How to fix cracked heels

Now is the summer of discontent my friends…it’s been hot forever, I have been wearing little to no shoes for the past 6 weeks and last week I hit the PITS of my despair when the cracks on my heels were SO bad they were split deep, almost bleeding and I was barely able to stand or walk on them.

Yep, it’s come to that.

Now NO one wants to see pictures of that (let me tell you) but when I mentioned it on Instagram asking for help from other people that may have suffered from this GOD AWFUL OLD LADY CONDITION too I quickly discovered that I was NOT alone. In fact, I have never had SO many people message me telling me their tips and then also begging for help with their own feet.

It seems it’s not just Muriel’s Mum in the supermarket in pain. It’s lots of us too. Especially this time of year. Maybe it sums up my readership, but I know that there’s lots of you out there suffering and lots of you that have fixed the problem so I thought I would do a round up MEGA post of all things to do with our trotters. How to fix them, what has worked with other people and what has worked for ME. And how we can all take the bloody 3 mins a day to try and look after our important feet so that we’re not in pain.

Because you know what? Dead SET from being unable to walk and in tears with pain in just 3 or 4 days later I have had HUGE improvement. It’s true! Simple solutions and consistency and they are in better shape than they have been for many years that I have VOWED to make sure that I try and keep on top of this so it doesn’t happen again. It’s easily preventable, and fixed and even if you were like me thinking “oh well, this is just how it’s going to be from now old seeing I am old” it’s not too late! Promise. Together we can fix this business.

Most people suggested (as I would too) to see a Podiatrist. And I completely agree with you there. A professional would know much more about all this stuff, they would treat you on a case by case business and would be much better equipped to sort you out. But if you are like me it’s just NOT going to happen that I take the time (and cash) to see a doctor. Because I am the Mum and I generally put EVERYONE else ahead of me and who has time for that and you know where I am going with this stuff right? It’s just how it is for so many of us.

So here’s how I dealt with it all (and got GREAT success from).

What products did I use?

The main suggestions that I got from people over and over again were these bad boys:

1. Eulactol Heel Balm GOLD 

You can pick this up at most chemists for around $10. It contains Urea (urea based creams are used as topical derma logical products to promote rehydration of the skin) which seems to be the key ingredient to getting those cracks sorted out. Yes that’s basically wee and I have no IDEA whose wee it is, but it works.

2. NS-8 Heel Balm

Also available for about $10 many people also loved this product as it was non-greasy. It also contains that magical Urea that helps. I used this but must say I preferred the Eulactol (but I don’t know why!)

3. Scholl Wet and Dry Foot File

Yes this is basically an angle grinder for your hooves but it works! And is great for ongoing maintenance. I got the extra coarse file because my feet were in a STATE but I think I will keep this up every week and definitely before using the heel balm on a daily basis.

Some of the other products that people suggested and loved were:

Body Shop Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector
Milky Feet Exfolitation Pads (although some people said it took months for their feet to recover from this so beware of that advice. Others swore by it though).
A Bath of Warm water, 1 cup mouth wash & vinegar
A professional pedicure with using a shaver on the heels!
Paw Paw ointment
Baby Foot Moisturising Foot Mask
Good old chemist brand Sorbolene Cream
Strapping tape/sports tape – one person said that their podiatrist had recommended using tape on big , deep cracks as a way to start the healing process and keep the moisture in. I must say I had bandaids on my most painful cracks so this makes sense to me!
Chia Seeds – teaspoons of these as they contain Silica
Lush Volcano Foot Mask
Coconut Oil – smoother feet and wear socks and you will be cured!
Cottons Socks – definitely a recommendation to wear after applying any topical cream to keep the moisture in (hard in summer though)
Cling Wrap – works the same way as socks to apply after the cream to keep the moisture in
Manicare Corn Plane

So how what did I do and how long did it take?

After taking on all of the advice above, I grabbed the products above as well as THIS bad boy. Yes it’s basically a grater for your feet, but it’s hands down the most revolting AND satisfying thing I have ever done with my feet. I’ve used the files (battery operated like above AND hand one, pumice stones you name it I have used them ALL) but NOTHING worked like this. So gross, yet SO satisfying.

I did the following:

1. Bath Soak the trotters until skin was soft (5-10 mins)
2. Took to them with a grater
3. Smoothed out with a file
4. Applied LATHERS of the Eulactol Heel Balm
5. Wore socks

Repeated steps 4 & 5 every few hours (especially the sock thing at night which was HARD as it has been SO HOT) I could literally feel a difference after 2 hours then after 2-3 days they were NEW feet.

And you know what? Seriously, I have new feet! The very open and deep and sore crack is still there, but closing. The other smaller ones are almost gone and they almost look like normal heels and feet. I am not mortified or embarrassed, but best of all? I am NO longer in pain. Surely that’s the main thing. And I must keep up good maintenance so I don’t get into this situation again. I have the balm next to my bed (so sexy and middle aged) but who cares if I can walk.

