Road trippin’

There’s nothing quite like a road trip is there? The driving through open countryside. The freedom. The feeling of escaping the everyday. And the noise from small people from the backseat demanding a snake, a drink of water, a book, a particular song, ANOTHER round of eye spy or “I went to the shops”. Mum, myself and the girls headed towards Melbourne midday on Thursday for some School holiday road trip fun and made the 5 hour trip from our place to Albury on the NSW border. We checked into our roadside motel, ordered some room service, popped on a soft pant and cracked a bottle of wine before heading to bed nice and early.

Yesterday morning we were all awake early (aren’t you always with kids) so we headed off from Albury through the hazy back burning morning towards Glenrowan for our breakfast destination: Linda’s Tea Rooms.


Mum had stopped here a few times before on various trips down here and said that it was essential that I have a look and meet Linda too. We trotted in past the piped Australiana music “Give me a home among the Gum Trees” into the tea rooms where Linda was busily working away. The place was filled with memorabilia for Ned Kelly, our famous bushranger who came from Glenrowan, paintings and placements, ye olde worlde newspapers, boiled lollies and jams and the like. Harper sat down to a healthy breakfast of pikelets with the world’s biggest bowl of jam which she was thrilled about. Mum had two of Linda’s scones, Daise some raisin toast and I rolled a bacon and egg sandwich as I am prone to do. Linda called everyone “Darl” or “love” and she was hardworking, efficient, friendly and kind of like that Nan that other people have. I adored her.

After breakfast we perused the teatowels and purchased some chilli sauce for Rob, some boiled lollies for Harper (of course) and wandered down the streets to soak up the historic and very lonely streets in town before heading further down the highway down to Melbourne, cursing the fact that we missed the talking peacocks and cockatoos.

Next time.


  1. Emma Steendam says

    Good one Beth. Last time I was passing Glenrowan I believe I stopped in there as well (my brother and his family used to be at Wodonga so I know the Hume well). I don’t believe Ned Kelly was ‘from’ Glenrowan though, definitely from NE Vic but he had the famous ‘last stand’ in Glenrowan for sure. Could be wrong though. Enjoy Melbs x

  2. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Love that you stopped in sleepy Glenrowan for breakfast! It is only an hour or so from here and my big Little Miss went there for a school excursion. Enjoy your Melbourne time

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