t make up for the lack of butter!

    I do only butter one side of the bread for a sandwich though… always have. Mind you I don’t use butter on my sandwiches because I usually put mayonnaise on one piece and mustard on the other! But on my daughter’s school sandwiches I only butter one side – you have me thinking now, maybe this isn’t right?!

  12. I love the butter spread nice and thin under PB, with honey on top for extra kilojoules mmmmm.
    I do buy unsalted butter for cooking with – it doesn’t burn as easily in the pan – but salted all the way for spreading!

  13. I was a polite and shy kid but when my friend’s mum made me a PB sandwich with butter I refused to eat it. The horror! It’s not how my mum made it and it has stuck with me since (as has crunchy PB) mmmmm!

  14. Im afraid I completely disagree with you on this. No butter on any bread/toast/muffin/bread or flour products of any kind. I cant stand the stuff!

  15. Have you tried the new whipped peanut butter? Not really my cup of tea as I’m more a super-crunchy kind of girl … but if you rock the smooth could be right up your alley ..

  16. Well my husband definitely agrees with you, he loves butter, I grew up with margarine and while I have whole-heartedly adopted butter since living with him, I still can’t believe how he eats peanut butter on toast. He puts a generous amount of butter on first, the crunchy peanut butter (the real stuff) AND THEN another generous smear of butter on top. He believes it helps it go down!
    When I referred to this peanut butter habit to his sister, she laughed out loud as he has done that since he was a boy! How can he? If it did I would be the size of a house by now!
    Beth, I’m a new follower of your blog and I love it!

  17. I have never heard of only buttering one side of the bread! If that is a cost saving thing I put it in the same category as trying to conserve toilet paper. I will use as much toilet paper and butter as I like!! I definitely will have butter on my toast with the PB. It is too dry otherwise and sticks to the roof of your mouth. I always used to buy crunchy until I had kids, (worried they would choke)Now I prefer smooth!

  18. There seems to be a bit of a science to the perfect piece of toast. If the toast is grabbed quickly and hot the peanut butter oils will make butter on the toast redundant. If toast cools too quickly or using crunchy peanut butter then butter is needed as a base coat.

    Mind you with a newborn I feel lucky to get breakfast which hasn’t had bites taken out of it by the preschooler before I get a chance to put it in my mouth!

  19. Don’t feel qualified to comment on the peanut butter angle, but have some very firm beliefs about butter in general – the more the better!
    Remember Anthony Bourdain saying that the reason French food tastes so good is because it is positively swimming in the stuff and there’s no substitute, “Can’t believe it’s not butter? I can!”
    In relation to Vegemite and Marmite, (it is possible to like both!) whilst my toast cools, I mix said butter and Vegemite together and then spread thickly on the top.
    Am I the only one who thinks butter loses its yumminess in the melting process?

  20. It so has to be both sides! I’ve never heard of peanut butter with no butter. Wouldn’t it then be a peanut sandwich? And how would you spread all that lovely peanutty goodness without butter! Add some jam as well and I’m as happy as a pig in poo. Love a good P and J.

  21. Lurpak all the way and yes with PB but has to be crunchy.

  22. I have to tell you something Beth.
    There was a time when butter had no part in my life. It was banished! Never was it to darken my door, nor moisten my bread, toast or crackers- not even with Vegemite!!! Don’t judge me, I was young & stupid…

    Fast forward to now & I love it!!! Of course it goes on with peanut butter otherwise it’s too dry. But listen to this- my kids say NO to butter with peanut butter!! Where did they pick this up? What lunatics have they been hanging out with? I’m worried I tell ya!!!

    As for butter on both bits of bread….of course it goes on both pieces!!! We aren’t living on rations now!!!!

    • Daisy REFUSES butter on anything. Bread, toast she can’t stand it. Sometimes I wonder where on EARTH she came from. It’s one of my biggest disappointments I must admit. Although…this gives me hope that one day, one day she might just love it too. A mother can dream…

  23. I don’t eat peanut butter, but Vegemite needs butter on both sides of the bread! I have to say, I’ve given Lurpak the flick though, try Woolies Select brand “creamy Tasmanian butter” it is fantastic.

  24. Yes, yes, absolutely butter first then peanut butter on top. But only on toast. If it’s a PB sandwich on fresh white bread, no need for the butter first. I also have a thing for cold toast with real butter spread thick. Mmm.

  25. All this talk about PB and butter and toast is just making me so hungry!!!!!

  26. NO BUTTER! just PB on toast.
    I love butter. Salted butter. Thick as you can get it. On anything. Everything. Just not under my peanut butter! And I ain’t eating whipped peanut butter, I want proper PB, not a PB-air combo.

  27. Butter first, then peanut butter (sorry, I’m a crunchy lover too, but we alternate because Dave likes smooth!), then a bit of smooshy swirling to mix them together!
    Sandwiches must be spread on both slices… after 3 years as a gourmet sandwich hand in my uni days, I feel I’m an authority on the subject. Otherwise the top slice of bread falls off. More than one spread? I prefer to add a little of both to the top and bottom slice – flavours must be mixed to enjoy. That’s a post gourmet sandwich hand thing though.

