Mum & Dad on the loose: 24 hours child free

It’s not often that Rob and I get some time alone and together, without kids but that’s exactly what went down over the weekend just past, and I have to say, boy was it good. You see, it was one of the beloved Gay Godfather’s 40th’s and so with a little organisation, a lot of juggling and  more driving that you’d like in Sydney traffic, we managed to get the big two to stay with Gma in her city pad and the baby with Harchie and Aunty Luce and what do you know it? Time alone! Ish.

When it comes to arranging stuff like this, military precision is required. In this instance it required planning from months out, babysitters sorted and on the day having to drive in two cars up to Sydney for the precision required on the Sunday. I won’t bore you with the intricate details, but I’ll say it involved lots of driving for Rob, a little less for me, but pick ups all over the joint. But! Worth it. Let’s take a look at what went down…

Saturday morning I ran around like a chook with her head but off getting the house ready for Luce and Harchie to stay the night. Again, long story but they stayed here Sat night instead of their place around the corner as they had their own party to go to in the village (with more organisation and babysitters is it any wonder we all just stay home usually?!). I lost my shit at Rob about 10 minutes before we left because while it seemed like he was just sitting around playing the guitar while I ran around packing bags, changing sheets on beds, running to the shops and filling the fridge, getting organised (he was apparently ready to go and was playing the guitar while he waited). And when I accidentally tipped the entire contents of a 3 litre carton of milk on the floor whilst filling a bottle and juggling an 18 month old on my hip and screamed “WHY THE FUCK AM I THE ONLY ONE TO DO ANYTHING IN THIS HOUSE AND THINK ABOUT EVERYONE ONE OF YOU WHY CAN’T YOU DO STUFF WITHOUT ME ASKING?!” it appeared that time out was exactly what was called for.

Baby was sorted, Daise and I hit the road in our car while Harps and Rob hit it with the other. They may or may not have left early, shortly after my, ahem, outburst. Blood pressure slowly dropped as we reached Sydney, having a lovely time chatting to my biggest girl while we listened to music and crawled through the traffic to Balmain. People of Sydney, how do you do it? How do you cope with that weekend traffic?! We arrived at Gma’s for a little lunch and then it was time to hit the road traffic for the long trip north to Avalon where we were staying for the night. Again, traffic. My blood pressure was up and down, but soon very much down when we arrived in Paradise and an ice cold beer was handed to me. No kids! No where to be, nothing to do. Hevs!

We got ready and headed to the party. See? Blood pressure down!


It was a Hawaiian themed beach do, so of course I dressed entirely inappropriately in all black. What? Rob’s Hawaiian shirt was busy enough for the both of us. Can we discuss this black top from Sussan that I purchased on Friday (excited that Sussan has reached Bowral now, obviously it doesn’t take much for me these days). Flattering AS and so comfy. Also comes in a dress too. Hop to it peeps!

Arrived to welcome cocktails in coconuts and a pig on a spit…hevs!


There was an excellent spread put on…lots of salsas and salads and of course my beloved porcetta. Because I am a weirdo I discussed the hand churned butter at length with the chef. Phwoooooar…look at it!


And then of course 4 million glasses of Prosecco and bad middle aged dancing with my husband to some old school music. Gosh it was fun. Dancing! Why can’t we go anywhere and dance anymore I ask you?


See what happens to me when I am away from home? I can discuss things other than my kids, or dishwashing tablets and you know, have fun. He still makes me laugh as much as he did on that first date 13 years ago…


We were home early(ish) we got a good nights sleep we woke to this! And no kids! There was a leisurely breakfast and coffee and a lovely morning chatting with our family who were kindly hosting us.


But then? Well, things got even better. You see, Rob had to drive back home to get Maggie and I had to wait until the big two were done at a Matinee performance so I had time to kill. TIME TO MYSELF TO KILL. And where was I? Avalon. The home of superior shopping. Best I go and see what was on offer.

Superior shopping requires energy. Luckily I found a cronut. Phew.


Oh my shopping alone without having to rush so help me GOD.

img_9537 img_9531 img_9532 img_9533 img_9534

I even started my Christmas shopping. I browsed book shops, perused clothing and homewares, meandered the streets. HEVS.

Then, with more time to kill and a book that had to be read, I found a quiet spot to sit and contemplate.

img_9550 img_9546

Then further on to see if Jayde from Little Paper Lane was open. Should have checked her opening hours because alas she was not. But tricked by a back in 5 mins sign, I ducked next door to a mexican place for a burrito bowl while I waited.

img_9559 img_9557


Then it was back to the city to grab the girls at the Capitol Theatre, a drive home to misty moors…


Before tag teaming with Rob who had to drive back to Sydney to leave for a week away with work. And that concluded my 24 hours of time away from kids.


