Annoying little things…

It’s very wonderful being married isn’t it? Sharing our lives with one person who we spend our days with. Being comforted. Laughing with them. Supporting them. Sleeping with them. Eating with them. Cleaning up after them. Living with their annoying little habits…

Yesterday afternoon I worked on a 200 piece puzzle with the girls for an hour or so. It was tricky – dinosaurs are not my thing let along trying to determine the difference between the skins of T-Rex’s and velociraptors. Rob was down in another part of the house watching TV having some alone time when in he walked, right towards the end of the puzzle. I’d committed myself to that bloody puzzle, I had put out fights, I’s wiped away tears, I’d picked up pieces that had been pushed off the table in frustration and we were nearing the end. Mere pieces left in sight! And in he walks, picks up 4 pieces and PUTS THEM IN. One look at my glare and he knew not to even THINK about putting that last piece in. I mean REALLY.


Friday night we spent time with Rob’s cousins family – a lovely dinner and catch up with their kids. The table was being set and Rob’s cousin’s husband was lighting the candles. His eyes were rolling so loudly they could be heard from across the table where I sat. You see his wife, she lights matches and then returns them to the box. He voiced his concerns to Rob and myself – asking WHY DEAR LORD WHY? Rob said he agreed. Me? Well I do the same! Return them to the box, upturned of course. Who knows why? Who taught me? Why don’t I just throw them into the fire? It cannot be explained.


But the very worst for me? Of ALL OF THE THINGS? This:


If you can take the ice out. If you can take every last cube out you can take the 34 seconds it requires to walk to the tap, fill it up and PUT IT BACK IN THE GODDAMN FRIDGE. What? Too much? Don’t get in the way of me and my G&T prep. And yes, I too am unsure why I still have teething rings in my freezer given that my baby is almost 5.

Hit me up. What’s something annoying that your partner does?
Or what’s something annoying special that you have to offer to keep the spark alive in your relationship?


  1. 26 Years & Counting says

    We don’t really fight… I’ve been told that’s not normal but we’re not really normal so… Though sometimes this will happen:
    Me: I want to fight. Can we fight?
    Him: No! I don’t want to!
    Then we see how stupid a fight we can have.

    • We don’t fight either! Been together 8 years and we’ve probably had 2 fights? My biggest complaint is that he hogs all the power sockets and when I go to use one it’s always ‘the wrong one’. But that’s about it.

      • BabyMacBlogBeth says

        Look at you two not fighting! Good on you x

      • 26 Years & Counting says

        Haha we’re having that debate now! Our shared study has only one power point but our bedroom has 4 power points, so it’s a debate over which is the ‘correct’ powerpoint. But even more ridiculous that he unplugs everything when he’s done anyway, so it really doesn’t matter 🙂

  2. Reannon Hope says

    Tim puts empty beer bottles on the bench above the bin. Drives me bat shit crazy!!! He tells me it’s so he can take them out to the recycling all at once. I tell him that’s bull shit.

    He often tells me he can’t believe how many kitchen utensils/gadgets/bowls/pots I use to cook with. I tell him to shut up 🙂

  3. Wendy Mathers says

    He puts his dirty plates cups glasses on the sink right above the dishwasher , and shoes , shoes at every door ….its only little things but after 30 years together it drives me bonkers

  4. Jo-Anne Lloyd says

    I adore my hubby. He is the most caring man I’ve met, other than my dear Dad….however he has more annoying traits than I can poke a broom at…..dirty clothes on TOP of the basket….teaspoon on the SIDE of the sink….leaving 1 ice cube in the tray…..what is that about????

  5. My husband does not close drawers or cupboards properly. They are left open an inch or so. I spend my morning closing drawers and cupboards doors. I can tell where he has been and what he has done by the open doors!!!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Poppy! That is VERY annoying. I have an issue with things left open too…I wouldn’t last a minute!

    • ahoy.jenni says

      Must be a male gene. My dad is the same and so is hubby. Maybe its an instinct related to what I don’t know!

  6. Oh the jigsaw…takes me back to the time when my hubby decided to finish the last 10 pieces of a 1500 piece puzzle while I was out doing the grocery shopping…yep it still makes my blood boil!

  7. I dont tighten the lids on containers and bottles when I have finished with them. I have no idea why. My mother has the same habit. It drives my husband spare!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That is a classic! I wonder why?!!! That would drive me crackers too. What a thing to pass on!!

  8. He finished the toilet paper and leaves the empty roll on the dispenser. Ughh. The number of times I’ve been left stranded!!! I don’t close drawers properly. Ughh the number of times he has had to clean the crumbs out of the cutlery drawer!! That’s ok. It all evens out and on a good day we have a giggle about it 🙂

  9. The ice. Oh the ice. It’s the ice that breaks me. (And yes, I still have teething rings in my freezer. You never know!) X

  10. Ahhh yes…the little things!
    The thing that annoys me the most is the leaving of all the toast things out on the counter “in case I want another piece” even if wanting that other piece may occur in a few hours!
    Some days I swear my eyes are going to roll so far into the back of my head, they are going to get stuck there!

  11. For me it’s being asked: “Where is xyz?” and me replying “it’s in the cupboard.” “No it’s not I just looked.” ” Yes, it is.” “No, it’s not, I’m not blind.”

