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I’m a bit superstitious. Like if things are going really well, I always wait with bated breath for something bad to happen because it’s just bound to happen, it just is. I pay attention to number plates on cars, am always convinced that if a certain song comes on at a certain time then it’s a sign! Of what, who knows, BUT IT’S A SIGN. I like me a sign. I’m a sign girl.

This time last year, I was looking down the barrel of a new year. On New Years Eve Alex Perry replied to a tweet of mine which I thought meant something for me, but then again it was probably a case of me just stroking his ego and him being quite pissed, what being New Years Eve and all. I was sure the year was going to be a cracker and then a personal drama/confrontation was tossed my way and I spent the first week in turmoil about me, my relationships with others, my blog and a whole lot of other stuff thrown in for good measure. The good sign of 2012 lasted all of 3 days before I wrote off the year because of it’s shitty personal start that fogged my mind for much of the year.

A week ago I decided that I would start running again. For, you know, the 56th time of me giving up and then starting again. I got up, I ran, and I did it again the next day. And then the next. AND THEN THE NEXT. I even felt bad when I didn’t do anything one day so doubled the effort the next day. In fact, I’ve run 30km’s this week. I’m not sure who has taken over my body, nor if it will last more than 2 weeks, but I’ll take it. And clearly this all means SOMETHING right?

This New Years I was keen to tap into any “signs” for the year ahead. We had a very mellow NY’s Eve with dinner at our place with Neighbour, her husband and their two kids – a simple dinner cooked on the fire pit, some champagne, and a natter around the fire pit under the stars in the front yard. I wore a sequined kaftan which I took as a sign that I must maintain my style at all times throughout the year. Daisy told me I looked a little like Grandma which I took as I sign I may need to start wearing primer under foundation going forward. The kid’s were well behaved and hardly bugged us all night, the food was good, the wine was flowing. The party ended around 11pm and Rob suggested that we WASH UP. Together! And start the new year with a clean fresh kitchen. I was quite beside myself upon the suggestion. We sat down with a beer, and I made a couple of really funny jokes that had him properly laughing at me, like I was funny or something! We saw 12am tick over then went to bed and HAD SEX. Yes, it deserves capitals. It was proper, pre children sex that lasted for longer than 6 minutes. Sure, some of you would suggest that the washing up and the laughing of my jokes were all leading to this moment, but I’ll take it either way. The next day we drove to my Dad’s place at the beach and there was NO HOLIDAY TRAFFIC. We had two wonderful nights there – one with Mrs Woog and her gorgeous family and then headed up to the farm where we’ll be for a few more nights.

Things are looking really good.

Without saying ANYTHING, or writing down ANYTHING to do with anything that may or may not be a good sign, I’ll say that 2013 is looking pretty damn fine to me so far.

I hope it is for you too.


  1. Things are looking mighty fine here too- and I get what you mean about the waiting for something bad to happen, I do it all the time!

  2. I’m a sign girl too. Have been since I was little. I remember thinking things like ‘if I count to 50 before such and such happens it’s going to be a bad day’.
    Anyhow, signs or not, I think the year is going to be a ripper for you. And me!

  3. It’s the sexy times with hubby……and the feel good hormones.
    Just go with it ;O)
    T xx

  4. Parallel lives sometimes babe xx

  5. Go you! Steady on with the running. I hit it hard and now have a stress fracture. It comes with a sexy moon boot.

  6. Things ARE looking good here too 🙂

    Happy New Year

  7. I was lacking in blogging at the end of 2012 but getting back into reading everyone’s posts I sure have missed reading yours! I like signs too I always believe that bad things happen in threes and once I get to 3 I’m bound for good luck!

    happy 2013!

    Steph 🙂

  8. Go Beth, dishes work for me 😉

  9. I was a ‘sign girl’ and always looked for the bad when it was good. Have stopped doing this because when it does go pear shaped, all those thoughts and worries don’t help at all.

  10. I started running again too. I said I was going to start in the new year and my hubby said why wait….so I didn’t! Been every second day since 2 days before new year. I’m due again tomorrow so I thank god the weather is looking better.
    Keep it up though I hear the better you feel the more energy you have!

  11. Mmmm I farewelled a friend today who died on boxing day. She battled cancer for 5 years and was in pain for the last 6 months. I know she’s not in pain anymore but its such a double edged sword, the only good I can get from it is knowing I have a special angel looking over my family – 2012 was a crap year for me, I hope that I can turn 2013 around pretty quickly!!!

    • Oh Deb, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you and her family are comforted that she is no longer in any pain. It’s still bullshit though, right? Fucking cancer. Thinking of you x

  12. Yeah pretty crappy here so far. Still no job for hubby but I refuse to wallow it will look up and 2013 will be great. !

  13. Happy 2013 Beth!
    I am so glad that I found your blog in 2012!
    And I am looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year!
    All the best for a great one!

  14. Looking good here – I just need to make sure I soak it up and enjoy it.
    I hope this year’s great for you 🙂

  15. That picture of the girls on the beach took me back many years. I’ve been going there since I was six and am now in 60s. JUst the best beach ever. Some of it has changed and not in a good way, but on the beach or the rocks I can forget about that. Perfect.

  16. I’ve started running for the first time! I think its a metaphor for wanting to run from my life….not really, more from a need of being able to run after my 3yr old boy with Down syndrome (these kids can run you know) but I am aiming to do the Outback Marathon at Uluru in July 2013. Well not quite the marathon but the 11km fun run. You should come too!
    And go the minimalist footwear, much better for you, prevent those injuries…shin splints etc.

    And for all those readers who had a crappy 2012…I heard Milton someone or other, an astrologist, on the radio the other day, and he said 2012 was a crappy year for alot of people, but to hold on cause 2013 will be better! There you go…Cheers!

  17. Happy New Year sweets.
    And well done on the running – I’m trying to do the same. Trying.
    I also love it when my husband laughs at my jokes – I don’t know why, but it makes me ridiculously happy.
    Enjoy the farm. xx

  18. I like this post Beth. It reads if hope & promise & truth.
    It seems like 2012 was not the best for lots of people. I know we lotst our footing quite a few times but we are on steady ground & full of hope that this year will be a little less trying. But we are expecting bub no.3 in 15 weeks after a 10 year gap!!! So im expecting excitement mixed with a whole heap of ” what the hell are we doing?!”
    I do hope 2013 is a cracker for us all xx

  19. 1. am extremely superstitious

    2. never mention things am about to do online for this reason

    3. do NOT believe in luck

    4. we all make our own

    5. I hope you make 2013 lucky and happy for you

    Best wishes FF x

  20. Am extremely into seeking out signs as well. I always figure how you start the year on Jan 1 sets the tone for the entire next 365 days and it seems to have been scarily right the last few years!

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