3rd Birthday at the Farm

As far as Birthday’s go for three year olds, this one had it all. Some good presents.

Hello limited edition re-released 1983 Cabbage Patch Dolls in a sailor’s suit! Say hello to Alanis Piper. They still smell the same as they did all those years ago…

There were cakes seen in pages of the Women’s Weekly Cookbook, bought to life.

There was sunshine.

And a lunchtime party under the wisteria with lots of doting Grandparents.

There was some croquet in the afternoon sun.

Some swimming and then some cake.

And to finish it all off, the Birthday girl pulled out a fish.



  1. I have such fond memories of that birthday cake cook book. Mum used to let my sisters and I pick a cake from it every year. I think my favourite was the ballerina’s.

  2. Cabbage patch dolls and woman’s weekly cakes, just how little girls birthdays are supposed to be!! I hope there was some fairy bread involved too!! Happy Birthday Harper!!

  3. Gorgeous. All of it x

  4. Her smile is priceless, it says it all.

  5. What a fabulous 3rd birthday! Your parents property looks ah-mazing.

  6. What a totally terrific day!!

  7. Harper is crazy cute – she makes my ovaries ache! That there looks like the best third birthday ever, heck I reckon any age birthday should be spend just that way!

  8. What a day … that Cabbage Patch Doll? Oh yeh x

  9. You rocked that cake! Awesome!!

    Glad to hear the birthday was a success. She looks so happy!

    K xx

  10. Gorgeous!!!! oooooh the smell of a cabbage patch doll…… I think I would burst into happy tears if I had the chance to smell one….. Oh the good old days xxxxx

  11. Happy birthday to your little girl, the photos are beautiful and I am sure Harper will always remember this gorgeous day with her big sister and her grandparents!

  12. the look on her face as shes waiting for the cake to come out – bless
    Happy bday to your big (little) 3 year old. Shes a bit cute!

  13. What no cake off ??? Great job with the WW cake .

  14. Oh look how excited the girls are about that fish!! I miss having my birthday cakes made from the Women’s Weekly cookbook xx

  15. oh i am so a Womens Day cookbook fan.
    Looks like a fabulous day

  16. A perfect day! LOVE your tiger cake, you rock!

  17. That’s an awesome birthday at any age!
    Happy day beautiful Harper.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  18. Looks fabulous! Such a beautiful girl and well done for catching a fish!! xx

  19. beautiful day looks like!! x

  20. Aw! Love the TIGER CAKE! So gorgeous! Happy Birthday Harper-cute! x

  21. What a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Harper!

  22. Nice work on the cake. There will be a robot cake here in a few weeks. I’m nervous! The past two years we’ve hired the number one and number two tins from the local cake decorating shop. This year, the number three tin just won’t cut it, so the soon to be three year old tells us!

  23. Love the look on her face after she blows out the candles. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you all had a wonderful day.

  24. Happy day for a happy big girl birthday. Welcome to your 4th year Harper. Enjoy!

    Gabs x

  25. Phototelling at its best, Beth! Loved this series. Kx

  26. Was flying back to Oz when you posted this one Beth. She is just soooo cute!

  27. Totally perfect! I am loving that Cabbage Patch doll, how wonderful they’ve come back. I still remember my gorgeous kid, Cecilia Hope… whatta great name ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Beautiful photos, your big Miss 3 is a doll xo

  28. Kirsty Michalzik says

    Aawwww <3

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