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We’re home. And unpacked. Order being restored with excessive sweeping and swiffering on my behalf as well as watering. Geez we need some rain. Don’t get me started on the pile of washing I have to get through too.

We had such a lovely few days away at the beach with all the family…lots of time together and then plenty of time just us too. School holidays are so good. Except for the having to work part as well, that can be tricky.

I did spent a lot of time colouring in with Harper though…I get a bit focused/obsessed with a good colouring in session. So therapeutic.

Yesterday on the way home I stopped through in Sydney to check out the Frankie4 Pop up Shop they have in Rosebery all this weekend. Packed to the gills with birds and shoes and Champagne, we had ourselves a ball!

And to feel like you were really there you can check out the live video on Facebook to hear some exciting news about an upcoming show style I know you guys are going to LOVE.

So now it’s back to some routine and home time, a couple of slow and quiet days before we head back to School on Monday for a crazy term 4. The next few weeks are going to be particularly busy with work not to mention all that crazy Christmas festivities that will be here before we know it. How? HOW I ASK YOU?

So from me right now, it will be a little more watering, and pottering and faffing about as only I know how after a few days away.

What about you guys? What are you up to this Friday afternoon?
Garden in desperate need of rain too?
Plenty of pottering planned this weekend too?


  1. this Friday afternoon I have sat in the local pathology collection place having an IV infusion of some stuff to stop my bones falling apart. The fun never ends at our place ?

  2. Oh so much pottering! Friday afternoon will be spent in the garden, hacking it back, sweeping leaves and soaking in that autumn sunshine for as long as it hangs about. It won’t be long before the enveloping mist and fog that never lifts sets in…
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Going to attempt to leave the house for some post-pregnancy clothes shopping. I CANNOT WAIT. I mean, nothing will fit but I’m going for elasticised EVERYTHING and hoping for the best.

    Also desperate for the rain.

    You will take it easy before the Christmas madness descends won’t you? We’ll be doing as little as humanly possible (babies are a great excuse to dis-engage with festive responsibilities…).

    • Don’t be hard on yourself with the clothes…you will get there! I fear we will have NO down time at all – it’s going to be a crazy term!

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