Riding in trucks with Grandparents

One last little bit from the weekend…

Some of my very best childhood memories are of riding in the back of the ute at my cousin’s house on the outskirts of Lithgow. Standing up and feeling the wind in your hair, spotting rabbits and kangaroo’s all made my heart beat a little faster. Catching yabbies in the dam, collecting blackberries from the bushes and making them into pies.

I like that my girl’s are starting to get their own heart skipping moments that will make memories for life. And that some of them just happen to be the same as mine makes it all the better.

I can take no credit for these photos. Rob took them all. I was busy at home creating a tiger cake.


  1. These photos are delightful! Your description of your children in the outskirts on Lithgow sounds so wonderful. Wish i was there right now spotting kangaroos and rabbits, feeling the wind in my hair.

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  2. Just wait a cotton picking minute – when did those babies get so big!? They are adorbs! Good work on the camera Mr Mac!

  3. Beautiful photos, well done Rob. xT

  4. I have loved all the photos from the weekend at the farm. Looks like some beautiful memories were made. x

  5. Happy times indeed!! xx

  6. bloody hell, Rob knows whats up with the camera!

    Nice work

    xo em

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