Skin update (Go-To & Perioral dermatitis)

I think the last time I posted about my skin I may have promised to do a further update in 3 weeks time.


And that may or may not have been almost 3 months ago. But anyway! It’s here nonetheless!

It was about mid April this year, APRIL (which I kind of feel like was only last month) that I noticed a few bumps around the side of my nose and cheek that wouldn’t go away. I clearly remember going out this night and complaining to Rob about said bumps and wondering what they were.


So it took me until July to actually click that they were indeed the start of another bout of perioral dermatitis that I had experienced a few years ago.


This condition really is the pits. I’m not sure how or why you get it or what sets it off, I think for me once I hit 35 and whenever there was big hormonal change (pregnancy or otherwise) it flared up. I think last time it was when I changed skin care products and at the time was getting thick TV make up on once a week. For me, this time, it was when I stopped breastfeeding Maggie. Redness, bumps and a general awful rash like around my nose, the sides of my cheek lines and chin left me feeling depressed.

There are all kinds of treatments out there, from using no skincare products at ALL, to removing fluoride from your toothpaste to using anti fungal cream on it, man, I’ve tried it all.

I saw my GP who prescribed some antibiotics for me. A low and slow dose that I have been on for other 2 months now, into my third month.


And you know what? It’s FINALLY worked. The first month it started on the first area that flared up, then it moved so slowly to the others until the bumps were gone but the redness still there and now finally, almost 3 months in? I’m getting there.

This is a shot from this morning. NO make up and eyebrows desperately in need of a wax & tint and not a bloody filter in sight!


You can see some darkness where it was, but it’s smooth and getting there and if I cam be bothered to whack foundation on, you can barely see it at all. Fingers crossed it pisses off for some time. Although, my GP said that I’m likely to be on these antibiotics on and off for the rest of my life. INSERT EYEROLL EMOTICON HERE.

So how’s the Go-To going you ask?


It’s been almost 3 months since I started using this stuff and I am still loving it as much as ever. Whilst trying to get the PD sorted I slowed down on the cleaning and exfoliating but have made sure that the oil and cream is on at least once a day. My skin still feels great and once this PD pisses off for good I should be able to really see the results. Well I hope so anyway!

So that’s a full debrief on where I am at with my skin. God it sucks being a grown up some times…I mean if it’s not something like this awful condition, it’s pimples. At almost 40. When does this shit stop?!

Have you suffered from PD before?
How’s your skin looking at the moment?
Got any good products or tips to share with us all?


  1. Yep, I got it all over my neck! Horrible. Tried everything and eventually ended up at a skin specialist. Gave him lots of money and he put me on the same antibiotics as you. I was on for 6 month but all good now. I have been clear of it for a couple of years but also told it could come back. I blamed mine on the change of a perfume but who really knows.

  2. I’m 60 now and I have the best skin I think I have ever had as an adult. I highly recommend oil as a cleanser (I use sweet almond oil from the health food shop) and remove the oil and makeup with a couple of baby wipes or a wet warm cloth. I don’t bother with a night cream and in the morning I wash my face in the shower with a konjac sponge which is a gentle exfoliant, even around the eyes. Then I apply a snail serum (the Koreans, they know their skin care) and a vitamin c serum and a brightening moisturiser (at the moment it’s Olay), spray my face with prep and prime (Mac), wait a few minutes and then apply my make up.

    Don’t be afraid of oils even with oily, blemished skin, it will balance your skin after a few weeks. A friend of mine with eczema is having better success with almond oil than any of the stuff the specialist has prescribed over many years.

  3. I use a cleanser, then spray a toner on, then a few drops of rosehip oil followed by a moisturiser with spf15. I very very rarely wear makeup because I can’t be bovvered. Skin is heaps better since I stopped wearing BB creams and mineral powder and being too lazy to wash it off at night, oops.

  4. not ice beth!
    I have a keratosis thing on my legs and the doctor put me onto urederm Hamilton skinactive.
    it’s less than $10
    mr m uses it when he shaves and has a rash after not shaving for a couple of days and it clears up in no time!
    it’s very good hun! … ok, it has a couple of things I don’t like in it, but it does the job!
    I use it as a face cream under makeup and people tell me what lovely skin I have … hello 66!!!
    lol m:)X

  5. carohutchison says

    Yep after your last post I went to my GP and got the same script. My PD has cleared up too and I hope it stays away! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  6. My skin is crazy itchy at the moment and I think I may have got a minor PUPPS reaction after giving birth – GREAT…just what I need 🙁

  7. I had PD when I was a teenager, around the time of final exams – it was really bad and terrible for my confidence. I was prescribed all manner of anti-fungal creams and steroids. Mum tried to help with all sorts of hippy potions. Then I got my first real job which came with health insurance (haven’t times changed!) And I was straight off to a dermatologist. I remember forking out $80 for a 5 minute appointment (80% was reimbursed by my health insurance – still a lot to be out of pocket back then!) The dermatologist took one look at it, told me it was PD and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I was on those things for weeks and it took so long to see a difference. Then, like magic, it was gone! I could have kissed that old dermatologist! And it’s never come back. I keep expecting it to come back when I’m really stressed or when I was pregnant but, fingers crossed, nothing yet! It’s it the pits, though? As much as I wish you perfect skin it is nice to know that others go through the same things 🙂

  8. Merry Christmas!
    Just got a script for same thing! Bummer!
    Mine started from a lip wax followed by a lovely facial. The little Cells seem to be irritated by this! Sore about my nose. Then spread down to cheeks! Lovely! That was 2 months ago? Comes and goes with 1. QLD heat 2. Sweat aka exercise 3. Stress aka end of year dance concert! So lucky I am going to treated now. And have you to thank for not feeling so weird! Bless ya Babymac xxxx

  9. Hi Beth how is the skincare stuff going now?

  10. I have suffered with the driest lips/lip area during my pregnancy from the start when i was in labour and still have it now and it isnt getting any betteR. Its spreading down to my lower chin area and to my nose. I have never had an issue with my skin in my whole entire 28years of life so it was a big confidence knock. The constant weeping lips, burning/itchy, sensation is driving me mad and gets worse when i feel hot and stressed. Found out it is PD and stress caused it for me because i was going through alot at the time. Nothing has worked for me at all so far apart from a vitamin c serum. I was hesitant to use anything on my skin as it burned and i just did not want to put up with it getting worse than it already was.
    I used it two days and it did feel a little tingly but the only reason why i kept using it is because the discolouration i had instantly started to match my skin tone by night. The next day it looked even better and that burning sensation was minimising by day however it was still present and bugged me so much but and i havent woken up with flakey/weeping or red skin after two days. It is now going to be three weeks of using this serum before my moisturiser and i am in love with it. No medicine including antibiotics helped the way the serum did. Im not too into skin care products but i did a little bit of research when PD just depressed me and i thought i will just go for it and haven’t regretted it since. The one i use is by superdrugs.

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