By the beach

I booked us in for a week by the beach months ago now, deep in the depths of winter at home. The idea of staying at a house walking distance to the beach sounded like heaven. Sand. Walks. Swims. BBQ’s. Beers. We are very lucky to have parents that have places we can go and visit and stay at in the country, and by the beach and in the city, so we don’t ever really go away, just us as a family.

After a week or so travelling around visiting grandparents I felt like we had done our summer holiday and was almost ready to get back into work and some kind of routine. But when we arrived yesterday afternoon to our own little place and we unpacked and settled into a different kind of routine of walks and swims at the beach, beers at lunchtime and trips to the beach with some cousins also staying down the road at their holiday house, well, I’m well and truly ready for one more week of proper summer holidays.


  1. Going away for summer hols is the best, no one can blame you for wanting another week! My daughter used to wear that sweet top with the sequin cherries. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Memories are made of this~!

  3. Summer rocks!
    We head off tomorrow to our beach getaway. I can’t wait!
    Enjoy another week of summery-holiday goodness Beth.
    Love the shots of the girls at the table.

  4. Love it. We are just back from some beach time – first part of the trip was with “just us” and we made a mutual decision that if we ever stay at the beach again then it MUST be walking distance to the water. None of this hop in a car stuff.

  5. We had a week of bliss in our new Beach Cottage (yes, we bought one!) at Port Fairy. We are in love. It’s all relaxing and beaching, with no-one else except our family.

    Love that week. How wonderful! You will feel so good this week!


  6. One of my husbands clients asked us to go away with them this year. Two houses same place. We said yes, back in June and promptly forgot about it. The six months that followed were some of the worst of my life. It was a fantastic surprise when she emailed me the week before Christmas with the details of dates and key collection! She had paid for the house because she knows a little of our dramas and is a lovely lady. We had the best 8 days. It was exactly what we needed. I’m so grateful. I hope your break is as wonderful!

  7. Best kind of holiday. Enjoy xx

  8. Best thing….we just rocked our holiday with a ‘little’ road trip to REgroup and REconnect.

  9. Craving a little mini-family time away too, Beth. Soak it up! x

  10. All I can say is lap it up lady! We have just returned from a lovely 9 day family getaway, doing all those wonderful things you mention here. Really good for the soul. Well done on your article in the paper today too xoxo

  11. so cute my daughter has the same dress as your little one she has worn it totally OUT !! calls it the rainbow dress , she is now 8 and sometimes wears it to bed as a nightie lol. Ithink summer holidays are great ,we live at the beach so have to remind ourselves not to take it for granted . Enjoy your sun sand and salty sea air !

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