Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne turned on a glorious day for us yesterday and what better way to enjoy it than with a trip to the Zoo. I was seriously impressed with their zoo – the great gardens, the open layout, the fact that it’s free for kids during School holidays, weekends and public holidays. The (healthier) food options available. The picnic options. The playgrounds. Sure, Sydney has the show pony harbour location – but this had it all.

Give my daughter a map and she’s happy. Both of them actually.

We all had a wonderful day. Harper the most. Give an almost 3 year old all the animals they have only ever seen in book, or the TV, and you have pure delight. It almost made the older kids enjoy it a bit more too. It was infectious.


  1. That look from Harper, that’s enough….

  2. Love the zoo. My older kids had a ball there too. Must go back there with my youngest. Giulia.x

  3. How awesome that it’s free for kids on school holidays and weekends! I took my son to Taronga Zoo last week and it cost me $76 for the two of us! Outrageous!

  4. Love that I know where all of those pics were taken. My two also love their own map – power. They also love a digital camera. Last year at the Show (7&8) had a camera each. Some spectacular photos out of it. Glad you had fun.

  5. Looks like a great time is being had by all! I hope you are enjoying the superior coffee in Melbourne – something that I miss. Anna

  6. I am glad you loved our zoo, we too think it is amazing. Melbourne is certainly going to dazzle you with our weather over the next couple of days as well. ENJOY!

  7. The Melbourne Zoo is brilliant and with our memberships, we are frequent visitors. Glad you liked it as much as we do. Come back any time – I have a friend who works in the reptile enclosure and she can get us up close and personal with something creepy crawly – shame she doesn’t work with the furrier animals!

  8. You know what kills me about Harps – apart from the fact she is, essentially, still a toddler so has that pudgy quality that you realise is suddenly gone at some stage down the track and is SO like Bert? That I know the hell she gives you and still manages to look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. I’ve had two of those and they still slay me. A friend’s mum once said to me during the dark years marked by Felix’s baby and toddlerdom that the hardest babies ultimately brought the biggest rewards. Of course at the time I just wanted to slap her but she was right, if and only because they are children of extremes which means the awesome is stratospheric, allowing you to restock for the next appalling.

    Also – I HATE the zoo with almost as much passion as a park. Naturally this means my children ADORE it. Typical.

  9. Melbourne Zoo is amazing. It’s one of my favourite things on earth.

  10. It is great hat your kids love maps. My was the same, then when we travelled overseas the little smart pants could read a map and direct better than any of the adults. So much so when we went to Spain (she was 16 by then) I didn’t bother with a GPS as I knew that Tamika would direct and find our way any where we wanted to go. I was right, we didn’t get lost once.
    So encourage their love of maps i will be a great skill for them to have.

  11. Oh I love the Zoo!
    And look at little Harper. Beyond adorable… xx

  12. I love the zoo, love it. We are Zoo Friends and try to go regularly. I hope the kids never get too old for it… or, I will just go on my own!! Happy holidays, Beth. x

  13. Heidi Fitz says

    it is a gorgeous zoo – we love a wander there too. that photo of harper studying the map …. so small, so grown up! just great. have a lovely hol. hx

  14. My husband & I are little obsessed with zoo’s we went to the Melbourne one for our honeymoon in may and took so many beautiful pictures it was great I loved it there!!

  15. Wow how r those painted elephants….. I’d love one for my backyard

  16. it really is a fabulous spot, we were there today! we are members, it’s such good value, a great – and exhausting – day out. more beautiful sunshine today too 🙂

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