There she goes


  1. complete natural and so adorable. she makes your ovaries ache every day of the week right?

  2. She looks like she’s having just THE BEST time!

  3. WOW. So cool! 🙂

  4. What a clever girl, I am hopeless on anything that requires balance.
    Sue N

  5. Gorgeous Beth!

  6. What a clever girl…and gorgeous too…Annie M

  7. Very cool and I swear if Barbie had a surf ski it would look just like that!

  8. Where is this slice of paradise?

  9. Wow! This brings back childhood memories of many hours swimming with my family there. Enjoy!

  10. Awesome! Go Harps! X

  11. Makes me smile. She has grown up so fast these last months!

  12. So CLEVER! How is your baby doing that? Love her look of absolute joy at mastering the paddle. Bless her to bits.

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