Holiday postcard Day 4

Take one perfect winters day. A winery. Some amazingly good local produce and wine. One completely crackers and amazingly wonderful family. Some beautiful friends. An amazing photographer with a pretty wife and the cutest little baby. One of the most special birthday girls you could ever come across and a special 40th Birthday to celebrate and you’ve got one of the loveliest days I’ve had in a long time. An absolute joy to behold and be lucky enough to be a part of. Some days you just pinch yourself that life is this good. And it is.


  1. Like a slice of heaven! How did you miss your gall bladder?

  2. God Beth had to have a chuckle at the Coriole sign … family history there … On a trip to Adelaide and Melbourne back I the early ’80s somehow my youngest brother had access to the tastings and by access I mean the people just gave him the wine … He was 10 and off his tree. You may ask what my parents were doing at the time? They were partaking heavily themselves … Top parenting right there.

  3. Oh Nikki – best story ever. And Bets? Looks like the most lovely day. And that pic of Harper? Gorge.

  4. You take such good photos. Love Coriole wine and drank some last night.


  5. great photos. cant wait to see Tims shots too.

  6. Beautiful part of Australia indeed. Sounds like it was an amazing day. x

  7. ooh so you refer to yourself as ‘one amazing photographer’ now?


    Looks like FUN.

    xo em

  8. Is this Adelaide? My dad took me to some wineries there soooo beautiful! I don’t drink wine but I did try the cordial haha

  9. Lovely.

    What a memory you made.

    Can’t wait to see Tim’s work.

    Gab x

  10. Gorgeous! x

  11. Love those days lady, you almost ache from the inside out, with how good you’ve got it. The pics certainly illustrate that beautiful story you tell xo

  12. And now you’re at Coriole!!! I love, love, love that winery. We asked to have our wedding there, but they don’t do that. We had ours at Woodstock instead, I wonder if you got to visit? My hubby works in McLaren Vale, it’s so beautiful there. It looks like the weather was kind to you.

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