Things I like {the 25th November 2016 edition}

Good afternoon friends! How are you? It’s a stunning Spring afternoon here, not too hot, sun beating down with a cool breeze drifting about. You can hear blow flies, and bees and of course mowers (always mowing around here). Mags is sleeping and I am enjoying the peace before the weekend begins.

Plenty to like about all that. Plus…


Frank no longer smells like dead animal/grass/wet dog after a little grooming salon Maggie and I set up for him yesterday afternoon. I even gave him a little trim!


This time next MONTH it will be Christmas day! And we will be tucking into a lovely lunch perhaps? I am ready to get stuck right into my Christmas decos, perhaps even before my Dec 1st rule as we will be going away on the 22nd and I’ll be taking everything down before we go. I started with a little star on the kitchen window. Baby steps…and anyway Rob is away all next week so I won’t have to look at his eye rolling.


The rosemary bush is going OFF. I’m going to have to do something with it all. Suggestions?


As is the climbing ice berg out the front of the house. They smell so sweet and there are white petals everywhere. That bloody black spot is back on the lower half of the bush though, I can’t seem to get rid of it no matter what I do.


The first blooms of the Soul Sister rose are about to burst. First they are this pink and then they turn into a gorgeous coffee colour. From the Julia rose family I believe. Watch this space re: Instagram spam.


Peonies are just about done, but I did manage to get a week out of them. They truly are a joy. Must plant some.


Hydrangeas are slow going but heads are starting to form. I love this huge bush that creeps across our bathroom window. It tells me summer is here. Can’t get enough of those juicy green leaves either: I’m whacking them into all manner of vases and dotting them around the house. When it comes to inside, more green is MORE!


See? Told you. I have little pots everywhere.


Is there a better combo than hydrangeas and lemons? This little combo has been making me smile all week.

img_0198 img_0199

Told you those bees were buzzing…look at this one flying off!

img_0189 img_0188

Daisies saluting the sun at every turn.


And a dead set bumper crop of Lamb’s ears. I think I’m going to have to cut them and whack them in a vase too – such a pretty thing!

So what do you have planned this weekend? We are off to Sydney tomorrow night for a 40th of one of Rob’s dear friends, staying up in the Northern Beaches. The big two are off for a stay with Grandma in the city and a trip to the theatre on Sunday. Mags is hanging here with Harchie and Frank. Whatever it is you have planned: Christmas decorating, lazing at home, running around like a crazy person to end of School/year events, family do’s….I hope you enjoy it!

Tell me, what are you liking this Friday afternoon?


  1. all lovely beth! and how sweet does frank look?
    they say vinegar and bi carb and oil, for a natural cure for black spot! recipe on the net!
    I love lambs ears! yours are huge!
    my mother grew them, but i haven’t seen any for ages!
    I’ve been gardening, sorting some buxus, my aggies have flower stalks! yay!
    holiday reading! … i think you would enjoy the book “for love of a rose” by Antonia ridge
    a lovely story how the peace rose came about! … two families in france!
    an old one but a good one!
    take time to smell the roses for sure!
    much love m:)X

  2. So much pretty to look at!

    Today I enjoyed not doing the school run (the Little Mister doesn’t go to kindy on Fridays) and I’m liking that despite all my cravings for carbs, I have been a good girl! I also like that tomorrow Mr Unprepared and I are headed away on a mini holiday for the weekend – child free!!!!!

  3. This weekend will be a quiet one, literally. 13 year old daughter is going to stay at a friend’s tonight & coming back tomorrow afternoon. We will probably just grab some takeaway & stay home but it will be bliss to have a little break from teen drama ?

  4. I like it when my favourite bloggers update with pretty pictures and stories from their lives. 😉

  5. You’ve got me all homesick for that unique vibe that happens in Australia at this time of the year. The limp to Christmas, long evenings outside, bare feet on the grass, crickets and cicadas chirping away. I can *almost* taste that dry heat in the air! Don’t even get me started on the hydrangea and rose envy I’ve got going on at the moment! Have a great weekend. X

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