#notafatmoleforchristmas: A 2nd update

So it’s been just over 3 weeks now (24 days) that I have been trying to be a little healthier, putting myself at least in the picture, rather than at the very bottom of the list of people who need me, doing some exercise and just trying to get a last little push in before the year ends.


Who doesn’t love a progress update? If you’re one of those people, come back tomorrow, because there is going to be nothing but a full and thorough progress update in this post!



Well this has been the slackest area of all. I haven’t met my goal of 5 sessions a week (even if one of those sessions is just walking to and from School twice a day). But I am not beating myself up about it. I have 3 kids, and I work, and I have a husband who has been REALLY busy so there just literally hasn’t been time for me to do. I’ve tried working out to DVD’s when Maggie is asleep (but that never works because I have to work then) and I know that my favourite way to exercise is for a really long walk outside. So I’m doing that when I can, and not stressing if I don’t do it. Even if Harper is giving me grief that my sticker chart doesn’t have any stickers on it this week THANKS HARPER I KNOW. The best bit about walking? Seeing all the beauty around here and getting outside of my head for a little while.



This has been the main area that I have been feeling REALLY good. I’m in “the zone” that elusive part when you are starting to not think about doing all the right things, they are just coming naturally to me. I WANT to be doing this and I FEEL good about doing it. No with that, it means that it’s not that HARD to do it anymore.

I have been treating myself to lots of little things that all add up to me feeling like I’m getting SOMETHING, when usually it’s just resentment at nothing. I took myself off to another talk for a fellow Australian Fred Smith, a Diplomat who worked over in Afghanistan and he told us some stories and sang some songs. Geez it was good.


It was only for a few hours, but it was during the day and I was doing something that didn’t include a baby (thanks Mum for minding Maggie) that took me somewhere completely different to my own life and opened my mind and heart. Always a good thing I think. Plus, now I have ANOTHER book that I can add to my Christmas reading list (we all know it’s not going to happen before then).

I’ve had my nails done again, I got my eyebrows done yesterday and my clothes are feeling looser which is SO good for my head. I don’t have scales as I don’t like to measure my value or worth by a stupid number but I know that my clothes ARE looser and that someone said to me yesterday that I looked great and you know what? That is SO good for your headspace, totally motivates you to keep going.

If all else fails, at least I have superior brows.



I am amazed at just how much I have changed my mindset over food. I have really changed the way that e all eat, I know that all of us are eating better than we normally would. I have two days were I am TOTALLY focused and really watch what I eat, and then on the other days I eat healthy, but there are treats included. I figure if you totally go hard core, even if you do have great progress in the short term, it’s not sustainable. So if there’s a bit of caramel slice being eaten, then so long as it’s about half of what I would have had in the past, than that’s OK. Plus: WINE. Required for me to get through parenting 3 children.


I have LOVED creating special meals for lunch time (usually my main meal) and a million miles from the 3-4 vegemite sambos I would have rolled for lunch previously. Sure it takes time, but with a little prep (like roasted veggies in the fridge ready to do) it’s been a beautiful act of care to make myself (and Rob if he’s here) a yummy lunch. I am eating more veggies and greens than ever before and seafood! So much fish and the like. It’s been delicious and because I am a pig at heart, my favourite part of this whole process.

img_9509 img_8355 img_8255

And when I want to treat myself? It’s been a good breakfast out that’s delicious and still reasonably healthy.  Not a custard tart in sight. Bacon, I can never quit you.


I’ve been getting all kinds of great advice from people who have lost SERIOUS weight and have made huge changes to their lifestyle. One of the best bits for me that I keep going back to, is that it’s OK to feel a little hungry. I know in the past that whenever I have felt hungry, I immediately fill it. It’s OK to feel a little hungry for a little bit. It’s never that long until you can fill it, and when you do, try it with something good. Or water! Who knew?! Defo not me.

So, let’s see if we can keep this up. I am feeling great, I know I have lost weight (if I had to put a number maybe 3 kilos) and there is NO bloat from bread, but more than that, my headspace is good. I feel like I am caring for myself again. I’m looking after ME on the inside and out AND in my head, and I know that come the end of the year I won’t be feeling shit about myself that I haven’t done this or that. I’m doing OK. I feel good about that and me, and in just 3 weeks I am amazed that you can turn things around.

Christmas is still ages away, you can join in too, and feel better. Make sure you check out the hashtag #notafatmoleforchristmas on Instagram as there are some great meal ideas and motivation as lots of other fab women are putting themselves first and having a crack. It’s wobbly, it’s not perfect and it’s definitely a little sweary, but we’re doing it!

How are you going with it all?
Got any tips or motivation for me?


  1. GOOD ON YOU POOKIE! Headspace is so important and the rest will fall into line. xx

  2. GO YOU! Just started today, made a HUGE batch of soup that I can eat as much of whenever I like, just to kick-start and next week I plan to get back to some nice wholefood cooking. About to get my IG and check the great hashtag!

  3. Love it. 🙂 It’s ALL about the headspace for me.
    Go you! *insert clapping emoji*

    I’m totally on the #notafatmoleforchristmas train for November… even have my sticker chart hanging up. 2 days in, and 2 ticks. So far, so good.

  4. good on you beth!
    your food looks fab as usual!
    definitely superior brows! … wow factor!
    love m:)X

  5. Good on you and that’s great progress. Last week I started eating less bread, more salads and water. I also got a haircut, my eyebrows done and pedicure (it’s been almost a year since I did any of those things). It’s really made a difference in how I feel. I have a looooong way to go and exercise seems impossible with work and 4 kids but, one step at a time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Love love love! I have lost about 3kg myself and it makes me feel so good to fit into my clothes so much better! I am so motivated to keep going, even though my usual self sabotaging thoughts have been trying to get in. Don’t worry, I’ve been beating them!
    I’m excited to not be a fat mole for Christmas! YAY!

  7. You know I’m loving it & like you im eating more veggies than ever before. Unlike you I haven’t given up bread but I’ve cut down to once every few days so that’s something right?! I’m also amazed at how easily good choices are coming. I don’t feel deprived at all because if I really want something I have it just less of it. And exercise has been non existent thanks to sick kids but my Fitbit tells me I’m doing more than my 10k steps everyday so I gotta be ok with that….

  8. I’m trying to lose 9 kilo before January. Lots of walking and a very strict diet. High fat and protein low carb. The first three days were diabolical but now I’m not craving anymore and I have sooo much more energy. We can do this!

  9. #goyougoodthing!! Headspace is no.1 for me!! I try to work out regularly, for the simple reason it fixes my head and I am less likely to shove food in my face because my head is already good. I am an emotional eater and my emotions are much better after exercise. Win win! And #imgoingtobehotatchristmas #lookinggoodinswimmersonholidays are my hashtags atm #ilikehashtags

  10. I’m guessing you are doing the 5:2 diet( or something along those lines). It is absolutely the BEST!
    It’s so easy to sustain and the fasting aspect of it is very good for your body. I fast twice a week, and, like you, no longer weigh myself. It’s all about the measurements. I have lost 5″ around my waist… the most important place to lose weight! The best thing though, is that the next day I can eat ( and drink) normally.

  11. Loved that post, exhausted even reading it. My contribution, I am now wearing leg weights around the house. That is the sum total of my get in shape for Christmas post baby…. Perseverance must finish its work in you…..

  12. 2kg in 3 weeks…am discovering however that I actually lose that 2kg every single working week and then put it all (or most) back on every single weekend! I know what I need to do but I’m loathe to do it…


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