    Then me having to get up, walk to the cupboard, pick up item xyz which is right in the middle clearly visible take it back and give it to him. “Where was it?” he asks. “In the cupboard,” I reply. “Well, it wasn’t there when I looked.”

    This goes on all the bloody time. With the children too. Apparently I’m the only person in the house who can see items they’re looking for.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s ridiculous.

    • Jo-Anne Lloyd says

      My mum used to tell the story of my nan and pop….if nan said his PJs were under the pillow but were actually on the pillow, pop would not be able to find them…..I think it’s a man thing….Hod help me, I have 3 boys!!!!!

    • Annie Maurer says

      I have the same problem with my husband and kids….I tell them to go back and have a ‘Mummy look’………now my husband says the same to the kids but funnily he still hasn’t mastered the art,and that’s after 24 years of marriage! Some things just can’t be changed.

  12. Susan Austin says

    The flood gates have opened!

    My pet hates are the four jars of Vegemite that are in use and the empty beer/wine bottles that are placed NEXT to the recycling area. His pet hate is my unrelenting commitment to getting that last bit of shampoo/butter/toothpaste out of the container.

    This issue will never go away, no matter what kind of gender equality is established over the next 100 generations.

    Susan x

  13. My pet HATE is filling the ice tray… The water sprays up on me every single time, then drips on the floor on the way to the freezer. I can’t stand it. There has to be a better way. Oh yes, there is – a built in ice dispenser. I WILL have one before I die

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      And then the drip EVERYTIME from when you walk it back to the freezer. I have never had a non spill EVER!!

  14. Cherie Anne says

    If Dave was commenting on this post right here, he’d tell you I don’t replace empty toilet rolls. Like, ever. He’d also play a little violin while he described how he has to suffer through the fact that his wife is still rockin’ the big ol’ maternity undies you buy just before you go into labour.

    In my defence, I didn’t think I’d *still* look like this 3.5 years later. But that tum? It ain’t going anywhere!

    But see, because *I* am commenting on this post? I’mma tell you that Dave’s worst habit is that he nags me. Incessantly. About EVERYTHING. He comes from a long line of naggy men, & it!

    There. I said it.

    Marriage eh? 😉

  15. Emily Furlong says

    The sister complaint to yours – empty water bottles in the fridge. Makes me twitch. Oh and leaving his plates in the lounge (where he eats his toast as he’s getting ready for work)….. Sooooo annoying! Oh and OBSESSING over minute details and starting conversations with obscure references to his train of thought and expecting me to catch on immediately and to also drop whatever I might be doing and participate in assisting him work out EXACTLY how much we have to pay each month to pay off the GE card a month early… When I don’t have the bill in front of me and even though we worked it out LAST MONTH!!!! But I do love him, honestly I do.

  16. Melanie Pogson says

    Ha! I love this!
    My boyfriend leaves glasses half full of water all around the place.
    Takes him shoes off and leaves them in the middle of the room.
    Doesn’t push his chair in when leaving the table.
    But we love them, don’t we!

  17. Kylie Rogers says

    Takes the top off beer bottles. Leaves the freaking lid on the kitchen bench. Every. Single. Time.

    • ahoy.jenni says

      OMG so does mine!! He says it is so he can replace the cap when he has finished so the residue won’t leak in the recycle container, but he never puts them back on !!

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    My husband has a problem closing anything properly drawers ,wardrobes cupboards and even the shower screen,luckily in our new ensuite we awe not having a door only a glass panel he is so annoying at this and does not even notice he does it!!!

  19. Amanda Heywood says

    Ice trays!!!!!!!!!
    Also, my husband takes the scissors out of the drawer to use them.. and when he does never puts them back. They are randomly all about the house

  20. Mine takes his clothes off and wherever they drop is where they stay. We have a laundry hamper in our ensuite for flip’s sake. The laundry itself is just off the loungeroom. BUT NO. Stinky gym socks on the loungeroom rug (with stinky gym shoes right next to them), undies/business shirts/pants on the floor of the bedroom, painting clothes on the floor of the ensuite (RIGHT NEXT TO THE FLIPPING BASKET)… Drives me batty, can you tell?!
    (He also cannot stack the dishwasher to save himself, but I’ll stop at the one annoying habit OK…?!)

  21. Thanks Beth, good to read these posts as we can all relate and they are very essential to the well being of any a loving relationship…
    I have many faults, I too like you and like Rob’s cousin leave the used matches in the box after I use them. Why? Who knows, just a habit. However my wonderful perfect partner leaves them used on the bench in little piles so I can pick them up, throw them in the bin and clean up any debris.
    I also like your reader Careeragogo don’t tighten bottle caps on bottles and jars and does drive my better half very very insane. There have been many an incidents from this, form the spillage of my rare and hard-to-get breast milk in a baby’s bottle ( i did not do the cap on properly and it spilt while my son who was very little at the time was having a feed with his daddy), to soft drink bottles that are left un-open and loose their fizz. Thank goodness we get Soda delivered in proper soda bottles here in Argentina and they never loose their fizz.

    • I remember spilling a container of breast milk that I had spent SO long expressing. The expression don’t cry over spilt milk didn’t work that time!


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