Week 2 update: #febulous

This week should be called: NERVES OF STEEL. The initial shock to the system has worn off and suddenly the novelty is the new normal. It’s never pretty week 2, but I did it.

Let’s check in on some of the goals that I started out with at the start of the month:

1. Exercising every day

I missed a day! The weather was shite, I was tired and I just plained missed it. But you know what? I completely did NOT beat myself up about it, I just moved on. I didn’t use it as an excuse to give up. I just moved on to the next day. Revolutionary I tell you!

The complete lack of pressure on the exercise front has been REALLY good for me. Every small bit counts, no matter how small (like it could just be 1.5km dog walk). In fact, I have been LOVING the slow walks much more than the runs where I try and beat a best time. I have been enjoying the walks for what they are, enjoying the time of the day, enjoying that Frank is enjoying them, enjoying the chats that I have with people when I am about, the animals I see. It’s been really beautiful.

And of course the other kind of workouts have also been good. Sweating it out. Running for longer than the last time. Listening to good music up REALLY loud. It’s all good.

2. Not drinking

Now that this has become the new normal I have to tell you, it’s FINE. I mean, of course on a Friday night when everyone in the world seems to be having a drink it would be nice to have one, but it’s actually REALLY TRULY been fine. In fact, last night I knew was going to be a big test for me: It was Daisy’s birthday and we had a house full of friends here. I was pouring everyone else a Prosecco and I DID NOT HAVE ONE DRINK. Once you get past that first urge, it’s all good. We have been watching lots of TV and movies on Netflix and enjoying more quality time than we do when we normally drink during the week. I tend to have a wine, half watch bad TV and my phone…and I haven’t been doing that as much. Go figure.

3. Eating Better and Getting back into fasting

I managed to survive the week fasting for 2 days and trying to eat better on the others. The biggest hurdle for me? BREAD. I love bread. I REALLY, TRULY LOVE bread. But bread doesn’t love me. It bloats me. It gives me hiccups the instant I eat it. But I persist because I love it. And this week? Well I MADE bread. Because I am mad.

And you know what? I did not eat the bread. I know many of you might think, life is too short eat the bread, and my GOODNESS I have eaten the bread throughout my life, and will do in the future, but right now I am trying my best so I am proud that I did not eat the bread.

I did eat the dumplings though.

And my clothes are all fitting much better than they did 2 weeks ago. I don’t have scales, nor did I measure, but I can tell in my jeans and in my face that things are fitting and looking better. So that’s something!

And you know what? We’re past halfway. And I can feel that this focus and determination is resetting my brain for hopefully March onwards. Maybe I am making some real changes? We’ll see.

How are you going with it all?


  1. Katie Clews says

    Way to go Beth ??????!! I’m week 6 of no grog and walking every single day .. feeling amazing …6kgs down .. you’re right the initial part of not drinking is so hard but now I’m over that hump I’m all good plus Hubby playing along too which makes things easier. Had two parties to attend where I just drank water but I survived.. Enjoying my daily walks and not killing myself for hours a day in the gym .. it’s working and I’m determined to keep going .. we can do this !!!

  2. I missed a day last week due a fucked heel and knee but determined to reach the end of February and have done 28 workouts, I did a double workout on Saturday – cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon. This Saturday will be the same because I missed Monday this week due to 100000000% humidity here in Perth!

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the walks and that you’ve stuck with it. Sure some days you may not feel up to it, heck we all have those days but then once you start and get it done, by gosh don’t you feel good to have done it?

    Originally I planned to just workout 28 times in February (ideally every day but doubling up if I skipped a day) but now I’m thinking once the first of March hits, that’s I’ll stick to working out everyday!

    Thanks for the inspiration Beth!

  3. Yo Beth! High fives for will power!
    I have also been participating in Febfast – this is the first time since my last pregnancy that I’m going a month without booze (4.5 years), which is probably shameful, but there you go! So far, so good! It’s been a good month to lay off the sauce – as it’s been so flipping hot, a glass of mineral water has been more appealing anyway. Last week saw ill-health descend upon the household, so alcoholic beverages would have been the last thing on my mind anyway!
    I started out the month with good intentions towards exercise (I bought the Body Boss HIIT program so I could exercise at home), but the heat, work/school schedules, and illness have thwarted consistent effort on that front. I’ve also been trying to minimise ‘treats’ in the evenings after the boys go to bed with 50/50 success – better than nothing 😉
    It’s been very motivational (and, dare I say, entertaining) following your progress, thanks for sharing!

    • Besides being pregnant/breastfeeding I have probs never gone a month without drinking…ever! Well since I was 18 that is! Good work! Let’s keep going …x

  4. Go Pooks! I did the jeans test yesterday and so pumped with my efforts x

  5. So impressed. Do you think you will continue, maybe not as strict but keep going with a few of the goals? Such determination I wish I had half of what you have. X

  6. doing well beth!
    determination is the key!
    much love m:)X

  7. I exercise every day and feel so much better for it, and I don’t drink alcohol Monday to Thursday.

    Both are incredible for reducing stress. Keep up the good work x

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    You’re doing great Beth I’m not a drinker so it doesn’t t worry me I like a Bellini or two or a midori and pineapple juice when I go out but at home I rarely drink! I’ve been walking in the pool and feel so much better for it,I can’t walk on land because of all the ops on my knee,but am enjoying exercising in the water.Eating well most of the time.

  9. I’m taking the slow and steady approach too and while you can barely tell I too have slightly less tight pants, but still tight and don’t have carb puffy fat face going on, as much! GO YOU!

  10. You are totally smashing it!!! You look fantastic! Very Inspiring! I think March will have to be my month to get fully back into my routine as February is my birthday month and it has been 2 solid weeks of socialising, parties, family visits and drinking and eating all of the things!!! You only turn 40 once and I was happy to give myself some deprive from my usual. I have still managing with my walking 3-4 times a week but you have completely motivated me to start back on track soon!

  11. Oh my sweet delicious comforting frenemy bread. Why is it so impossible to quit?! I know I feel so good when I don’t have it around but once it’s near me I can’t resist!

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