Real Quick

I have got a WHOLE lot of stuff to get done in the next few days. Washing. Packing. Organising. List making. Documents to explain the quirks of things in our house, what the kids like, where they need to be etc. So OF COURSE I have spent Maggie’s nap time today on Pinterest designing an imaginary kitchen. OF COURSE I HAVE BEEN.

Buy dead set how can I get a dark green & black kitchen happening in my house? How? Gorge.

And artwork in the kitchen should totally be a thing. My friend Mrs C would tell you the correct name for it is Larder art. The things she teaches me!

I did get a new kettle from Big Dubs for the Grandparents who will be needing all the tea in the world to get through their days and will not have time for my stove top to bubble away. When you need an Earl Grey, you need an Earl Grey.

I stuck up that map of NYC from when I was there with Mrs Woog and have pretty much looked at it every day since. Dream stuff and you can make it happen. You can! Or like us, find incredibly cheap flights ($500 one way) and then just book it because it would be criminal not to and then work out the details later.

I have a washing situ friends. Rob was camping on the weekend so there are piles from that PLUS piles from a wet week at home PLUS piles of winter woolies that I need to pack and wash or wash then pack. The weather is still shite (muggy as ever) cloudy etc. It’s not pretty. And there is a smell that is making me very unhappy.

Started watching this show on Netflix last week called LOVE.

You know how you are always looking for something good to watch? This is it! Maybe not for everyone but it’s FUNNY, great soundtrack, great writing, great flawed characters. LOVING IT. How about Kimmy last night? Poor Kimmy. And what do you think of RHOS? Thoughts? Comments?

Also loving Kate and Wills in Paris Obvs. 2 days wasn’t nearly enough, but I will take a #royalvisitwherever whenever I can. I wonder if she had to do Wills washing from skiing before SHE went to Paris? Not likely.

I’m excited I finally get to use my Christmas present from Rob too. Got some fancy pants noise cancelling headphones that were still in their packet from the 25th. Oops. Now they are out!

Thank you to the reader who mentioned in a comment the online shop DECJUBA. Holy moly I have a new obsession. This is ALL me. Like I love ALL THE THINGS. ALL OF THEM. I’ve been adding to cart like it’s nobodies business. Thank you to the person that linked me to their site.

Um what else? Got me eyebrows done this morning. PLUS in bad news, I think my dreaded perioral dermatitis is back. FUCKER. It started on my chin with a cluster of pimples but they are just not going away. I’ll be off to see the GP when I get back and get back onto the antibiotics. She did tell me I’ll be on them pretty much forever on and off. WHY?!

Ok, off to write another list and see if I can get some more washing done.

What’s happening at your place today?


  1. Oh my heart…New York, Decjuba and khaki kitchens. I think we are in the same headspace right now! Though, I’m thinking the green might go on some panelling in our bathroom when it gets a makeover in the next couple of months, my New York trip isn’t until August and I’m still decluttering so am not allowing myself to buy any new clothes!

  2. Heidi Walker says

    Beth, You are going to have the greatest time of your life in New York! I had to write to you to say do not worry about the children, they too will have the time of their life with new people in the house, different routine, different meals etc. I just got back from a week in Tokyo for work and left behind my 3 and 1 year old, I was so worried about missing them and feeling guilty, of course feeling guilty, mum’s are all about feeling guilty. But I have to say I don’t think they really missed me that much, well maybe a little, but the grandparents spoilt them rotten and they had such a great time. I stressed out before I left leaving instructions for every little thing, I’m pretty sure most of it got ignored but in the end it didn’t matter. l am going to say it, here it goes – I really enjoyed my time AWAY from the kids for a week, no bedtime routine pain, no waking up at 5.30am EVERY day, no picking up the same toys over and over again, bliss. No one else to worry about but ME, a little bit of guilt crept in but it went away pretty quickly after another ASAHI whilst shoving sushi in my gob. Skype was more friend, I’m sure it will be yours too. x

  3. Loving that green with marble splash back. Very funky.

  4. Saw some artwork on instagram this week by an artist called Ali Wood (aliwoodartist instagram account name) & thought it would look great in a kitchen and then thought of you and was wondering how to contact Rob to give him a weird random suggestion as a surprise gift for you because it features your beloved Lurpak. I quickly realised exactly how weird that would be and have taken the more normal approach of telling you about it directly – but the option of a surprise gift has now gone. It would look particularly good in any of those gorgeous kitchens you featured. Have a great time away.

  5. I see your dark green and black kitchen and I raise you one (not quite sure on my poker terminology here but I’m going with it anyway) open out the wall where your kitchen door is to the living area and whack a dirty big dark green and black lump of an island in the middle of your new more open plan dark green and black kitchen where people (I) can sit, chat and drink prosecco while you cook! of course you don’t need to make a decision until you get back from ny however I do think I’m on to something here!

  6. Yay I knew you’d love Decjuba!!! I know I wasn’t the only one to suggest it but I’m stoked you read it and actioned those purchases!!
    Have THE best time in NYC, fab place for sure!
    We all feel the ‘mother guilt’ kicking in, we did a similar trip but to San Fran in Oct – the face on my 10 year old son as we left wasn’t pretty BUT in actual fact it gave my boys and their UK based grandparents precious time to really get to know each other, win win all round!
    Get that champers at the airport and all will be well in the world! ??

  7. Gibbergunyah says

    I went to London in October for a week to visit my brother. The kids had a wonderful time with their Qld grandparents. The hardest bit was the preparation, of course. A great time was had by all.

  8. Hubby and I are flying out the UK tonight……..where did the last week go! I think it washed away with all the rain!!!!! So, today, vacuuming, mopping, and general whip around just so I come home to “clean & Tidy”.
    Have fun in NYC with Rob, Beth, I’ll look forward to your posts X

  9. yes you would be busy beth! … just keep breathing hun!
    congratulations to you and rob! … I saw a #loud and mouthy! and had to laugh!
    it takes time, patience, a good sense of humour and an ability to “kiss slowly and forgive quickly”!!!;XX
    my biggest ah ha moment was when I realized everyone has their own reality!
    now I just shrug and say “whatever”!
    I hope packing is going on in the background!
    a kitchen upgrade may be a later agenda!
    much love m:)X

  10. Decjuba! I just stuffed their grey marled sweatshirt in my suitcase and brought it home to Florida from Sydney after our Feb. trip to meet our new grandbaby. Our DIL and I and baby kept passing it in a shop on the way to Woolies, and I finally caved. Now everyone here wants one, but I don’t think they ship to the US. If they did I’d be buying a few more items online for sure.

    Have fun in NYC, Beth. $500 one way is fantastic airfare. I would have grabbed first too and figured out later.

  11. The pre-trip frenzy is horrible especially when you have to sort out kids logistics at home plus your own travel packing and logistics. But worth the pain. I’m sure you have got eating out all sorted but if not – Minetta Tavern in Greenwich Village is a cosy escape from the snow. Loved it! Also loved Co Pane in Chelsea for pizza.

  12. Besides bring obsessed with Decjuba and NYC, my latest obsession is the tv show ‘this is us’ – seriously it’s the best thing I have EVER seen. You must watch it – good for a long plane trip binge

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