Some of my best days, are farm days

Rob and I were married on the front lawn of the house here up at the farm. We decided long before we ever lived in the country, that we wanted a country wedding, with friends and family coming to visit to stay and kick up their heels. We were married on Easter Saturday in 2005 on a stunning autumnal day, similar to the one we had today.

We found out we were pregnant with Daisy when we were staying here in 2006, conceived Harper up here in 2009 and have spent so many happy memories as a family every year since.

We feel connected to this place, a place where we truly feel happy and relaxed. Our kids get it. They adore it too. The days we spend here are simple and wonderful in a place of true beauty – a tribute to Rob’s dad and Step mum and all the hard work they have put in here over the past 14 years to make it the truly remarkable place it is today.

I love it here so much, and I am so glad that our girls do too. Today was one of those simple, perfect farm days.

Hope you had a good Saturday too x


  1. Amazing 😊 family farm home🌟
    You and Rob have brought super continued life., with your bond as parents and family and joy and laughter is obviously present, you have done well🥂
    You bring joy and laughter, thank you Beth 🥂

  2. some great shots to beth!
    love mx

  3. Really lovely to have these wonderful memories connected to one special place. Your photos really capture the love you all share there Beth.
    Liz XX

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