Friday night’s ALRIGHT

As much as yesterday was shit house to the power of 3000, today has been better. Mostly to do with my outlook. Huh! And a better night’s sleep. Bad sleep with kids only responding to their mothers in the night and waking after just 40 minutes respite makes the world a bad place. The end.

Rob is up in the big smoke tonight so it’s a girl’s only sleepover here. I picked up Daisy from School and let the girls decide EVERYTHING from then on. Off to the movie shop where we got not 1 but 2 Barbie movies. Sure! Why not? What do you want for dinner? Hot dogs? Sure! I’m not eating anything due to the fact that I cannot stop farting and or move from bread consumption today. Let’s do it! We had fun. I was chilled. It was pure Friday night goodness.

So is this. Now that they are asleep.

Grown from the motherfucking GARDEN. That’s what. Yes I did.

Smelling oh so good. Sandalwood and Amber so the label tells me.

Feeling toasty warm. What? It’s 8 degrees outside. And November. Sort yourself out Mother N.

Looking pretty. Cause it just does. IT JUST DOES.

And tasting? Good.

Happy Friday night friends!


  1. Your photos are so fabulous. Even if I didn’t read your words, I could still understand what you’re trying to say. You have a gift to express yourself in photos and I love reading your blog. More please!

  2. Must be that kinda week. My 2 kids have been out of control, but they both have started new types of child care this week.
    I do however LOVE your last pic.
    I have one child down, one to go and it’s wine time! Cant believe I held out this long to be honest.
    Happy Friday Beth πŸ™‚

  3. Your photo’s are just gorgeous! The angels, lighting and thought behind each shot is fantastic.
    Glad your frame of mind is in a better place πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Friday Beth, thanks for the gorgeous photos. I am spending Friday night with my children via Skype, it so much easier to approve a sleepover when you’re not there for the morning pancakes πŸ˜‰

  5. Happy Friday Beth and thanks as always for beautiful images to cheer up an otherwise dreary week!

  6. It has been one long week!
    Bring on the weekend I say! And while you are at it, pour me a gin and tonic!

    Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

  7. Love the way you light the candles even when it’s just you. It’s like using the good cutlery or wearing your good underwear for everyday. Most excellent.

  8. Yep! Hubby’s at work, kids are watching Harry Potter (again), I have Brown Brothers and all is well. Hasn’t the Southern Highlands sorted out the weather yet?

  9. I feel like packing my girls up and coming down to join you for wine and Barbie movies – invite myself, don’t mind if I do! Mr Munro is down at the local. Girls night in here aswell. xox

  10. You had me for all of it, except the Barbie movies. I’d be self harming at that reality.

  11. Oh Beth, I’ve collapsed. What a week. Your Friday night looks beautiful x

  12. loveee love love your red “hello” sign! where did you get it from?

    steph πŸ™‚

  13. fire and candle light = soothing for the soul πŸ™‚

  14. yeah. we always let it all hang out on friday nights. it’s the best way to start the weekend. :)sarah

  15. All sounds so wonderful…love the roses…they are???? Many years ago Friday nights were always fish and chips night. Think it may have come about as back then Catholics weren’t allowed to eat meat on Fridays, thus fish and chips. Strange thing though everyone, die regardless of religion. Guess it was nice that mum didn’t have to cook on that one night a week. No other regular takeaways back then to speak of. Your decorations are fantastic. Love them all.
    P.S. Can RC’s eat meat on Fridays now? Have no idea!!

    • I’m sure the proper Catholic’s still stick to the no meat on Fridays…I’m Catholic and only usually don’t eat meat on Good Friday because I’m usually with my Mother who doesn’t allow it! I think anything goes though!

    • Oh and I have NO idea what kind of roses these are – they were already in the garden but are a lovely cream with a fabulous scent.

  16. Gorgeous photos Beth, I hope you caught up on some sleep. I’ve just realized that bread is my mortal enemy too! Makes such a difference when I cut it out x

  17. Sounds delightful… and your home looks even MORE delightful. So glad you had a better day lady xo

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