So PLEASE if this is you (I know there are LOTS of you out there) try these steps, see a Podiatrist and try and keep on top of this stuff before summer and during so that you don’t end up in pain (worse still with infections etc).

Happy scraping my friends!

Tell me, have you suffered from this awful condition?
Do you have any tips that you can suggest apart from this?
PLEASE have a crack (pardon the pun) and let me know how you get on. You will feel and see change in such a short amount of time it would be silly not to try!

And remember, I am no medical professional. All advice is from personal choice that I made that suited me and may not work for you. If you have bleeding and infected cracks I would see a professional. This is all advice from hundreds of women who have had success with these products and is in NO way paid or sponsored…just hopefully helpful!

Illustration above my Andreu Zaragoza


  1. I’m a long time sufferer of cracked feet and have periodically used some of these products. I have recently had a callous peel done whilst having a pedicure and that is amazing! It literally melted the hard skin and it scraped off like “butter” – my feet feel soft and pain free! Now to keep up the daily heel balm at bedtime (yes I’m middle aged ha ha)

  2. I know this sounds RIDICULOUS but to feel less pain in those DEEP cracks that take forever to heel…. I use SUPER. GLUE. dead set. You need a willing participant for this; but stretch the crack as wide as possible in fill ‘er up!

  3. Robyn Jokic says

    I used to use all of the above and still have the tools but since I’ve turned 60 I now treat myself not on a regular basis as I should though, my youngest daughter introduced me to this Asian salon which I was horrified at first but truly they are the cleanest,professional,friendly funny ladies AND it doesn’t stink like most of them out their hahaha. I walk away with my feet feeling young again 🙂 its so worth the $30!

  4. Bless you Beth, and your cracked heels. I rushed right out and grabbed one the hoof graters. o.M.g. Praise the Lord. I feel ten years younger! Admittedly, I did the deed whilst home alone (even had to vacuum, it was that bad!!). But…smooth heels, I have them!

    Anyone know why my 50yr old husband has feet as smooth as the day he was born? And…. spends as little time as possible on personal grooming. ..what gives!

  5. Yes I’m a sufferer 🙁 although whilst treating another ailment which required lots of soaking in a bath I started to exfoliate my feet at the end of the bath as the skins was so soft and my feet are like new. Whilst treating the other ailment I also had to drink a shit load of water, which has probably helped with the feet situation too as I am always chronically dehydrated – not now though as I need to keep drinking – Dr’s orders.

  6. Beth this post, as with many, is pure GOLD. So pleased to learn I am not the only one with cracked heels!

    BC (before children) I filed my heels daily after my shower. Now after 12 years I do it when they look so bad I am embarrassed to wear thongs but have been having a ‘crack’ these last few days. Was thrilled when I saw the title if your post. Will be at the chemist tomorrow. Thanks

  7. I do the scholl file and eulactol regimine as well for cracks, but when the cracks heal i switch to the body shop hemp stuff and socks for daily upkeep. Love it… but i am a bit lazy with foot maintenance so it is a relentless cycle.

  8. Just to reassure you Beth, the urea in the foot balms isn’t actually derived from wee… slather away!

  9. THANK YOU BETH! Have been waiting for this post and am of to the chemist tomorrow to make some purchases!

  10. Jeanette carrison says

    I find my feet crack in summer because I go barefoot a lot. If I wear sandals with a covered heel my feet do not dry out as much. I use the Aldi cream for cracked heels. Works really well.

  11. I have suffered from cracked heels for years and I mean cracked, bleeding and cannot walk for the pain! I have tried ALL the things (except the super glue one) and sure over a few days of maintenance they eventually get better. But the one game changer for me was a simple little chiropody sponge/stone that proclaims to “wash corns and callouses away…instantly!!”. Used on heels regularly in the shower it works miracles on cracked heels and basically prevents them getting to the cracked and bleeding stage. The brand is Heros and it’s an unassuming little box that is usually on the bottom shelf at chemists. And the best bit – it costs less than $3! 👍

  12. Colleen McGrath says

    I have such sore cracked heels. I found the Jamberry foot file just before Christmas – do it outside! Its amazing and I find it sooo much easier than the hoof grater 🙂 Not a consultant myself but I honestly swear by this foot file – its totally painless and so easy.

  13. One tip that was given to me by a rather high-end pedicurist – when you use the file/buffer things, you do it with dry feet. Don’t pre-soak. Softening the skin actually makes it harder to remove and they are heaps less effective then.

  14. This is SO my topic. I am obsessed with smooth heels. I can’t STAND the feeling of the dry skin catching on the sheets in bed. We’ve just returned from five months on the road in a caravan with the kids. I had one small box for everything which meant I had to seriously streamline my lotions and potions – not easy for me. I also knew I’d be in thongs everyday so I started a routine day one that saw me through with not a crack in sight. Just the Eulactol Heel Balm Gold every night before bed with socks. One tube lasted the whole trip. So this can be your maintenance.

  15. Now that I’m 40 I’ve got the heel cracks so here I am on this post I knew would one day find useful. Love you long time bevvo!

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