Holiday postcard: Day Four

The days have been longer. And most definitely warmer. Afternoons and evenings spent poolside watching the kids bask in the pure joy that is swimming in a pool, with people that you love. The little ones on the sidelines, dabbling in and out. The bigger ones a little more adventurous. My world has come full circle as I watched my daughter and her cousin play mermaids in the pool, diving in and out of the water, just as I did, what seems like yesterday.

It’s been quite simply. The best.


  1. We are in the process of building our swimming pool. You have just reignited my desire for it to be up and running. Yeah, the 30 degree heat in Sydney is also helping!!!
    Looks like so much fun. Cant wait for fun and frolicking in our house 🙂

  2. cousins + holidays + pools = the best indeed

  3. So good. So very very good.

  4. So glad you’re having a great Melbs holiday. Brace yourselves for cooler weather now. We’re all about variety down here! 😉

  5. Isn’t spring the best? To feel the sun shining, and warmth, and flowers and colour everywhere. Awakening after a cold long slumber…

    Enjoy. x

  6. Isn’t it weird being the grown ups now? I can’t get used to it, it seems yesterday to me too, that I was playing endless Marco Polo in the pool with my brother and cousins. So incredibly bittersweet! Your post made me feel so nostalgic and teary.

  7. It so does seem like yesterday. Scary huh?

  8. Ah! The wonders of spring in Australia. Just everyone keep on having a fantastic holiday. x

  9. Just what holidays are for.

  10. Looks like all those swimming lessons paid off!

    Glad you are having the best holiday!

  11. gorgeous spring time hey xx

  12. Positively perfect!

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