  28. Love butter and PB. Also proper butter. Also lots of it. Butter Soft and Sanitarium natural PB…..not sure if smooth is quite the same as crunchy.

    Here’s another one for you….Almond spread? Sounds weird because we’re so used to peanuts but it’s the same concept just a different nut. There is one that is Almond, brazil and cashew nut. Delish.

    Also heard a rumour that it’s a protein source and so good for you πŸ™‚ Every morning I keep telling myself this anyway πŸ™‚

  29. When my brother was a kid he used to steal bites out of the butter when mum wasn’t looking – we were busy trying to steal the cooking chocolate etc, but he was a butter thief. He could never understand how mum knew he was eating the butter straight, but the teeth marks gave him away!

  30. Frankly I’m offended that you think butter goes with peanut butter.

    I’m waiting for my sisters to comment on this post.

    Really, really disappointed about this revelation, Beth. And a little sad.

  31. Lurpak, and copious amounts, definitely before the PB (Kraft smooth, at that). Have to admit that I’m a total dickhead though. Thought I was missing some basic principle of life and not buttering both sides of my toast. Have eventually realised you mean both sides of a sandwich. Where is my wine glass?

  32. Now I am not afraid to go whole hog with spreads…have you ever tried a crumpet slathered in first peanut butter, then nutella and then honey?
    And I love to put so much butter on my toast that it creates little pools and my heart hurts a little but just looking at it.
    But I must draw the line at butter and peanut butter. I think you ruin the delicious integrity of the peanut butter by adding butter.
    But maybe I should do go a taste test now just to be sure!

  33. The dual application is a must lady, a MUST! I have actually tried peanut butter/condiments without the butter and ergh, positively disgusting. I’m a mad butter lover too, I actually prefer a larger lashing of that than the spread itself.
    And I agree about unsalted butter, though I hear it IS better in baking… does something good to the cakes and bikkies… apparently xo

  34. My favourite comfort sandwich has a little butter, peanut butter, and banana. Yum

  35. Yes, you are totally right BabyMac. Butter AND Peanut Butter. The only way. With extra butter for the corners of crust. But I am a crunchy kind of girl rather than smooth.
    Also, I used to work with a girl who then sprinkled raw sugar on top too. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it…. salty and sweet and crunch of sugar. It’s pretty good! Her Mum used to make it for her when she was little πŸ™‚

  36. My husbands favorite is… gingerbread with a lot of PB. I live in Amsterdam Holland and I am not sure if the translation is right for ‘ontbijtkoek’ As far as I know there is no ginger in it…

  37. Anonymous says

    Hi Beth
    I’m a long time reader but this is my first comment.
    Unfortunately not a lot of PB gets eaten in our house anymore, my oldest daughter is allergic to peanuts πŸ™ But I used to crave thick cafe style toast with lashing of butter and peanut butter when I was pregnant with her. I told a friend of my cravings and she looked at me appalled like why would I put butter and peanut butter together on toast. I thought everyone did it that way. Apparently not. Your post has opened my eyes! Love your blog by way, read it every day (as well as Mrs Woog’s ;-))

  38. Lurpak seems to be the butter-lover’s butter. My mother has bread with her butter, lol, not the other way around and insists on Lurpak.

    I, on the other hand, only use butter to sautee mushrooms, spread over hot toasted crumpets or use a slither to spread my vegemite…. that’s it! Unmelted butter makes me feel queasy!

  39. sorry i only like peanut butter on its own and it must be crunchy peanut butter. also raspberry jam on top or maybe banana ? but love love salted butter on most things.
    p.s. the pod casts are great

  40. The whipped peanut butter is good. But I think I will return to the standard. AND I believe I am shifting to smooth over crunchy. It must be with butter – it is the difference between OK and sublime. And why would anyone choose OK over sublime? The only time you only butter one side of the bread is if a creamy condiment (ie mayonnaise) is being applied. Any other condiment still requires both sides of the bread buttered.

  41. I am sitting on the fence.
    1 point to Beth for buttering both sides of the bread (duh, Rob, you weirdo!).
    1 point to Rob for keeping his pb toast butter free.

  42. I wasn’t even aware of the ‘no butter with peanut butter’ practice.
    Yuck..your toast/bread is so dry without the butter to um..butter it up.Even with peanut butter.

  43. I have always. ALWAYS. But butter with my PB. Nothing else compares. My husband too, does not have B with his PB. Lame-o. He is also always rather stingy with butter application. He has learned to make my PB toast how I like it though – and I do his how he likes it.
    Also Unsalted butter is stupid. I use salted butter in all my baking and never add the half teaspoon of salt which recipes calls for.
    I love these big issues BM.

  44. Who doesn’t have butter with peanut butter!!! The butter has to be spread thickly though- so you can still see it under the PB. mmmmmm. Although I am a one-side-of-the-bread butterer.

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