Exhausting. Requiring a lot of organisation and kind people to help out. Lots of fun. Some great time with friends and Rob and of course superior shopping AND complex carbohydrates. Worth the effort I think you will agree?

When was the last time you escaped your kids?
Ever had a cronut before? DEAR LORD.


  1. well done beth!
    glad you had a great time and sorted the hissy fit! … shadow side!
    we always have a fight 10 mins before we are due to go somewhere, then end up laughing about it on the way!
    you are looking ab/fab hun! … your style suits me to a T!
    it’s probably because I wear outfits like that! and i’m a short haired girl! … older tho!;))
    love m:)X

  2. Oh I am laughing at your outburst before you left home – I think that same scene plays out in almost every household! My husband’s favourite thing to do is start a new task right before we leave that he can’t possibly finish in time. When I confront him (i.e. bite his head off) he says, I WAS WAITING FOR YOU.

    Looks like you had an amazing time away! Definitely worth the trouble that goes into planning it! Mr Unprepared and I had 24 hours this past weekend too – bliss!

    Also, I really miss going out and dancing. There needs to be a nightclub for partnered up people with kids. Like, it opens at 8pm and plays music we’ve heard of but is still somehow super cool (that’s probably the difficult part haha). I might not down 50 million shots and stay out ’til 3am wearing skimpy synthetic outfits anymore, but I do love a damn good dance!

  3. Faaaaark I miss Avalon. Sniff.

  4. Oh God that sounds heavenly! What I wouldn’t give for 24 hours away from my little beasts!
    I don’t know how you do your solo parenting while Rob is away, plus all the other stuff you do. I freak out if my husband comes home an hour late. You’re an inspiration Beth xox

  5. Leeanne Boyson says

    We have JUST come back from 3 days in Sydney to see Crowded House in concert, visit a girlfriend and her fiance, and generally chill, explore, drink beautiful wine, eat our weight in glorious food and relax without our fabulous cherubs….

    It was glorious, we swam, sat in a spa, walked and talked, laughed and SLEPT.

    And all of a sudden it was over and we were back in Melbourne, working a Bunnings BBQ for cubs and Joeys, stopping fights and bickering and clearing up drinks and plates that they just can’t possibly put in the dishwasher themselves….

  6. Katie Macleod says

    Also laughing out loud at your outburst, my OCD may get the better of me before we leave the house, it looks like this – running around with the Dyson for the 3rd time, straightening beds (nutter I know) and a spray of room spray for FFS!

    Cant beat some time out, I’m that bloody highly strung in the house I NEED time on my own or just to enjoy the house without the chaos!

    Looks and sounds like a fab trip!

  7. I love this post. I can relate to all of it!

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Great post Beth 24 hours without children and a bit of shopping and good food and daggy dancing and book reading makes a happy Beth,glad you were able to juggle it Xx

  9. Sweet baby cheeses you are tempting me to cut my long hair shoooort! Totally babin’

  10. Lovely little break you had there Beth! We’ve had two breaks away from our children in 10 years. The first was a 6 day dash to London for my sister-in-laws funeral 2 years ago – that does not actually count. The other was earlier this year for a night in the city for our anniversary. Mid week and glorious! We knew the party was over when the valet drove up in our people mover and we picked up the kids from their schools!
    We do have a ridiculous amount of get-aways with them it seems, which we really enjoy!
    Have had a cronut – still a much bigger fan of the cinnamon doughnut than any of those johnny-come-lately creations!! Old fuddy duddy sometimes it seems!

  11. What a fab 24 hours. You sure know how to cram a lot into a small time frame. Us Sydneysiders can’t stand the traffic either. Cronut….. where do I get one???!!! Looks like you spent the night sleeping atop a cliff top. Gorgeous!!! You are looking gorg too. Well done on the notafatmoleforxmas.

  12. What a treat for you and hubby, absolutely well deserved. Cronuts, daggy dancing & un-rushed shopping are all wonderful things.
    I’ve started planning for our wedding anniversary in January….2 nights in the city…..babysitting options are limited & our best option isn’t looking available so it’s onto Plan B. Good to read how much planning it took you, I was ready to be defeated at the first hurdle but I will persist. Child-free time, eating & shopping awaits! X
    Ps how was the hand-churned butter?

  13. You look SPECTACULAR! xx

    ps. Thank heavens for daggy dancing. The best ever.

  14. Glad to hear the stress out burst while getting ready to go out seems normal.
    And the husband playing guitar. That happens here too! Hilarious! (Though not at the time. ..)

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