I so don’t want this week to end. I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to deal with work and stuff.

So for 2 more days I’m just going to keep looking for pipi’s. While I can.


  1. beach is the bomb. makes the world feel more perfect.

  2. Enjoy it! Seep it for everything it’s worth!
    Keep on pipi hunting :)))

    We too are away at the beach. I’m not leaving – it’s paradise 🙂 So, I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling Beth 🙂

    Claire x

  3. Oh pipis!! Takes me straight back to Bundeena – we used to look for them a lot!

  4. Gorgeous smile Miss Daisy~!

  5. Tell me about it.
    I was back to work on Monday…let’s just say the normal routine is not as awesome as those holiday relaxed and easy days.

    Enjoy the final days at the beach!

  6. This Summer has made me realise how lucky we are to love right where we do, the beach is a fabulous place for the soul. You can walk down and just breathe it all in. I try to go down before work, so I can try and make that holiday feeling seep into my work day – doesn’t always work but I’m never going to stop trying!…. Enjoy it…..

  7. Loved looking for pipis as a child. So much fun with grandma

  8. we found one retracting into its shell at the beach the other day, v rare it made a clean getaway !!!

  9. sounds like a great idea.

  10. Yeah, I get that lady. I didn’t really want our holiday to end either… now, I don’t want Scott to go back to work… then, I don’t want my big boy to start big school… then, I don’t want Summer to be over. Everything good always flits by too quickly. Big hugs xo

  11. I don’t want to leave the altered reality of holidays either. You all just have room and time to breathe on holidays.

  12. I felt like that last week after our beach holiday ended.You soon get back into the swing of things! Enjoy your last few days lovely x

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