#notafatmoleforchristmas: An update

This past week and a bit can best be described by this picture:



My body has been screaming this to me each and every day for the past 10 days as I vowed to make some positive changes to my health & mind in the lead up to Christmas. Now, first up, don’t get offended by that hashtag. I know I am not a fat mole, but I certainly call myself one, it’s tongue in cheek and silly and does not mean anything other than a (restrained) silly name I call myself. If we were to meet in real life I would call myself far worse things that would make your cheeks burn and it doesn’t mean I have a self esteem problem, it just means that I call myself and my loved ones moles. Orright?

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, what the HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME? Whether it’s been hitting the pavement, doing some exercise, showing restraint in what I eat, drinking water, not much booze, you know, the body has been in shock. I mean I have really gotten into some bad habits these past 2 years.

I spent pretty much Mon-Thursday last week in a HANGRY state. Like HANGRY. I had a constant headache that would not go away and I spent most nights feeling so shit that I just took myself to bed to sleep because when I was asleep I couldn’t feel like shit. And then? Well, then I felt not so shit.

The bloating I get from eating bread pretty much disappeared after a few days and all of a sudden those jeans felt looser. Huh. I ate some lovely food all week and it felt good to feed myself GOOD food. Sure it took some more time, but to be hungry, and eat tasty food? Well it tastes even better!


There were lots of salads, some beans, veggies GALORE all chopped up and thrown down the gullet. There was fish and lots of things I should eat and never do. More eggs that I care to mention, but I had Rob on board with me so it was easier to share it with him.


The veggie crisper got a solid work out.


Whilst the stomach got a shock from withdrawals from baked goods and excess sugar, the old body got a work out too. I hit that 5 spots on my sticker chart like a good girl. Harper did not.


I treated myself to some ME time. An author visit and a promise to get reading again with the BabyMac Book Club (please join me!) I also got my nails done for the first time in maybe 3 years? It felt so good to have something so simple done that makes ME feel good.

img_8177 img_8200_2

I’m discovering that this isn’t so much about my body but pretty much ALL my mind. I have been in “baby land” since August 2014 when I got pregnant with each month getting a little further away from the version of me that I so didn’t want to lose sight of when we decided to have another baby. And while I don’t regret anything for one second, I know that I have continued to just add another person to the list that I look after and I have moved myself even further down the food chain.

It’s time to start doing stuff for me again, because I like it. Like walking! Or reading! Or having my stupid nails done! Or eating well! It all combines to make me feel better and when I feel better, well it’s such a knock on effect to the rest of the family. We know this, but still ignore it.

And the thing that I can’t believe? That you can make REAL changes in a short period of time. That even if I stuff up a bit, I can get back on track. That clothes CAN feel looser in just a week. Imagine after giving this a real go. That this is 99% about my mind, the rest just flows on.


So let’s see how I can keep up momentum with this. I know there will be slip ups but I feel in control of it. Rather than the other way around, and maybe that’s just the best bit of all.

So how are you going?
Getting the marks on your sticker chart?
Drinking more water? Less booze?
Even if you’re not ready now, there’s still time….always time!


  1. Hi Beth,

    I understand that with three kids and a full house to run along with your work commitments, it might be quite challenging to make healthy choices when it comes to food and fitness. But if you really want to give it a go, why don’t you try using a fitness tracker? In India, Fitbit is really popular, albeit on an expensive side, don’t know about Australia. I work as a software engineer in Bangalore, India , and I work crazy hours. The fitness tracker has really helped me to get my health back on track! The tracker usually has an app associate to it, in which you can log whatever you are eating. Give it a try, the step count can be really addictive!


  2. I love this! I did this too. I took a long hard look at myself when my baby was 10 months old and tried stupid quick fixes to try and lose the weight. Guess what…. I got fatter. I then got really serious. A year ago about 8 months before my 40th I drew a line in the sand. More exercise, more fruit; more veg, less chocolate. 12 months on and 40 packets of mince Beth. I feel worthy and like my old self…. more packets of mince to go but I don’t focus on that anymore – just more of the good stuff! Good you good thing. The good results keep you determined to keep going the shit ones make you feel like lurpak on a cob of bread… so have it and move on! I'”” be in your cheer squad any day if the week!

  3. 1 week in, 1 kilo gone! Just eating and drinking better – no stickers for exercise yet (unless incidental from being crazy busy) bring on Christmas !

  4. omg beth! … you look a bit over it hun!
    you do make me laugh!
    the only way out is through?
    I never look for bread now!
    your food looks fab!
    keep going! … much love m:)X

  5. I’ve actually just started on my own mini-detox four weeks out from my youngest girl’s formal…parents are invited and I sure as hell don’t want to be the puffy faced mum.
    Week 1 I’m dropping carbs, I know that will get me some fast visual results (always does) and will make more small changes as I get closer to the date…but the first few days are going to be hard to deal with, early nights for me too.

  6. My head feels MUCH better & I feel MUCH more in control. It does feel good to be eating lots more healthy foods & lots less junk. It feels good to be at the gym again. And while I’m yet to take any time out to do some fun stuff for myself that’s ok. Last night after the little ones went cup sleep I sat at my sewing machine & made them pillowcases. I haven’t done that in FOREVER!!! So that’s a good thing too.
    And I too throw mole around like it ain’t no thing. It’s really a term of endearment ?

  7. Well done! Keep going!!

    I so wish bread wasn’t so gorgeous — a french loaf, some triple cream Tasmanian Brie and a bottle of chilled dry white is so lovely – and so not what I need.

    Salads, eggs, tuna (ugh) all the way!!!

  8. You’ve inspired me with some lunch ideas! I’m getting on this eating thing and hopefully I might find some time for a bit of exercise here or there too. Keep up the good work and keep posting pics of all your delicious food!!

  9. Love your honesty! Makes me come back for more!

  10. Rebecca Simunic says

    28 by Sam Wood is amazing and I have gotten much better results than any gym AND the food is yummy.

  11. I’m on a mission too, I gave put on 12 kilo in 4 years. Too much booze, not walking enough and comfort eating with carbs… They taste sooo good. I’m doing a weight loss coaching program where you have to text a group every morning at 8am. Recently I invested in a Garmin version of a Fitbit to make me move more! We can do it!

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