Christmas 2016

And there’s Christmas done for another year…all that prep, planning been and gone. And for us? It couldn’t have gone any better. A relaxing day filled with lots of memories that have been locked away for a life time. Christmas eve we had a stormy afternoon and evening as we sat under the verandah and listened to it all roll in. We put the carols on the pappy, sipped some champers and soaked in that elusive Christmas spirit that seemed to have been replaced by summer holiday relax instead.

Our morning was a blur of unwrapping and presents, then the most fabulous swim and chill out before a beautiful long lunch.

What a special thing this has been to do. Lots of organisation and planning of course, but a really amazing few days of family time spent together.

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones and you can now relax a little. Happy holidays…we did it!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time. We spent the day at my sister & brother in laws place with lots of extended family. We chose their place because they have a pool. Lots of yummy food & fun company. I can finally relax now it is over, the build up of stress leading to the day set off my anxiety & I wasn’t in top form but managed ok. It is amazing how long we prepare for something that is over so quickly.

  2. Maria Savage says

    So beautiful Beth, what a lovely family gathering, we also had the best day ever ?

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all. I love the photo of Maggie having her bottle on Grans knee.
    I do have to ask though, your hubby is always in white shirts….what are your laundry secrets? I’m terrible at keeping whites white.
    cheers Kate

  4. That all looks sooo good. Glad to see others children also leave questionnaires for Santa. Mine like to thoroughly interrogate all mythical visitors which is equal parts cute and pain in the butt as generally by the time you are trying to answer the questions in non-identifiable writing all you want to do is slide into bed. Today was our first day of mostly relaxing (only one visit to an oldie) which has been bliss – nap, reading and now g&t. I love these days between smash and new year … sigh.

  5. I’m just so dead impressed with your group photo where everyone is looking!! Ours is aweful – people looking everywhere, people blocking other people, kids legs blurry. Sheesh!!!

  6. Maggies togs are the best!

    Love the piccie of her having her bottle with nan- such a gorgeous memory capture. You have a great eye for photography.

  7. Linda Jenkins says

    It looks like a wonderful time Beth ! Would you mind sharing your Christmas day menu for the big family group and range of ages to factor in please?

  8. well done beth and co!
    that takes some organizing! but if each one pulls their weight it’s ok!
    can’t get over mags bathers! so adorable and her scrunched up nose!
    she is certainly being socialized and loving it!
    I only had to do dessert and take the ham to my sister’s and 1/4 of the way there mr m said did YOU put the ham in?
    well who packed the esky? I said! … not me! wtf!!!
    I was skyping with my daughter and deciding what shoes to wear!!!
    everything was in order of packing in the fridge! hellooo!
    had to turn around and dad was in the back stirring all the more! and laughing!!!
    but when we were dishing up I asked where’s the ham? … oh no! in the fridge! OMG not meant to have it!
    whacked it in the microwave i’d carved it up before hand! hellooo!
    was all good in the end!!!;))
    much love m:)X

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