Adventure awaits

Can you hear the sound of my deep breath? We’re on our way. Well kind of.

The girls are safe and happy with my Mum and Step Dad at home. There were many tears of course, but mainly due to the anticipation of all to come. Now that the bandaid has been ripped off and we are gone, we can all get on with it.

Rob had one last shoot to do today in Sydney before we leave first thing tomorrow morning. Our bags are packed (and are pretty much empty) except for a jacket, boots and passports, we can work out the rest later. Oh the freedom to have no real plans…so different to the life we normally lead.

For Rob’s 40th last year I made up some boarding passes printing out tickets to New York. I hadn’t booked the tickets, or really much thought beyond the fact that I would indeed like to do that (very much) the plan was for a trip to be half way between both our 40ths. We wouldn’t have to give each other presents, except for time for each other, just the two of us.

Of course the girls were quiet dubious about the whole thing. What do you mean we aren’t coming to? Why wouldn’t we?! And finally we nabbed some seriously cheap tickets that at least gave us a leaving date and now, all these months later, here we are.

Of course over the past few months, I have allowed my thoughts to go to what this 2 weeks will be. Like a precious jewel hidden in my pocket, I would go to it every now and then, thinking about hotel beds and sleeping without being interrupted, going to dinner at 10pm, walking without plans to wherever or whatever we fancied. The possibilities! Like when we decided to make the move to the tree change to the Highlands you can’t believe that you are even contemplating such a thing, let alone DOING it. But sometimes you just have to make the leap and work the rest out later.

So here I am sitting at a pub in Woollahra as Rob shoots up the road. Thought I best order a champers and start this adventure off.

Tomorrow we jump on an early flight at sometime Monday morning (your time) we arrive in New York. 10 nights of adventure. Time together. No plans. All the things to see and do. And just us. Man I just about can’t wait.

We celebrate 12 years of married life tomorrow (and will get it to continue on Sunday night when we arrive in New York too). We parked the truck down near the first apartment where Rob lived here when we first met. Him a runner on TV shows and films and me working in financial planning. He lived in a cute art deco apartment, I lived at home with my Mum and step dad! We met on a blind breakfast date at a cafe in Woollahra and spent many happy months here together in the first part of our head over heels in love part of our relationship. God I loved him so hard and fast, and while the love has changed to something much more predictable and solid, it’s still the same. I can’t believe we’re here 14 years later, 12 married, 3 girls. The things that happen huh? You can read about how we got together in this post.

So here’s to another adventure in our lifetime of memories together. They are going to be good, I can feel that in my waters.

New York, here we come.

See you on the flip side x


  1. Have an amazing time Beth. I’m a bit jealous. But you’ve prompted me to think about doing something similar with my hubby in the future. The girls will be fine I have no doubt. xx

  2. Ooh i have goosebumps reading this. I am excited fir you both and i dont even bloody know you. Take in every single thing. Have the most amazing time knowing that your kids are probably having a ball. Safe yravels and most of all enjoy. X

  3. Enjoy making memories in the BIG APPLE! Take a gazillion photos 🙂 Your girls will love being spoilt and not having the regular Mum and Dad nagging. I’ve left mine for two weeks to go back to visit family back home in Australia (it’s too expensive for us all to go back), and they were absolutely fine without me, I look back and wonder why I worried?! They are secure in my love for them and that was all that mattered in the end. Also it was the BEST getting those welcome home cuddles, hearing the news, and bringing them special treats from overseas….It’s all good!
    Big Hug Liz XO

  4. Hooray! Happy anniversary and have a great time in NYC, Beth. It looks like you are going to have good weather. I can’t wait to see the pictures. I love, love, love NYC and one of my favorite stores, Zabar’s. Have fun!

  5. Maria Savage says

    Have an amazing holiday you two, NY on my wish list!

  6. Have an amazing trip, looking forward to reading all about it, the girls will be fine. Enjoy every second.xx

  7. Have an amazing time. You have the right attitude to enjoy every moment. Happy anniversary. I love NYC. Go up freedom tower, it’s so good.

  8. you are probably on terra firma by now beth!
    enjoy every moment in the NOW!
    lily brett (writer of books I love) and husband david rankin artist live in ny!
    patti smith “m train” (I loved it!) she writes and sits in this café ino in nyc!
    go forth adventurers!
    much love m:)X

  9. Oh Beth, I am so behind with my Baby Mac reading but I am catching up faster than you can say Park Avenue. I am so bloody excited for you and your NY trip. Thanks for sharing. xxx

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