#notafatmoleforchristmas: a 3rd update


So we are now into week 7 of my new outlook on life. Sure it’s been about health and trying to lose a little weight before we head into the festive season that is heavy on booze and food, but it’s been more about trying to look after ME for a change. By the end of a very long year raising small people (well long but HOW is it almost December I ask?!) I know I am feeling a bit cranky about everything. I’m sick of putting everyone else first, I’m sick of pretty much everyone, and I tend to eat more than I should (like baked goods and butter and bread) because I’m worth it right? Or I deserve it right? Except that it all leaves me feeling a little shite. So I decided to turn things around. Stop being a cranky and fat mole and head into Christmas feeling good. So how’s it going? You can read the first update here and the second update here. Plus! It’s totally not too late to feel less like a cranky/fat mole before Christmas. You can make big changes in just 2 or 3 weeks and we most definitely still have that amount of time.



I was *meant* to do at least 5 sessions a week and you know what? I am getting about 1-2 in if I am lucky. And you know what else? I’m OK with that. I’ve been busy. And tired. And hungry! And that stuff will come when school breaks up and I have a little more spare time. See? Letting myself off for not doing something! It’s my new mindset I tell you. Not beating myself up! You know what else I did the other day?


I totally went back to bed when I was REALLY tired. I packed Maggie up with the iPad, then Harper joined us, then Frank and we spent about an hours doing nothing. And it was SO good. Why don’t I do that more often?


A big part of this has also been about doing things for ME. That make me happy! And feel good about myself. It might be superficial, or it might be about doing something that makes my soul sing.


I went to another literary event last week with the fabulous Mickey Robertson from Glenmore House and boy did that make my heart sing! Gardens! And interiors! Just so good!

I have been getting my nails done still and can’t believe that a little polish and shellac can make such a difference to making me feel less like a daggy, tired Mum and one step closer to feeling like pre-baby Beth.


I’ve been making an effort to get dressed (I know people do this every day) but I mean not wear the same stuff that I always wear. I have been doing my hair and I have been wearing make up! It feels good to feel good! Although looking at this, it looks like I have just been wearing the same jeans…

img_9255 img_8977 img_9148 img_8808

And it’s good to be wearing clothes that used to be too tight. Hello old friends! It’s been years since I have seen you!


I even bought myself some new swimmers! Because, you know, summer is coming. Even got to wear them when we went to the NT. Tits McGee! Although Mrs Woog told me they look RSLish…



I don’t want to alarm anyone, but yesterday I was in the supermarket and I found myself reading the nutritional information on the back of all the things! I don’t know who I am anymore either. And you know what else? Well, I have been eating delicious food and finding myself leaving the bread behind! Like this breakfast!


Bread is NOT my friend. It bloats me like a bastard and makes me feel bluergh. So I have been staying away. And last week when I was at a function and this delicious cake was offered?


I didn’t have any! And I felt OK about that. I wanted to make up the intake of food somewhere further down the day. My head has gotten better at bring hungry, and knowing when to stop. My auto default is slowing getting towards better choices – how good is that? I feel in control and for me that is HUGE.

img_9117 img_9234 img_9122-2 img_8955 img_8764 img_9252

It’s not all calorie counting or anything, I think the reason that this is sticking this time is because I just feel GOOD from doing this, and it’s working. My head, heart and guts are all feeling better and to have that happening a month out from Christmas is a bloody Christmas miracle in itself !

Anyone else been getting on board too?
How are you going?

Be sure to check out the #notafatmoleforchristmas hashtag on Insta for lots of inspiration!


  1. I have been on board. Up to week 13 now. Down 9kg (the weight loss is starting slow). I’ve been exercising 4-5 times per week and I now how decent biceps as I’ve been showing anyone who will look. Make up, perfume and nice clothes every day.
    I feel a million times better and my family has been happier because of it!
    Still been drinking more than I’d like but my food intake has improved significantly.
    I wish I’d done this a lot sooner!

    Well done to you, Beth! Xx

  2. Coincidentally, I started a new regime on the same day as you, pretty much for the same reasons (now 11mth post baby no3) and challenged myself to do 100 active days before my birthday in Feb next year. Of course I then had to jump on board the #notafatmoleforchristmas bandwagon, because how could I not?! My Insta feed is now filled with delectable lunches that usually take half the time of a sambo and taste 100x better.

    I’m pleased to report that I have just completed day 34 of my active days and partake in a couple of metafit sessions a week, run with the pram whilst the middlest scoots to kinder twice a week (5km round trip), ride with the big kid to school once a week (10km round trip) and walk inbetween. While the weight loss has been slower than I thought it would be, I know I look better, definitely feel better and so much enjoy putting the emphasis on me for half an hour or so a day!

