Good old fashioned update

Most days I’m on here writing musings, what’s happening, goals, plans etc and it occurred to me that sometimes I never go back to them so you would never know where we are at. Which might not be a concern for most people, but I thought I’d pull together a good old fashioned update. You know kind of like the housekeeping at the start of an event where you find out all the boring stuff before the good stuff happens? That!


In January we started some good old fashioned sleep training. Again. Because I just hasn’t had enough fun the first 4578 times we had done it. We had gone from Harper being in bed to us every single night, to me entirely not being able to cope with that anymore. To her sleeping on a mattress on the floor next to us, to me entirely not being able to cope with that anymore. To walking her back to her bed 1267 times a night BUT STICKING WITH IT. We had sticker charts. We have had it all. So how’s it going?

I can happily report that Harper now sleeps in her bed. She goes to bed, wakes maybe 2-3 times a night, walks in to tell me she need s drink, or just asks to be tucked in. Sometimes she calls out and on the odd occasion she doesn’t bother us at all. But 2-3 times a night instead of make-do solutions or being kicked in the head is a great solution and result for US. She is happy. Rested. And Rob and I are getting the most and best sleep we have had in SEVEN YEARS. Every morning is a struggle to get out of bed…so many years so little sleep our bodies have relaxed and are trying to catch up. It’s good. It’s really bloody good.


This bad boy does NOT help the not being able to get out of bed each morning. In February we purchased a mattress topper on the advice of my Mum. So how’s it going?

I have NEVER SLEPT AS WELL IN ALL MY LIFE. End of story. This is all I have to say about it. Actually, no I have this to say: Why haven’t you got one yet? I have a feeling the topper is about to come into it’s own in the cooler months. Topper!


In January I started to a new way of exercising and keeping the momentum up. I have started in fits and spurts over the years and go for gold for about 6 weeks and then lose interest and momentum. This sticker chart was a way to put a realistic and achievable goal that I HAD to meet each week: 4 separate exercise events in a week. So how’s it going?

You know what? I HAVE STUCK IT OUT. I have reached (and sometimes exceeded) the goal each week except 2 weeks when I had a shoulder injury (from a bloody tricep dip!). I have been having 3 AFD’s a week (alcohol free days) since the start of the year and not shovelling as much crap down my throat. That simple. Less in. More out. Less booze. And it works! Huh. I feel good. I’ve toned up. My skin is clearer, people say I look well. I’ve lost 4 kilos. I can run further than before without stopping. But the very best bit? My head space is a gazillion times better. Those smug bastards who always exercise are really onto something. How annoying is that?!


In July last year I was blessed with the delightful condition known as perioral dermatitis. A long course of antibiotics saw it sorted out and then I ran out of my regular moisturiser so had to use another brand and what do you know? In January this year I was blessed with another case! So how’s it going?

I have about 3 tablets to go on this last course of antibiotics and it’s FINALLY cleared up. What a bugger of a thing this is. I have to be SO careful with my skin now…nothing fancy. Basic stuff and no makeup if I can avoid it…which can be problematic when you have a nasty red face.

So what can you give me an update on?
How’s your new years resolutions going?
Got anything you are about to start?


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Glad to hear Harper is sleeping better that is a great thing for you and good on you for the exercise and then skin I do hope it stays. Learned up for you and nope I haven’t got a mattress topper………yet it but I will.

  2. I’ve
    got a similar skin reaction on my face, it’s been persistent for nearly
    2 years now. I just put it down to pre-menopause. and after reading
    your blog I did some googling.. hormones can cause perioral dermatitis
    and I’ve also been using a cortisone
    cream on it. and I’ve been having regular steroid injections into my
    spine to help me cope with constant pain from old spinal injuries.
    It has bothered me so much that I’m embarrassed to leave home, and I mean that literally, working from home and getting hubby to do the cooking, shopping and running around (reverse rolls) I basically only leave home for doctor appointment once a month for pain meds, and the odd specialist appointment.
    so it looks like you might have diagnosed my breakouts !!.. thank you xx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You poor thing Sandi…a terrible thing! If it is indeed PD then steroid creams are the very worst thing for it and flare things up completely! Have a chat to your GP about it…I hope you can get something sorted it’s just an awful thing to feel so self conscious about your face. Good luck!!

