It’s Friday afternoon and the day looks like this.

Goes alright by me.

I have my gold kicks on from NYC.

And a bear ring on my finger.

There’s prolific pansy flowering happening on my side verandah.

And the cyclamens out the front look happy and graceful.

The fruit basket is filled again, so the girls will be happy. That cupcake tier I bought years ago really is a great fruit bowl.

I haven’t killed the fiddle-leaf fig yet and it seems happy down in our bedroom.

But Frank, well surely Frank is taking the piss. He has a bed, any couch, bed or chair in the entire house and every time he goes into our room, kicks off my cushions on my perfectly made bed.

And sleeps on my pillow.

I mean really. Are you right?!

Hope your Friday is going OK, and that your weekend is even better x


  1. My dog is the same…EVERY cushion and pillow belongs to him, apparently

  2. Looks like a lovely day to me.

    On ya Frank!

    I’m basically hot-footing it between the GP, chemist and home. I feel surrounded by and filled with medications. I am so glad that at least the sky is gorgeously blue and the day is mild!!

    And there are new printed sheets tantalisingly close to being on my bed. Missed the delivery while I was at the GP. Bugger!!

  3. Dog on the pillow is a dog too far. Shut the door. Lack of air flow and mould is a small price to pay.

    PS My cat practically sleeps on my head so I am not one to judge, but I will. We shut the door though in the day because he occasionally likes to do something worse to the bed than sleep on it.

  4. Good on Frank! Miss my boy terribly , digging up my pillows and doona. Dogs bring so much delight to a family they can do what they like as far as Im concerned!!rip

  5. The little bugger!! But really Beth, ON your pillow, can’t a mum have one simple thing only to herself! The nerve of him, luck he’s adorable (and can’t read), he’s a good boy really I’m sure. Oh we love Frank, and his cheeky and funny ways. Give him a pat – see how he can win someone around so quickly, he has magic powers ?Liz XO

  6. He loves you and your pillow smells like you…lol. Our Parker likes my partners side of the bed and HIS pillow.

  7. Anne-Maree says

    I’m sitting at Island Burgers (Upper West Side New York) for one last fix before the long flight home. Love this city but looking forward to seeing the family especially the 4 legged baby!!!

  8. looks perfect to me beth!
    frank has best posi in the place!
    we had a gorgeous long beach walk today… trying to extend the holiday with this great weather!
    however it is now raining … Saturday!
    much love m:)X

  9. I mean really. Are you right?!

    oh this made me laugh! So Australian (and why many will never understand our sarcasm)

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