Low tide

We went down to the inlet at low tide. Rob told the girls it’s like going to the moon and no matter how windy it was, or how tired they were, there is always time for the moon. Especially on holidays.

We walked down the ramp. Pondered how the water we swam in a few hours ago had all but gone, and looked at crabs. We sank our feet into quick sand. We jumped in muddy, sandy puddles. We got wet, and dirty. We had running races. We had fun together.

It was glorious.


  1. Oh Beth !!!! Narrawallee is my childhood holiday place and we still have a house there and I have spent many, many weeks throughout my life there. Since we live in London now I haven’t been there for six years and seeing your photos has brought it all back! Beautiful .. have goosebumps xx

  2. Gorgeous, precious moments are the best x

  3. I’m in love with Harpers chubby little toddler legs…

  4. Beautiful Beth…just beautiful~!

  5. Beautiful.

    Wish I could go to the moon. xx

  6. Joy!

  7. It LOOKS glorious! Loving your wonderful holiday snaps.

  8. That is one glorious spot to holiday. Enjoy ever bit

  9. Only really discovered a love for the beach this summer, the kids are having a great time discovering the great outdoors. It really is magical, isn’t it?! Love the photos, Beth x

  10. Beautiful pictures! I never would have likened the beach at low tide as the moon… but in your shots I can totally see that!

  11. I love the beach…it’s just the sand and salt water I don’t like 🙂

  12. we used to stay at nambucca heads. Similar sort of place I gather. Beautiful spot

  13. Love me a beach holiday. I always say that’s where my family is at its best. x

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