  3. Thanks Beth, fantastic news about the sleep and I have been wondering about the topper, can you tell me where you got yours?

    • Yes, I would love to know where you got your mass of clouds to go on top of the mattress. They look too good to be true!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I got the first topper (the one in this snap) just from BiG W…it’s a tontine too. I think Target do one too. Then I ordered a fancier one from I love Linen (online)…good luck!

  4. Topper! Love it.

    I really don’t know if it’s my screen or your eyes but I can’t see anything where the top arrows on your face are. Regardless, I’m glad to hear it’s clearing up!

  5. Love your exercise sticker chart,very efficient. Love the wobbly lines (looks like something I would whip up and glad to know you are just like a normal mum who makes wobbly lines but has spotless floors), where are the stickers though? Good job on all the running, so very jelly that you run so much, I need to start to run again (has been over a month and was running while i was back in Oz), just started swimming though a few times a week, a few kms a time while my son has his swim classes and it really has made me feel better and fitter, just gotta hit the pavement too. Good news on the sleep front for your family,… we still have our three year old who comes into our bed at about 4am, or her brother’s bed and then the two of them sneak into our bed and then its musical beds. My partner is starting to teach the kids though to sleep by themselves so he sits with them in the room while they fall asleep, my 6 year old is good to go, my daughter takes a while but she still has a 2 hour afternoon sleep every day.

  6. Ainsley McArthur says

    Update is certainly a good way to keep yourself accountable … I reckon I should take a leaf from your book! My husband and I have just tackled our 2 year old about her obsession with our bed. I didn’t realise how good a full night’s sleep is until I’d had one … bliss. Love the simplicity of the exercise sticker chart. Now I’m off to Google ‘toppers’! Night ..

  7. Beth make sure that you take lots of probiotics now or just eat tons of yoghurt to counteract all that antibiotic intake of yours, which kills the good bacteria in your tummy. So glad to hear that you’re all getting more sleep these days! xx

  8. Flickster says

    After a session of bed swapping in my house I had a few fitful hours sleep on my kids beds – whoa man they are hard. I took my self out toot sweet, to get them a topper each. Magic. It will get us an extra year or two out of their mattresses and our non sleeping 6 year old has slept a bit better since then. Go the magic topper!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Indeed! I have promised the girls one each when it gets a bit cooler…well for Daisy at least. I couldn’t put a poor topper through as many wet beds as Harper has to offer!

  9. MotherDownUnder says

    I am happy when I am getting good sleep and have clear skin.
    So you are winning in my book!

  10. Khali Whatley says

    Two important questions in response to your very important topics: How long did it take you to break Harper’s old sleep pattern? Do you need different sheets for mattress toppers? We had a mattress with a built in topper, which was a pain because it required deeper sheets which were nearly impossible to buy.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It has taken us from the 4th Jan until about a week or so ago for Harper’s sleep patterns so what’s that? 10/11 weeks? And with the topper…our normal Queen size sheets have been working on it OK I must say the one pair we have from the US which was always a little bigger is perfect!

  11. I’m most proud that I’ve consistently stuck to my blogging schedule since the start of the year. I’m also chuffed with myself for investing my time and money into myself (and my blog) – hello ProBlogger, lovely new business cards and (finally) putting together my media kit!
    Where I’d like to improve is on the exercise front. I’ve been getting heaps more walking into my day thanks to an office move into the city, but I’m just not getting to the gym. Maybe I need my own sticker chart?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Perhaps you do! Good on you for sticking with the blogging business – it can be hard some days right?

  12. So happy to read the topper update! I’m back at yoga today after a enforced break post surgery. Took a lot of bollocks to front up to the beginners class when I knew that even though I was doing advanced before, basic moves would hurt. And they did, like Billy-o. But the first time back is always hardest and I’m over that hurdle. Yay!

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