Pep under my step: a rug rearrangement & new addition

You will remember last week when I was in Melbs I went shopping with Gourmet Girlfriend and my friend Zoe, aka Miss Rabbit. Whenever I go shopping with Ruthie, I find myself in places of exceptional taste and variety which means that inevitably my wallet keeps being opened up. Last time it was green plates and a fab top from Mister Zimi and this time? Well it was a new rug.

I know!

Deeply exciting and not a quick purchase that I would usually make. You see, I was in the shop where Ruthie sells some of her ceramics (Open Room In Malvern East) and they just had the most glorious collection of soft furnishings that I was openly squealing about. Because I was with GG I got access out the back where I spotted said rug, which was on sale (basically free) and it got immediate approval from both GG & Miss Rabbit so before I knew it we were packing it up and throwing it into the back of GG’s Mini.

I decided that I would make the rug my birthday present. Either from the kids to me, or to me from me, or Rob, whoever! I really didn’t care, I just knew that superior woollen rugs are hard to come by and never that well priced, and that I loved it. Plus I always get a little drunk on shopping in the presence of good friends, especially in Melbs.

Which lead me to discuss this: at what point can we stop buying our husbands or partners birthday presents? It’s Rob’s birthday tomoz, and while I adore him, I just don’t want to buy birthday presents for him. I just don’t. And this isn’t about Rob, besides the kids, I don’t want to buy anyone anymore birthday presents. Make it stop! And when it comes to my birthday, I don’t want him to try and work out a present for me. I really, truly don’t. I buy myself so many things throughout the year, some make up when I need it, clothes, we go on holidays…can’t all that add up to a cumulative birthday? Or am I the birthday grinch. I’m sure you will let me know.

I think I’d much prefer to use a purchase like the hot plates in Melbourne, or this rug as a birthday. On the day I’d like a card, definitely a long lunch or dinner out on the day, but let’s just stop with the pressies OK?

Anyway, back to the rug. The beautiful, big, gorgeous rug.

It arrived Tuesday and I tentatively unpacked it, not knowing if it would be the right size (a too small a rug can be a DISASTER) I didn’t know if the colour would work, how it would work with the rainbow spectrum I have going on in my house, PLUS I needed Rob’s help to move the coffee table and put it down, Maggie is not quite up to that yet. I was nerfous…of what had I had done, what he would think.

I shouldn’t have worried, it’s glorious.

It’s big enough, warm enough, enough of everything and it’s making me very happy indeed. It’s made the room cosy and grown up and it feels SO warm and lovely underfoot. Man there’s nothing like a new something for your home to make you feel happy. I’m happy! Happy Birthday Beth!

And then, I had the old rug that I had to move. Do you love a little re-arrangement around your place too? I don’t do it all that much (and definitely not as much as I should) but I tried to work out where to move the cute yellow rug. And you know where it is?

Under my dining table! And I am wondering why I waited so long to have one there? Oh that’s right, kids and food and spills etc, but I am stoked with this new placement. It’s grounded that whole space. And it feels nice under my feet too.

Maybe it’s because it’s colder and all these rugs have added an extra cosy level to the place, or maybe it’s just because I have had a play moving stuff around (our homes are basically just big dolls houses now right?!) but it’s put quite the pep in my step.

So tell me, can we stop buying presents yet? Or is that a bridge too far?
Have you bought yourself a new something for your place recently?
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  1. Oh my dear lord, yes – let’s stop with the presents! I don’t want shit stuff, I don’t want to have to think of stuff for me (or them), and I don’t want more STUFF. I’m with you – I’d just to buy what I need/love/sparks joy when I want to. So over it. Nice rug, BTW.

  2. I totally agree Beth, I have enough and I can buy what I want and need. The pressure of thinking of something!

  3. The siblings and siblings-in-law have all agreed we’ll do a joint lunch/dinner out for all our birthdays in lieu of gifts. School friends and I have agreed we do birthday gifts for years ending in 5 or 0 only.

  4. I just had this convo with the hubster who has a birthday very soon. He looked a bit miffed but honestly I feel like I’m drowning in stuff and he buys himself everything he wants anyway. Anything he doesn’t buy I can’t afford to get him. Anyway I’m not buying him anything this year and he can sulk if he wants.
    Cheers Kate

  5. Birthday rule in our house is you choose the dinner and everyone respects and eats it. My husbands birthday next week – crumbed cutlets, chips and gravy it is (and I the loathe bashing and the crumbling and the mess … but I always also buy good red wine to accompany it so that assists my mind set…)
    We used to buy presents & go out for dinner but got stuck with too many little people and too little money and he’s often away for work so this has created the perfect solution for us πŸ™‚
    Also adult males are THE HARDEST people to buy for!!

