The fix-up

I was a single gal out having a drink with one of my friend’s from School almost 10 years ago when we  played a game. Try and name as many Air Supply songs as we could. All out of love. Two less lonely people. So on. We got stuck when she said she would call her friend Robbie who would know some more. She couldn’t get through to him, but she did say at the end of the voice message to me, after she had hung up, that I should meet him. She described him to me: Single. Working in the film industry. Clever. Handsome. I almost slapped her there and then for not thinking of this before and planned a blind date for the next weekend. So blind in fact, that he didn’t even know it was happening.

I stayed at her flat the night before where we ate too much take away and drank too much wine. The next morning we went to some fancy cafe in Woollahra where she had told her friend Robbie to catch up. I was nervous. He was unaware. He looked a little annoyed that there was someone else there, but we sat down at a bench window seat and looked at the menu. He mentioned that he didn’t eat eggs (WEIRDO) so he looked down at the other options under he came to the “Jamon and Heidi Gruyere cheese on brioche”. I said “that’s a fucking ham & cheese toasted sandwich.” And he laughed. And for the rest of the breakfast we talked and laughed and my friend sat back and hardly got another word in.

A week or so later we had our first “proper” date. And 4 months after that, we were engaged to be married.

Last night we caught up with our dear friend Flick, who set us up all those years ago. We had some champagne. We laughed and talked a lot. And then we we had an amazing dinner at Felix Bistro with her beautiful husband. The food was amazing, the wine selection even better, but the company the very best bit of it all.

Thank GOODNESS for Air Supply.


  1. Love over a toasted sanga and Air Supply.
    we have talked of your love story before.
    i never get tired of hearing it……..

  2. Thank you for sharing such a special little snippet of your life.

  3. Gorgeous story! Love.

  4. AHHH. So Romantic.

  5. Ah, I love those sorts of stories!! I had to read your engagement story just now too, to keep with the theme!! I met my darling online, within a year we were married (almost to the date!) then within 2 we were parents! Soon it will be our 7th wedding anniversary and our 8th of meeting! Such fun! So glad you met your Rob!

  6. Isn’t it weird how some people manage to meet their soul mate. I met mine through an ex boyfriend, while working at a fresh fish shop while still at school. We didn’t end up meeting again till I was single and on a train on the way home from work and it allllll fell into place. We have now been married 14 years and have two fantastic kids. Lucky us, having found such special men. Sue N

  7. I love it!! Had to read your engagement story now just to keep with the theme!! I met my darling on line, almost 8 years ago to the date, we met in person 6 weeks later, within a year we were married, within 2 we had our first baby – its been fun!! So funny that you and Rob bonded over Air Supply! I always slip back to the 70s whenever I see that Leo Sayer Wiggles clip! And that is enough from me!

  8. Love hearing how people meet, it’s one of the first questions I ask people. Restaurant looks gorgeous.

  9. What a great story!
    There is nothing like a good love story!

  10. So cute

  11. I love those first meetings, & first stories.

    Congrats on {almost} 10 years.


  12. love it x x

  13. Gezuz – I hate stories like this. It took Dadabulous four years and a pregnancy to propose. And I met him on the interwebs.

  14. What a story! I love the romantic whirlwind romance, and how wonderfully it has worked out to be for you both.

  15. Love it!

  16. I always believe love is found when you don’t look for it. Sweet story. x

  17. Ohhhhh, I’ve got one too that’s pretty funny. Don’t know if I have the ability to resell it like you do though.

  18. And, so, that was the beginning of your beautiful love. Gorgeous story. Mine and the hubster’s is far less romantic, involving far too much drink and far too little shame. I’ll have to think of a better one for when the kids start asking. x

  19. love this story.

  20. Great story!
    And did he order the ham and cheese toastie after that?! x

  21. That is a very cool story, your girls are going to love that story when they are older. I hope my daughters find someone in a similar way.

  22. love hearing of stories of how couples meet! xx gorgeous!

  23. The captain wore a no use for a name jumper. I thought he was cute, lied and claimed to be the drummer. That was almost 13 years ago. Best pick up line. Ever. I love your story. Ham and cheese sandwiches are pretty special in the MacDonald household surely!

  24. What a fantastic how-we-both-met story, thank you so much for sharing. Your mate Flick sounds like a great friend, but of course, with a name like Flick she must be awesome.


  25. What a great story…but you left out “and they lived happily ever after” 🙂

  26. That is a lovely story.
    When Air Supply was on Countdown, I asked my mum ‘Do you like Air Supply?’ and she snapped back at me out of pursed lips ‘Well. It’s neccesary to live, isn’t it.’ Sorry, the Air Supply got me going.

  27. Fantastic story….I loved it. As I do all your posts. I feel like you’re one of my besties. I vow to sign up to Beverly soon. Cause that’s what besties do isn’t it. x

  28. Beautiful story! The ham and cheese sandwich made me laugh 🙂

  29. I LOVE hearing how people got together! What a great story!

  30. Ahhhhh, lovely lady. Hope Robbie came up with ‘You’re every woman in the world to me’… my Dad was a massive Air Supply fan, years of those tracks in my household I tell you.
    Sounds like a beautiful trip down memory lane and a true love story no less xoxo

  31. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. I fondly remember holidays each Christmas and Easter in a great boarding house in Mandurah (south of Perth) year after year. Same folk each time, like one big happy family. Oh yes, those were the days.


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  3. […] We celebrate 12 years of married life tomorrow (and will get it to continue on Sunday night when we arrive in New York too). We parked the truck down near the first apartment where Rob lived here when we first met. Him a runner on TV shows and films and me working in financial planning. He lived in a cute art deco apartment, I lived at home with my Mum and step dad! We met on a blind breakfast date at a cafe in Woollahra and spent many happy months here together in the first part of our head over heels in love part of our relationship. God I loved him so hard and fast, and while the love has changed to something much more predictable and solid, it’s still the same. I can’t believe we’re here 14 years later, 12 married, 3 girls. The things that happen huh? You can read about how we got together in this post. […]

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