Back to it.

I’ve been trying to work out just why I feel as tired as I do from our holiday. And then I kind of worked it out. You see, we had my niece staying with us from the 8th December. Which was wonderful but it also meant later nights for the girls, especially at the end of the year and all the activities that were on. Then there was heading away for a week on the 22nd, which again, was wonderful with the family but FULL ON. 19 people around. All the time. And so many people to feed! Then it was a catch up at my Dad’s and then the farm and then some friends visiting at the farm. When we arrived home on Friday afternoon I was looking a little like this:

Actually, that was me on Pennant Hills Rd when there was a truck breakdown so it took 12 times longer than it should have to get from the M1 to the M2. And then when we got home and we were all pretty much in tears with relief for being at home with our “things” in our rooms and our beds, I worked out that it had been almost a month since it had been just the 5 of us, with an early, normal bed time.

That’s why!

But boy do we have some good memories to look back on. Truly, how lucky we were to get to enjoy them all. From our own Christmas morning, to a family catch up in Sydney, then Pittwater, then Dad’s then the farm…so many lovely days all strung together. So many memories created.

I hardly piked up my camera and I most definitely clocked off the blog. And I must say I’m struggling sitting at my laptop this morning trawling through so many emails, deadlines and things that need to be done….surely we’re not here already?

Since we arrived home though I have pretty much not stopped. Cleaning, putting away, organising, gardening, it’s been #maintenancemonday on steroids and very soothing. I’m nothing if not predictable when it comes to restoring order. The girls have been off doing their own things, enjoying sleep ins and so much quiet time. Maggie is getting over a nasty cold and cough that’s been lingering for well over a week now. Frank is depressed of course, that we are no longer at the farm. I’m just happy to be back into some kind of normal.

Which includes gin.

There’s carbs to detox from, exercise to be done, booze to stop drinking and work to be done. We’re here friends, back at the start of the working year. And while I am tired and a little chubby, I’m very happy and grateful for all we got to do these past few weeks.

How about you guys?
How was Christmas and New Years and all that?
Tell me everything!


  1. I hear you I’ve been home from your patch if the world for a week but it’s exhausting after all that family time. The prep that goes into Christmas and packingto go away. Then the socialising and family time while away. Add in 4 days of driving (2 there and 2 back) pooped on return but I find I fall in love with my house again I love our trip every 2nd year and may I say it was the best highlands weather ever (well I’ve only been going since 1999) glorious locals thought it a tad hot but a Qlder thought it was perfect. Enjoy being home and step by step you’ll get back into it and feel in control those early days are wild but you get there and then there is back to school to tackle!! Sending strength.

  2. Your holiday was pretty full on, but sounded like such fun! I keep thinking of those fresh bread rolls you made! We are looking forward to a holiday on the coast….5 days until we check in, just need to get the hell out of this wet place first… please send your private jet asap. Thanks.

  3. We just drove from Brisbane to Melbourne, with a 12-hour stop in Sydney to see my Irish bestie who was visiting. Then another stop in Daylesford to celebrate an old friend’s birthday. A lot of driving, many glasses of cheer and now I’m completely exhausted but with two weeks of more eating, drinking and pounding the pavement ahead of me!!

  4. sounds like you had a lovely, if slightly busy, time. We have been pretty quiet here. Christmas day with family but other than that nothing. Daughter (14) is about to leave for a 1 week camp so husband & I are looking forward to a whole week of spontaneously doing whatever we want without dealing with a grumpy teen that wants to stay at home.

  5. Oh you did well for such a long time with people! I’m usually people’d out after an hour with that many people 🙂
    I did nothing of use on the holidays and it was great!

  6. Husband went back to work today so that means my holiday time is over too. I dont think I’m really ready for much of routine or to stop shoveling things into my face but I’m gonna fake it till I make it!

  7. I am loving this time of year because although I’m back at the coalface, my son is still on holidays so no drop off/pick up/rush to after school care/lunches to pack or uniforms. So nice and dreading the start of the school year x

  8. Christmas weekend was a bit hectic, up to The Bay (Port Stephens) for Christmas Eve with my mum, then Christmas Day at home and did the whole shebang for my dad. Boxing Day drove 45mins in opposite direction to collect nephews then take them up to Grandma…. 27th I hibernated and refused to leave the house lol. Then back to work on the 28th. New Years weekend was pleasantly quiet….usually I’m a party looking for a place to happen on NYE but this year? Quite content to sit under my a/c in front of the telly. Until my sister threw down the Singstar gauntlet then it was GAME ON MOLE! So much fun lol. Then back to work again….. what Christmas break?

    On the upside, my husband is about to take our 14yo daughter to Batemans for a camp…. too far for him to dump and run so guess who is about to be home alone for close to a week?? THIS GIRL. And I cannot wait. Staycation, anyone?

    PS. Where did you stay in Pittwater? It looks nice 🙂

    • We stayed opposite Palm Beach at a place called Currawong – you can google and rent out the cottages there it’s a great spot! Enjoy your week x

  9. Happy New Year Beth!! Loving your Aussie pics as I’m living the expat family life in Europe. No extended family, an outing for Christmas luncheon and very cold weather wise, so kind of the opposite to you actually! Love your blog, as always, and looking forward to more shenanigans from your lovely brood?
    Love from Liz Xxxx

  10. Hi!
    Our Christmas was a bit dull as our son could not get home due to weather – we had presents and a slap up Dinner on the 27th and I was DONE!
    New Year was celebrated with a magnificent roast pork dinner and a pav of course!
    I had some bread improver flown in by chopper just so we can make your bread rolls!
    Just waiting for the CareFlight plane to come and pick up a sick neighbour.
    Another week and then a Holiday at the BEACH! Hooray! X

  11. yeah womman I feel it!!!
    our visitors … family! … boys! … leave tomorrow!
    it’s a wonder I can even talk or write!
    I’ve never seen so many lego bits and toys strewn from woe to go!
    then there was the heat, the food, the washing! i’m exhausted hun! … i’m 66 ffs!
    I need a week at a spa el pronto!!!
    love m:)X

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