Things I like {The 29th April 2018 edition}

Thank you for all your lovely words of encouragement on my post this week, I am going to reply to all your comments just as soon as someone stops asking me for food, which will happen on Tuesday when the kids are back at School. It’s been a lovely break for us all, but like any Mum at the end of two weeks of non stop feeding, it will be good come Tuesday when we all get back into some sort of routine.

I’ve been doing some reading, plenty of time in my PJ’s, I even took a bath yesterday afternoon where I sat and floated with silence all around me. Well, in between Maggie and the girls constantly checking on me. I went out for dinner last night and dressed up, drank some margaritas and ate some mexican. Today I am going to do some cooking, maybe even get a nap in.

So there’s lots to like. Here are some more things.

Top of the list? THAT THIS TIME IN TWO WEEKS I WILL BE IN LONDON ON A SUNDAY MORNING. I know how fast the next 2 weeks will fly by which leaves me feeling excited/terrified. So much to do! Travel! Adventure! Kid free! So much excitement, I cannot wait to bring you all along with me.

I have been playing around with some remote shooting of my camera.

It takes a little practice, and of course I have to try and work out what to do with my phone as that acts as the remote. Here’s me juggling toddler, phone and ISO settings.

I’ll get there. Had some fun with it on Friday morning in my new FRANKiE4s that will be coming to London with me. They are called JACKiE and they are HOT. I’m basically a fashion model/photographer! To get this shot I had my camera propped up on a pot plant and took 349 photos. Simple right?!

I not only liked, but LOVED it when the girls went fishing with Grandpa & Rob last week. We had such a lovely visit up there.

Since we have been home the garden has been putting on an Autumn show and the weather has finally got the memo that it’s time to cool down.

And this weekend we have had some glorious rain.

Which has given me the perfect excuse to sit inside and do nothing. Which is always a good thing.

Comfort plus.

Hope you’ve had just a good weekend. Enjoy these last few moments of holidays if you are going back this week, try and get a moment or two to yourself. I’m going to try a new recipe later today, maybe have another bath and if the weather clears perhaps a walk. It’s really the simple things that help to make you feel better isn’t it?

Looking around at all the good there is.
Seeing wonder in the small things.
Feeling grateful.
Spending some time quietly away from everything/everyone.
Doing things that make you feel good: whether that’s getting frocked up or reading a book.
Getting fresh air.

Hope you have a great Sunday. I’d love to know what you are liking around your neck of the woods….


  1. Those garden pics are SUBLIME!

  2. I’ve just discovered Frankie4 on Afterpay!!! This could be dangerous….

  3. Debs Sutton says

    Be great to have you here in The UK Beth, good god I hop the weather improves HUGELY by the time you arrive & Megs & Harry marry because at the moment it’s dire….. cold (snow is forecast in some parts tomorrow????) rain and grey skies, last weekend is was in the Mid to High 20’s c!!!!??? Xxx

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