  6. Oh Beth this post speaks to me in many ways (I don’t have kids so I couldn’t jump on the band wagon of your post a few days ago). We just got a rug for our living room, and I am now a total rug convert- we’ve never had them before! I am also thinking I need one stat for under the dining setting.

    I am totally with you on not buying presents anymore for so many reasons. I hate feeling like I’m buying something for the sake of buying it to give to a person. If I find THE perfect present, then sure, it’s great. We’re also people who buy things for ourselves as and when we want them, so come birthday and Christmas it is a devilish task to buy for my significant other. Completely happy for people never to buy me another thing! I hate the guilt of sticking something away in a cupboard that isn’t my taste, or whatever, and wondering how long before I can donate it to charity.. I’d rather not have anything. Sign me up as a fellow grinch!

  7. I don’t want to stop birthday presents… but that’s mostly because hubby buys the BEST presents and totally spoils me and I don’t want to give that up . Haha

    But I did just agree with my parents to stop doing presents between them and us and they should just buy for the grandkids … because that was getting hard and it was so “token” I felt it missed the point. We’ll take each other out for a meal instead.

    My hubby and his brother just buy each other a game of golf for their birthdays – guarantees they play with each other twice a year. Doesn’t sound like much but between kids/life etc etc it can be hard for them to make time otherwise

  8. I thought you’d bought each other NYC for your birthdays this year. #bloodygoodcall

    The rug is fab!

    Don’t ever stop buying me birthday gifts, just FYI. I love them and get them very rarely.

  9. I agree with you about the presents – we all have too much stuff! Last year I asked for tickets for Cirque du Soleil for the family for my birthday present and it was excellent. I’d like a card, a bunch of flowers or a box of Haigh’s soft centres just so I know the family has made an effort and thought of me – and really I would be thrilled with that!

  10. That rug is superb. I really need a couple of rugs for my home, so far I only have a genuine cowhide which I also purchased from Melbs.
    As for the birthday present situation, I’m with you girl. I’m over trying to work out what to get my hubby and four young adult sons. Let’s all buy own I say, then we all get what we want which Ma,Es for an easier happy life xx

  11. Smykolandia says

    To buy a birthday present is a huge endevour. I wish to get a list…

  12. For the past nearly 20 years or so (minus a few years living O/S or interstate) 8 of us from uni days have pitched in for a little pressie for each of us every year. A gift voucher here a scarf and candle their. It is such a sweet tradition and we all love it.

  13. I think birthday grinch but completely understand. Birthdays are special to us and so we always celebrate with presents and going a little over the top but for gifts for the hubby and I we have a list of those items you would like but may not be able to justify buying. We keep this list and add to it throughout the year and the same list is used for Christmas and Motherms/Father’s Days etc.

    As for the rest of the family we only buy gifts for the nieces and nephews for birthdays. Saves buying STUFF just for the sake of it for the siblings.

  14. Cristina says

    Oh my goodness, you are writing from my mind! Yes stop with the presents…I mean I love a good surprise, but I love even more buying exactly what I want, when I want.
    Gorgeous rug! I’ve been too nervous to invest in a really good, really expensive rug but I think I really need too πŸ™‚

  15. No no no….just NO!!! I absolutely love buying that special gift for that special person. I probably get more of a thrill than the person receiving! Ha. I like receiving also, but now don’t really need anything.

    • I love finding special gifts for people too – but I always find them throughout the year and give them and then lose focus when it matters! Nothing better than giving a perfect pressie I agree!

  16. Bit urban bit chic bit QT hotel feel..bit gorgeous and the cocktail ring ??

  17. Presents need to stop over the age of about 6- too early? I can never think of anything but a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers. Boring, boring!

  18. I’d quite happily stop the present buying and receiving, for me it’s about having experiences not material things, because I buy stuff for myself when I can afford to so I don’t NEED presents for my bday. But a lovely lunch with family or dinner or a night out kid free to the movies would suffice. And as for buying hubby a pressie, we all just give him money now because he is so hard to buy for. So where’s the fun in that?!

  19. Caroline says

    I am a Leo so am duty bound to celebrate all birthdays and love finding exactly the right present. But I have also just moved house for the first time in 20 years and am so very over stuff. I have banned anything new from coming through the front door unless it’s in the shape of a domestic necessity (rugs qualify). My husband’s birthday is next week and I have got around this new problem by having an old but favourite painting reframed. It was the first piece of art we bought together when we moved into our little cottage – its eucalypt-green framing a reminder of the style of the time. Now in a beautiful timber frame and a fresh crisp, white mount, the painting has been granted a new lease of life and will bring wonderful memories to our (decluttered) new house. Win win!

  20. Love that rug, where is it from?!

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