    You’re doing so well and I reckon half the battle is not putting so much pressure on yourself and giving yourself a break if things go haywire so you don’t give up. I mean three kids #nuffsaid

    Look forward to seeing more #notafatmole inspo in the lead up to Christmas ??

  3. Last week as I was pan frying off some chicken tenderloins, throwing it over a bed of spinach and some feta, and some walnuts and a big glug of balsamic I totally said out loud “BabyMac would totally love this salad”… my four year old thought it was delicious as well!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your doing great Beth Xx

  5. I have been on low carb, high fat and protein since April. Never hungry because the fat fills me up. It took about a month to start and I have cheat days etc from time to time. Sons are also doing it. A month ago I bought some cheap stuff to be going on with as weight is still going down. Almost twenty kg since mid April.Those clothes were four sizes down from previously. Yesterday I put on a pair of cotton pants which were a snug fit a month ago. They fell down yesterday. I feel great about myself. Sons keep compliments coming. And other family members are also enthusiastic.

    • Me too! I’m down 24 lb…11kg. I’m down from a US12 to an 8 and XL top to a medium. I love being able to eat bacon and eggs. Have you seen the Facebook group Ketogenic Success? Tons of great ideas!

      • No I have not seen that group. Many family members and we use an app called We Chat which works well overseas. Bacon and eggs feature on breakfast menus. pancakes made with philly cheese or ricotta, egg and almond meal or coconut flour are good and filling too. Mixed herbs like chilli and basil in them.

    • So good Jan – well done! You should feel very proud of how much you have achieved x

  6. you are doing well and looking ab/fab hun!
    loving your outfits and shoes!!! it’s good when you visit nikki hey!
    normally I eat very consciously! but I’ve not been good today as I went to ‘mother duck’ … girls lunch!
    treats every now and then ok! not fomo!
    love m:)X

  7. I have been working on myself about the same amount of time as you and I have been doing so great. I cannot get over the joy of fitting into clothes I wouldn’t fit in before! I have even had to drop a size on my top half and can get away with a couple of styles that I couldn’t carry off before!
    I am losing motivation to exercise right now. I am so burnt out with it being the end of the school year – trying to be kind to myself and hopefully I’ll be back on track well before Christmas (which I am SO excited about)!

    • That’s where I am at with the exercise too. I always have a big boost in jan though when I have had some downtime and Rob is around more. Well done!

  8. I was just looking over your posts and realised I am in my week 1 of this mindset. I’m taking a personal day on Friday, for the very important reason of getting a facial and massage, and am getting my hair cut tomorrow night. We have been making some food changes over the last few weeks as well, which have had a positive impact on my mood and general energy levels.

    I stopped caring as much about how I look or dress a little while ago, but maybe it’s time to put self care back up the list – it feels so good when you take just a little bit of time for you!

  9. Right. Firstly, well done to all of you! I unfortunately have not gone quite so well on my own campaign and am beginning to realise that unless I do something a little more drastic (like give up my beloved friday night prosecco) I shall still be a fat mole at Christmas. 7 weeks in and I have still only lost 2 kilos. Sigh. I know I’ve dropped the ball a few times, especially around my sons birthday which seemed to go on for over a week, but at least I have finally started making some time to exercise which always makes me feel good. Maybe that will be enough to keep me on track for the rest! And as for the rest of you? Inspirational!!

    • Aren’t they? Lucky for me I know that you are not a fat mole so relax! AND the Prosecco on a Friday night is medicinal. Essential. Don’t go giving that up!

  10. I am about 3 weeks behind- but in a month I have lost 3kg, 6cm around my waist, I have visible muscles and feel much better. Not so much on the Dressing up- but clothes are feeling better not so many unsightly bulges! Like you I have been enjoying my meals, I still drink (hello!) and eat carbs just not everyday. The one thing I have been super strict on is sugar- and it’s working. Still love fresh fruit- but cakes/chocolate/ice creams/pastries have been slashed (apart from 3 little treats) & I feel so much better for it. I have upped the exercise from nothing to 1hr five times a week. Even that isn’t a chore because I am doing something for me.

  11. Those meals all look divine!!!! And love the manicure — think I may need to do one of those.

    Bread is also not my friend – and I love it so much. I’ve lost 13kgs over the past year and am now in the dreaded ‘maintenance phase’ – watching the kgs slooooowly creep back on. Also determined to take back control before Christmas.

  12. Just getting started here (lost 3kg – 11kg to go), and am also a bread/pasta fiend. I am reading Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes(recommended by Gretchen Rubin in one of her books) and am loving the science behind why carbs make some people fat. I feel like it’s putting me in a good headspace to make good choices.

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