Monday Meal Ideas: trying to be healthy

I’ll tell you something for nothing, this healthy eating business is EXHAUSTING. So much thought, planning, purchasing and having healthy stuff THERE so you can make it, and then the thing is? You have to make it. Sheesh. I have been virtuously eating for a week now and while I do feel great, I have never spent so much bloody time in the kitchen. I’ll give a full debrief on my #notafatmoleforchristmas on the blog this week, but for now, here’s a sampler of the kind of stuff I have been eating.

Green, green, some meat and did I mention green? My stomach is SO grateful. As is the fruit & veg shop. I’ve been eating stuff like this!


Charred Fennel
Zucchini Fritters
Thai style chicken salad
Salad press chicken

And now here we are staring down the barrel of another week of it. Time to get refocused and recharged and of course visit the fruit shop so I can go it all over again!

How’s your week looking friends? I have Rob away for work pretty much for all of it so I am gritting my teeth and hoping for the best from us all. Let’s see if I can make it through without too many slip ups. Hope it’s a good one for you all x


  1. Julie Harris says

    Yes bloody yes! And the walking for me takes a loong time. I know I’m not a fast walker but to get the K’s up needed to drop the weight it needs to be a big walk. So food and exercise time consuming. But #notayouknowwhatforxmas

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I hope you have a good week Beth and good on you for eating healthyXx

  3. This is horrifically relevant to me, as the terrifying hospital dietitian has starkly warned me off the croissants through my final weeks gestating. I too pick my way through vegetables, pretending joy at the process. My main evening meals:

    Pan fried salmon with roast vegetables
    Lamb chops with avodaco salad
    Four bean salad (here) (this is actually ok):
    Roast sweet potato/carrot, feta, blanched green beans, quinoa, tears, mixed in a bowl of regret

    For breakfast, all bran, for lunch, tuna, and for All Time, a deep regret at the carbs I have missed.

    Go forth, you good thing, and conquer that christmas.

  4. keeping up the good work always good ideas beth!
    your crew seem to eat most things!
    back in the day! we weren’t asked what we wanted to eat! … helloo!
    eat this and behave! … ok! out moded!
    low carbs is always my secret to get and keep weight at bay!
    lol m:)X

  5. Totally agree! As someone who has also embarked on this healthy eating thing, life was so much easier when I just grabbed a biscuit or a peanut butter sandwich when I was hungry. Now there is shopping, and cleaning, and peeling, and chopping, and all 100x more often every day than when I just eat anything.

    My tips – they involve work, but at least just once off.
    – have grilled chicken breasts on hand at all times (do them in the sandwich press). Use for sandwiches, salads, pasta, soup etc
    – make vegetable soup and keep portions in the freezer. Then add whatever protein (see above) and carb you want for a different meal each time
    – replace real (delicious) carbs with veg carbs whenever you can. I eat a lot of corn. Corn, corn, corn – luckily I like it
    – be selfish when shopping. I find that I zone into Mum and wife mode instead of concentrating on the food that I like and need.

    Good luck with it all!!

  6. So hungry right now looking at all these options. Need to get to the shops {or probably just do an online shop as I don’t think I can manage an outing with three right now}…Oh and you know the business opening this week {which means that I am pretty much single parenting as the husband got home at 11pm last night and was off at 6am this morning}.

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